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Chapter 2: Crosswinds

Having one's downtime ruined by an urgent request for assistance could be quite frustrating. However, the (mostly) selfless Aang was more than happy to help. He had fond memories of Ba Sing Se, and was astonished to hear that it was being attacked. Admittedly, he had no idea what was going on; the message was very terse. What could have attacked Ba Sing Se and breached its great wall? If it was something that could break through all their defenses, Aang doubted he could help. Regardless, he would provide any help he could. It was, after all, the Avatar's duty.

"Faster, Appa!" The Avatar urged his Sky Bison on, which just grunted assent. The wind whipping by both himself and Katara picked up in speed, as Aang diverted the freezing cold air.

"Aang, I'm worried," said Katara, "What could be so bad that they felt the need to ask for your help?"

"I don't know, Katara," Aang replied, "but I guess we'll find out."


A sizable fleet of Fire Nation Airships circled the golden Battleship, flames from their Benders washing over the hull, which stubbornly held against the onslaught. In retaliation, the deck guns were firing round after round at the zeppelins. Many of the shots missed, as the airships were executing evasive maneuvers, but every other minute another Fire Nation ship burst into flames and exploded spectacularly, showering the city below with flaming bits of metal and bodies. Whereas Zuko's forces were being decimated, the solitary Battleship continued unhindered on its slow descent. Everybody in the city was panicking.

Inside the Battleship, three people were also panicking.

"How do we stop this thing?!" Vriska screeched as the ship rocked with another hit by those fireballs.

"I don't know!" Jade snapped, hands flying over the helm console, "We've lost control of most systems. Hell, I can't even control where our power is going!"

"This ship is killing people!" John screamed, "Do something!"

"Fine!" Jade shouted back in frustration, "You want to stop it now? I'll stop it now!"

Green lightning arced from Jade's body, dancing all over the ship. With a flash of jade, the ship's reactor appeared just off the bow, hanging there for a second, before plummeting towards the ground.

The ship soon followed.

Zuko stared up at the ship in horror, along with the rest of Ba Sing Se, as it tumbled uncontrollably towards the ground.

"Run!" The Fire Lord shouted, turning to run as well.

Then the screaming started.


"Oh Spirits…" Aang breathed as the sight of Ba Sing Se crested the horizon. A massive ship bigger than even a Fire Nation Dreadnaught floated above the expansive Earth Kingdom city, firing massive hunks of metal through Fire Nation airships that circled it. Many of those airships promptly exploded and fell out of the sky after being hit.

"It's a massacre!" Katara gasped in shock, "Aang, we have to help!"

"Alright," Aang nodded in assent, "Appa, get closer!"

Before the Sky Bison could move, green lightning arced over the golden ship's hull. In a flash of jade, a large gray metal cylinder appeared off the bow of the ship. It hang there for a second, before plummeting downwards, trailing metal cables and cords. The ship ceased firing, and the flames spewing underneath it sputtered out. With an audible groan of metal fatigue, the ship began to fall.

Without a moment of delay, Aang whipped out his staff, snapping the wings into position. He vaulted off Appa, and soared towards the ship as it neared the ground. He saw that if he didn't stop the ship's descent, it would flatten everyone underneath it.

This, he could not allow.

The Avatar's eyes shone brightly, along with his tattoos. The wind began to howl around him and the ship, as the air moved to support the falling hunk of metal.

Then, unexpectedly, the ship began to move. Green lightning enveloped it as it sped away from the Avatar. It arced away from populated areas and smashed into an empty park. The ship plowed through dirt and trees and it skidded to a stop, a path of destruction in its wake. The hull pinged and popped as it cooled down from the recent activity.

Meanwhile, Aang stared, dumbfounded, at the ship. What in the Spirit's name was that thing? It wasn't natural, and nothing like he'd ever seen before. Plus, that green lightning felt… wrong. There was no other way to explain it. It was something truly foreign.

Aang floated back up to Appa, landing gently on his back.

"Aang, what was that?" Katara asked, concerned.

"Something…. I'm not quite sure. Whatever it is, I'm going to need your help next for this, sweetie."


For the second time that day, John felt sick, and he was on the floor. This was not a good day.

The Bridge lights were completely dead, the consoles were dark, and the ship groaned from metal fatigue. They had no power.

John pushed himself up, and tried to get his bearings.
Jade was out cold, slumped against the wall, and Vriska was coughing up blood on the floor.

"Next time, I'm driving," the Cerulean Troll groaned, trying to make light of the situation.

John pulled open the exit, and stumbled through the hallway to outside. The light momentarily blinded him, and as soon as his vision cleared he saw…

A flying bison?

"Vriska!" the Heir of Breath called her over. The Thief of Light stumbled over, wiping Cerulean blood from her mouth.

