Eun Soo was a little shell shocked. It was her usual bravado that helped her many times to deal with the king and court, Ki Chul and his minions, and poisonous snake prince Deok Heung, here in Gurejo. She did not really need to use it with the general. With him, whether she laughed or cried, she was herself. But today, under this bombardment of his raw emotions she felt like she needed to keep her defense up during their heated exchange. If she did not push him, she would probably never hear from him "I love you, Eun Soo".

His tirade was still ringing in her ears. He folded. The general folded in front of a woman, clumsily fit with trainee attire. He surrendered, and she won. But why is that she did not feel like a winner? Maybe, because in her fantasy, his confession would not be delivered in a screaming match.

She believed that if he continued his domineering approach, pushing her to the wall, getting so close, if he would actually make a move on her, she would have surrendered without any resistance. She would have surrendered, and he would have experienced the same passion he expressed, in reality. She was not a prude. She loved him so much and would welcome him, would give herself to him freely. Honestly, as much as she wanted it, she would have liked that to happen for his sake more. She did not realize before just how much he actually has been suppressing.

She was a little surprised at how nervous she got around him at that moment and how much power he had over her. She was anxious with anticipation of the resolution. Will tonight be the night? Will they be together at last? Or the fight ruined it? She looked at Young. She blushed, thinking that all this time he must have been watching her.

The Wudalchi general was at the other end of the room, sitting quietly on the bed. Just a few minutes ago, he wished to tear off her armor and clothes, and devour her body till his hunger was satiated. He was genuinely amazed at this outburst himself. He was obviously struggling to control the emotional flood that he unleashed earlier. Luckily, he had some time to collect his thoughts, to regroup and to tame himself. He wondered if she would think him a wild savage. What if she never forgave me? - this thought scared him.

"Imja, I'm sorry, if I was too crude, if I frightened you," his voice was back to his usual steady tone. He sounded slightly embarrassed. "I was not ready or planning to deal with any of it. I did not mean it to come out like that. I…" he hang his head as she approached him, lifting his face with her hands. His honest eyes, which were still full of desire for her, were moist with tears, betraying him.

"I meant what I said, I was not planning on having this conversation with you today. To tell you the truth, I was not planning anything at all. For the longest time, the only thing I could afford to focus on was your safety. You and me, we keep running and running… You keep making my life difficult, " he chuckled. His smile was so precious to her; she smiled back. "You always get yourself into these crazy situations, it's like you are a magnet for trouble," he continued.

In his eyes she could see his soul, she could see the kind of pain and joy she brought him.

He took her hands, moving them off his face. He guided his lips toward hers, slowly rising off the bed till he reached her in a kiss. Everything around them disappeared, they were so hungry for each other, savoring the taste of another's lips, tongue, the whole mouth, intertwining, merging. Eun Soo was loosing balance and becoming dizzy, but she did not care, because she was secure in his arms. Slowly, very gently he disengaged himself from her.

"I love you", - he was looking at her.

She barely grabbed some air. He lowered himself in front of her, on his knees, he declared his love for her:

"I hope you can forgive me. If you stay here, in this room with me, I will not hold myself back any longer."

"There is nothing to forgive, it is I, who is sorry, for making it difficult for you, my love".

"Will you be mine? Here, now. Because I need you."