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Prologue: A Fox with a Mission

He fights ghosts, he's friendly and loyal, he always tries his best to fix his mistakes and even go so far as protecting people he doesn't know or doesn't like, he's an interesting specie; half human and half ghost and only at the age of 14. His name is Daniel Fenton, or Danny. Danny Fenton may seem like a normal pre-teen, but he's a half ghost fighting hero, he has two different forms, a human side and a ghost side, when he's in his ghost side his name is Danny Phantom.

I knew this because I've watched him from the darkness of the shadow for a long time. It's been about seven months since the accident that made him who he is today and I have great respect for him.

My name is Zora, part fox, part wolf and I'm a ghost. Mostly I'm fox though since I look more like a fox yet I can howl like a wolf. I'm small, a brownish gray color with emerald green eyes. I work for a secret organization not well known in the Ghost Zone: The Ghost Peace Keepers.

The Ghost Peace Keepers were formed roughly around 18 years ago, founded by Commander Silvia, who is the youngest sister of Prince Aragon and Princess Dorothy, she ran away from home because she wanted something most ghosts didn't care about: to co-exist with humans. Ghosts normally hate humans and like nothing more than to haunt and scare them.

However, Commander Silvia found other ghosts who wish to co-exist with humans too and created the Ghost Peace Keepers, we kept ourselves hidden from both humans and ghosts, knowing if we were ever discovered then those who resent our ideals will try to tear us apart.

I was created 9 years ago and I have been trained to fight, but mostly in stealth, I was well known as the Tricky Fox in the Ghost Zone for a reason. I was raised by the Ghost Peace Keepers and we all have code names we call each other outside our fortress so nobody would find out our real names, my code name is Fox.

For a long time we were beginning to lose hope, it seems that ghosts and humans don't mix, no matter what we do the humans either runs away or tries to shoot us down. We were starting to wonder if it's possible to co-exist with these people at all, but then one day, seven months ago, a miracle happened; a young human became half ghost. It was this young man that showed us it was indeed possible for humans and ghosts to co-exist, he was the living and breathing (sort of) example of this and we, the Ghost Peace Keepers, called him the Bridge to Peace.

Oh yes, there was Vlad Masters/Plasmius, but he uses his powers for his own selfish personal gain and the day he got his powers the Ghost Peace Keepers didn't exist yet. But we knew Danny Fenton/Phantom had the potential we would need to achieve our goal.

I was given this mission to watch over the ghost boy, because I had the best stealth out of the members of the Ghost Peace Keepers. I had watched him since the day he fought with the Lunch Lady ghost and grew proud of him as he began to use his powers to defend others, there were times when he messed up and used his powers for his personal gain, but hey he's also a teenager so he was bound to mess up a lot.

Every week I was to give a report on Danny, what he did, how much he progressed with his powers and stuff like that. I was never to let him see me, never to interact with anyone and I was good at it. I can make myself look like a normal human being and cover up my ghostly aura to prevent Danny's ghost sense from… well sensing me. In the school as a human girl I am known as Amanda Fox, the quiet loner girl.

Anyway, it wasn't until a few days after the battle with that stormy ghost did things take a turn for the worse… or maybe for the better, it really depends on how you see it.

Remember that Freakshow guy who controlled Danny and other ghosts with his crystal ball thing and changed reality with his Reality Gothlet? Well, he came back and he took control of Danny in the middle of the night, nobody saw or suspected a thing, except for me.

I didn't know how Freakshow got his ghost controlling crystal back, but he got Danny under his control again, I quietly followed them, careful to keep my eyes away from the luring light of his hypnotic crystal ball. I wasn't sure what to do, Danny always had someone to back him up, but Freakshow had snuck up on him, so he was alone… only I was left to witness this and I was forbidden to let him see me.

"Now, to the Ghost Zone my dear pet." Freakshow smirked as he gestured to the Ghost Portal in the Lab.

Danny carried Freakshow and flew into the Ghost Zone and I growled and quickly went in after them.

I was angry that Freakshow wanted to try and control all the ghosts in the Ghost Zone, I had over heard him saying that and now I knew I had to stop him even if it means letting Danny see me… who knows, maybe when he snaps out of the spell he'll forget about what happened.

When they stopped, I quietly floated towards them. Freakshow was looking at the map to see where he should go first and then I pounced.

"Argh! A ghost fox? How dare you pounce on me!" Freakshow knocked me off and tried to hypnotize me with his crystal ball, but I was smart enough shut my eyes and rely on my other senses.

"Ugh! That does it! Ghost boy, attack this ghostly fur ball!"

Danny shot at me with his Plasma Ray and while I normally get star struck if he should ever notice me, he was under this guy's control so I had nothing to worry about. I jumped and bit his arm, Danny cried out in pain and I threw him away so I could get to Freakshow and break his crystal ball.

However, it could not be that easy, Danny recovered quickly and kicked me so suddenly I flew off and hit someone!

"Ow! Watch where you're flying!"

I looked at the dark ghost I had crashed into, it was very dark almost like a shadow, kind of like Spectra. I looked back at Freakshow who had Danny carrying him across the zone again and I knew I was going to need help if I hope to save the Bridge to Peace.

"Hey, you… listen, I'm known as Fox, can you help me? I'm chasing after a human who is controlling the half ghost boy Danny Phantom." I quickly asked her.

She looked at me as if shocked, "You can talk? Most animal ghosts I've met never talked before they only make their usual animal noises. My name is Dark by the way… you're not scared of me are you?"

"Of course not, Dark, why would I be? Listen, I know this is sudden, but I need your help."

"Oh yeah, that human controlling the ghost boy? I guess I can help you." Dark said as if unsure if she could trust me.

"Great, but whatever you do, don't look at the human's crystal ball or you'll be under his control as well!"

… That's when I have met Dark, a fellow loner, my first friend and… little did I know, the catalyst of our destiny.

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