"What is it?" she asked, before looking skyward.

"Well fuck me sideways," she muttered, "is that a flying woolbeast?"

"I don't think that's a sheep," John replied, about as miffed as she was.

A approaching figure caught the attention of Vriska, who raised her sword in response.

"John, watch out!" she shouted, pushing him aside and blocking the blow from a wooden staff, grabbing the bald sky-borne assailant and hurling him into a nearby bulkhead.

She lunged, fully intending to impale the attacker, when he swung his hand, and a strong gust of wind pushed her back. What the hell, this guy had windy powers too?

John countered the wind with his own, thoroughly shocking the bald attacker. John was a bit startled when he realized just how young that guy was, probably no older than John himself. However, this kid had attacked his friend, and there was no mercy for such an act. The time for words was past.

John stepped forward, swinging his hammer at the kid's head in an attempt to finish the fight in one strike. He was blocked by that staff. Good, this wouldn't be a fight if it was over quickly.

Aang blocked a blow from that gaudy hammer, and countered by attempting to hit the blue-clad young man in the gut. Who was this person, another Airbender? Whatever or whoever he was, he and his buddy were threatening the safety of Ba Sing Se, and Aang had a duty to protect the people.

With renewed determination, he began to speed up his attacks, managing to land a few strikes on his on the blue-clothed young man, none of which fazed him.

Aang ducked on a gut feeling, and saw a blue hooked blade pass over his head. Right, he forgot about the other weird creature. Well, he couldn't fight two people at a time. Surrounding himself in a sphere of air, he quickly expanded it, giving him a bit of breathing room between him and his opponents. With a spring, Aang flew up into the air. He was surprised to see both of his assailants follow him. Damn.


Jade watched from the sidelines as John, Vriska, and that bald kid took their fight to the skies. Three people was enough for one fight.

Just as she thought that, that weird bison thing swooped by, and a young woman in some sort of blue Asian dress dropped out of it.

Normally Jade would have talked to her, but right now, she was just pissed.

The stranger was barely on the deck for a few seconds when Jade snarled, "Get off my ship!"

The Witch of Space dodged to the side as a blast of water whipped by her head with the force of a pressure washer. If she wasn't careful, she'd lose a lot of skin to that thing.

Drawing her sword, Jade lunged at the young woman with a scream.


The remaining Fire Nation airships descended upon the crippled Prospitian Battleship, and proceeded to was the hull with fire. Unbeknownst to them, a certain reactor had been teleported back into place. With its power source back in place, the targeting computer booted back up. The first thing it noticed was that it was under literal fire. With that little tidbit of information, it fed power to the ship's mass drivers, which swung into place. Then they started firing again.


A deafening boom was heard as large metal slugs roared past the three forms of Vriska, John, and Aang. The three were locked in a duel of epic proportions. John was sporting quite a few new welts and a couple contusions on his arms and legs, which Aang's staff had more than a few nicks from Vriska's sword. Vriska herself was spotless as the trio continued to trade blows and strikes.

The Avatar was panicked; he couldn't hold out for much longer as he was. In an act of desperation, he drew upon the spirits of his past lives. His eyes instantly blazed with spiritual power, as he added fire and water to his mix of attacks. Earth from the surrounding area soared up to assist the Avatar.

John was shocked, where did all that power come from? He had to do something about it.

So he hit Aang with a tornado.

The Avatar shrugged the comparably pitiful attack off.

So John summoned up several more tornadoes, and hit Aang with those.

The Avatar struggled to negate the attack. How could another individual wield the wind to this degree?

He finally blasted the offending gales away, and began to prepare his own counterattack.

Before he could finish, Vriska tapped into the power of Ancestral Awakening, and channeled it through her sword. With a swing, she launched a crescent-shaped wave of energy that shot towards Aang.

Unlike the elements, the Avatar could not block it.

Stone, Fire, Water, and Earth parted before the attack, leaving the Avatar wide open before the powerful attack.

With the crack of a thousand cannons, Aang was hurled away from the ship, knocked unconscious and gravely injured.


Jade slammed the hilt of her sword into Katara's face, knocking the Waterbender out cold. The Witch of Space unceremoniously dumped her limp form over the side of the ship.

Jade's friends and family were waiting for her in the Alpha session, and none of them could afford to waste time on things such as socialization or diplomacy; those fools in Amestris had already done enough of that.

Looking upward, Jade saw that John and Vriska had finished their fight, and were descending to the deck. Good.

Pulling two of Dave's Turntables out of her Sylladex, she magnetically attached them to the ship's hull. With a flash of red, the entire ship disappeared, leaving a rather shocked and miffed Ba Sing Se to clean up their mess.

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