Dean ran inside the bar screaming his little brothers name. He was really excited, he missed his Sammy. When he got to where Ellen and Jo were standing he saw him, tied-down on a wooden chair. "Sam?" He asked hesitantly.

The scowl he received was overly shocking. Sam's face and body was different, carved into pure muscle. Sam wasn't smiling, not at all. His eyes were dark and they seemed ready to attack. Like he was an enemy. "Why is he tied up?"

He looked up at Jo who looked as white as a sheet. She seemed suprised at something, but she still answered slowly. "He was, uh. Trying to leave." She ended with a sheepish smile.

"Oh." Wow this was awkward. He bent down to untie his brother and was shocked when he flinched. "Sam?"

He just continued to glare at him, more fear than earlier. Dean remembered again how much he missed his brothers voice. "Why won't you talk to me?" He said after he finished untying him.

Sam got up from the chair, and Dean swore he was even bigger than the last time he saw him. "There's nothing to talk about."

Now it was Dean's turn to flinch. The smile faded off his face as soon as he heard the venom in his little brothers voice.

Ellen saw the change in Dean's expression. "Of course there is boy! Ya haven't spoken in a while!"

Sam's expression turned smitten. "I guess we haven't."

Dean shifted uncomfortably next to Sam's great stature. He was confused about how different he was acting. "Well Sammy, lets go talk." He added a light smile at the end.

Sam turned his gaze back to his brother, "Yeah, okay."

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