Sam opened the creaky hotel door to find nothing out of the ordinary. Well, almost nothing. The room that he and his brother had checked into three weeks ago, after they left Bobby's. They had stayed there long enough, so after what they thought was the end of their fight, they left to go here, for a case.

They were at Bobby's for three months. Dean worked on the car while Sam solved 46 cases alone, nothing too big. Ranging between salt-burns and demon infestations, Sam worked solo. He was trying to clear his head, Dean said he didn't want to talk. And he had the scar to make sure he wouldn't want to either. But Sam didn't mind, he just wants to be useful. He wanted Dean to depend on him a little. He wanted to make sure he knew he cared.

Sam and Dean were two different types of workaholics. It was simple to focus on one thing for a while, especially for Dean. Sam knew that Dean was disappointed in him, angry at him. He would listen to Deans screaming rants, not defending himself, because he knew. Sam knew that it was his fault their dad died.

It was one particular argument that kept him going, the one that happened right before they left, right before Dean said he was forgiven.

"You frickin' selfish brat!" Dean raged, "I don't want to talk to you! You don't do anything! You're a selfish freak! I'm dealing fine! And it seems you're doing A-O-K, Right?" Sam sat silent staring at his chest, Dean scowled and continued.

"You know you're the only one that shouldn't be OK, I mean you killed him! You always argued and it seems you one, cause you're the last one standing! I mean it's like you weren't even his son! So, I'll suffer by myself, thank you very much! I don't need your pity! And I don't want to be around you!"

Sam changed a lot since that day, he carried his own wait, and as much of Dean's as he could. Sam was alone, but he wanted to make sure Dean wasn't. He ignored Bobby's pestering about how he needed to look after himself to. He had done enough of that. But Bobby didn't see this fight. He was on a job, and all he knew was the previous fights. He talked to Dean and that's how he got them to talk again. Sam was still careful, still looked after his brother. But he was happy.

Dean didn't notice how much Sam had changed, he was focused on himself more these days. He was talking to Sam again, because Bobby told him that they were better together. He agreed, he listened and now they were together. He still desired a break though, so he did something stupid. He left, without telling Sam in person.

Sam walked through the hotel room and picked up the paper that was laid out on his bed. It was a goodbye. Sam dropped the letter and stared blankly at the bed. Dean left. He was Alone. He made Dean leave, Dean hated him. This was about the fight…

It wasn't Dean just wanted a break, but to Sam he changed that day. The only beliefs about his brother being the argument they had before they left Bobby's. He thought now, he was a Monster.