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Star: Yahoo! ( starts bouncing of the walls)

WD30: Star, how much sugar did you have?

Star:not much... just a bag full...( stops bouncing of wall and starts thinking on how to escape WD30's wrath )



hiccup's pov

all the sudden I was pulled out of the window. It was Gobber that pulled me out of the shutterslolz " Aw , come on. Let me out ! I need to make my mark" I complained , but I already knew the answer. "oh, you've have made plenty of mark . All in the wrong places!" said Gobber. " Gobber stop picking on hiccup!" explained Star. Star is always there to stand up for me. Even if she gets in trouble in the the end. I always wonder why she throw her chance to be a dragon slaying viking just so she can be my friend.

" please 2 minutes! I'll kill a dragon, My life will get infinitely better, I might even get a date !" I said. the only date ever want is a date with Star. But when ever I get a chance to ask her out I ether chicken out or Dread will get in the way. " you can't lit a hammer , you can't swing an axe , you can't even throw on of these!" replied Gobber as he held up a set of bolas. Which a random viking grabbed and throw at a Gronkle. The Gronkle fell to the ground afterwords.

"Okay but this will do it for me." I replied as I patted my new invention . It open up and flew across the room. Star ducked and the bola hit the very unforcnt viking. ( the one chased by the nightmare) " see this is what im talking about!" yelled Gobber . I stated to explain why it missed " its just a mild con" but then Gobber intrupted me"don't you hiccup , if your going to get out thare and fight dragons your going to need to stop … this" he said as he guestered to me. "you just guestered to all of me!" I replied . "thats it stop being all of you" Gobber said. "your playing a dangese game, keeping all this raw viking-ness contained, there will be conscenses!" I shouted. "i'll take my changes , sword shrapen now." he dead panned as he he passed me a sword and Star an axe .

Star went over to the 2nd grind stone and I went tho the other one. One day ill get out, becuss killing a dragon is everything around here.

A Nadder head will at less get me notised

Gronkles are tough , takeing down one of those and i will defently get Star as my girlfriend and put Dread in his place. I hope.

A zipplback, exzotic, 2 heads , twice the stacess

then theres the monsteris nightmare, only the best vikings go after them. They have this nasty hadet of seting themselves on fire.

As I was saying this a firey nightmare was climed a tower. Stoik and some other vikings where maning the catpolt " reload, i'll take this" calmly said Stoik . He took hi war hammer and smaked the night mare with it.

But the ulimate prize is the dragon no ones ever seen. They call it the...

a dark silolete swiftly flew across the sky, making this wisleing sound. "NIGHT FURY" screamed a viking "GET DOWN" sreamed another viking. The shadow shot a saffire blue fireball at the tower. Stoick and the other vikings jumped off the tower just in time , as the fireball hit the tower.

I rushed to the window and looked out of thing never steals food, never shows itself and never mises.

A 2nd shadow went for a for a try and shot another fireball at the tower, and this time the tower fell.

No one has ever killed a night fury, thats why im going to be the 1st . To steal Star's heart and to live happly ever after. Right?

"Man the fort, you guys,they need me out thare ," seid Gobber , then he turned to me " stay put here," I rolled my eyes " you know what I mean , ARGGGG" he cried his battle cry, and with that he was gone. I turned to get my invention. But a hand graded my sholder, I turned. It was Star. " your not going without me, cuss someone needs to protect you" she said as she picked up a sword. She was very good with a sword. "alright, come on" I asner . There was no use to argue with her. When she makes up her mind about some thing, she won't change her mind. Ever. I graded my invention and we ran outside.

Star's pov

As we ran past, random vikings yelled at us for being outside during a raid. We ran to an open clearing.

A lone tower was there to, perfict. I knew hiccup, and I knew that his invention won't acutly hurt it, it just might bring it down.

Hiccup set up the invention and mumbled " come on give me some thing to shoot" as he seid that 2 shadows flow to the tower. One of them speeded up and shot the tower with a saffire blue fireball at the tower. I always thought that nightfurys' had the prettyest fire ever . I just loved the blue color about it pasted by the now on fire tower. Hiccuo shot a set of balos at it. They hit it. It fell from the sky like a shooting star and land in to the forest.

" yes I hit it" examed hiccup. But there was one flaw that I failed to notise . That one thing changed my life for ever. The other nightfury. It swooped down and dug its claws into my sholders. " NO" yelled hiccup. I felt it flap its wings and rose to the midnight sky. A nightmare came out of nowhare and chased hicup away. The nightfury flew fast into the night. Taking me with it to thor knows whare.

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