WD30: so in this story you will learn about Star the Dragon Whisperer. This story is going along the movie, not the book.

May: finally, your leaving me alone!

WD30:no I will be work The Return Of The Dark Signers. This will take a little of my time. Speaking of which, Star should be here instead of you, so GET OUT!

(May leaves room and Star comes in)Star: hi

WD30: can you do the disclaimer?

Star: sure Water Dragon 30 do not own How To Train Your Dragon. :-)

Star's pov

This is Berk, it's twelve days north of Hopeless and a degrees south of Freezing To Death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. My home, in a word sturdy, it's been here for 7 generations, but every house is new, well not my little tree house but we'll get to that later. We have fishing, hunting , and a charming view of the sunset. But I think the best part of Berk is what some people call pests. You see we don't have mosquito, or rats. We have...

a big red dragon shoots fire at a pale skinned girl with black hair, sky blue eyes , and wearing a black shirt and black pants. She also had a black lily with silver tips in her hair. "dragons." i said. My name is Star Night. I actually have the best name in the village. I dodged the the fire just in time. " watch where you fire !" I yelled in the dragon language. Yes I can speak dragon, but to the other vikings its gibberish . That is why I don't speak dragon that much or I will be called crazy . The red dragon pouted at me turned around and chase a very very very unfortunate viking. But I didn't care for the viking . I ran through the village, I was looking for my best friend , Hiccup.

I ran past vikings that yelled several things like "get back inside!" or " what you doing out side, orphan ?!". Yes I'm an orphan. They told me that I was found in the woods when I was 5. all I knew at the time was my name and how to speak dragon. But that is off topic right now.

Then I saw a tall man with a red beard. It was Stoick The Vast. How he got that name I'll never know. By the way Stoick is hiccup's dad. He yelled at his small brown haired son for being outside, then throw hiccup in my general direction. So I ran up to him " lets go" is all I said and we ran to the forge.

Hiccups pov

Star and I ran to the forge. We where greeted with an " Oh, nice of you to join the party,! I thought you guys had been carried off!" said Gobber. " who ,me? Nah, come on! I'm way too muscular for there taste! They wouldn't know what to do with all..." at this point I flexed what little muscles I had "This" I finished "well they need toothpicks, don't they?" answered Gobber. Star giggled a bit at the joke. Man , her giggle is cute. By the way, meet the meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. Me and Star have been his apprentices ever since we where little.

Star wasted no more time as she open the the small window thingy ( I don;t know whats its called ). after that she took all the broken weapons from the windowsill and put them on the coals so that they will be hot enough to be worked with later.

I looked outside the window and saw 6 teenagers put out fires. They where Fishlegs, a bulky dude that was easy to scare, thanes Snotlouts, a total suck up to people, the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut, who bicker a lot, theirs Astrid, the best warrior in town, and finally Dread. Dread has black hair and brown eyes, and wears a brown shirt and brown pants. He keeps trying to steal Star from me so she'll be his girlfriend . I never liked that guy.

WD30: sorry short chapter, but next chapter will be longer .

Star:will I be in it?

WD30: yes you will. So people I have a poll because I can't pick out which one should be the name of Star's Night Fury. So here are the options

(A) Midnight

(B) Moonlight

( C) Luna

So please vote and see you next time!

Star: Bye