Author's Note: The title and inspiration for this story came from a review that I received for my story "I'll Be Seeing You". The review, which was written by an anonymous Guest, asked for me to try to write a sequel to Bambi. I'll do my best, but I make no promises that it'll be good. This story is dedicated to the unnamed Guest.

Chapter One

Faline turned to her babies, smiling at the three of them. They were triplets, not twins, but the well-wishers only managed to see the elder two before Friend Owl had shooed them all out. She had thought about telling the crowd of admirers about the baby they had overlooked, but decided not to. She couldn't help but chuckle at how surprised they all would be when she and her children were strong enough to go walking together.

The fawns were awake, but getting very sleepy. The boys—two of the three—had curled up and started to rest. The girl had fallen asleep well before them, and she showed no signs of waking up anytime soon. Faline nuzzled her sons first.

"Geno and Gobo," she whispered, naming them. And then she repeated the same gesture with her daughter, naming her Gurri, after her late mother-in-law. And she inclined her head up towards the sky, thinking happily about what the Owl had said earlier. "Prince Bambi ought to be mighty proud…"

She could hardly wait to show her mate their creations, the miracles of life. She nestled against her children and thought eagerly of when that day would come.

Bambi and his father stood on top of a large cliff overlooking their kingdom. Bambi could see the trees that covered the glade his mate lived in. Faline had given birth to their children after many long months of pregnancy, and he was impatient to meet them. He wished that he knew when the time would come. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched the Great Prince of the Forest, his father. He seemed to know everything. Nothing surprised him, but Bambi was still stunned by many things that he learned from his father, including the conversation that they had.

"I must leave you now," the older stag said simply, and Bambi stiffened. He understood what his father meant, and it pained him. Did he really have to lose another parent at such a happy moment in his life? "Before I go," the Great Prince continued, "there is one thing that I must ask of you." Bambi nodded once, the prongs on his antlers glinting in the sunlight. He would have done anything for his father, but nothing had prepared him for this unusual request. "Do you promise me that you will not return to the thicket?" Bambi was puzzled, but he nodded solemnly, giving his father his word. "You can't go back," the old stag told him sternly. "There is nothing for you there. Do not go back." Then his voice softened, and he left Bambi alone on the cliff. The last words he said to his son were, "Farewell. I loved you dearly."

The new Great Prince of the Forest stepped closer to the edge of the cliff. He wished that there were no trees to hide the view of his family. He wished that he could see them, and that they could see him.

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