I could still feel his lips I traced on the tips of my fingers; and his tender kiss lingering on my hand. As the time passes, images fade away, but these sensations do not diminish. Now, after having lived through everything, I understand the reason for the letters. It is to keep me going, it is to help me not to lose perspective, not to get entangled in the politics, but to stay focused on one thing, rather one person that matters.

I hope…No, I confidently believe that that person is alive. That he would stay alive for me, since he always keeps his word: he promised to protect me and he asked me to stay with him, so I will be coming back.

Today, like always, I will go to the gate.

The portal is open, but on the other side is modern Seoul. Looking around her, Eun Soo thought:

It is so strange this place that used to be my home now seems foreign and cold.

She turns around and passes through the portal again with a faithful determination to find the time when he is waiting.

Soon, very soon. At last, I found my way to you, even if it took eternity… Just wait a bit longer, I'll be there…

Eun Soo was running toward her fate, running and running, breathless.

Please, please, be here. This is the spot where he laid on the ground dying… That old tree is unchanged from that day a hundred years ago when I ran up to it before, only to find no one here. It is a somber witness to the faith unwavering and constant as the years fly. Thank you, the guardian of the lonely Wudalchi, for keeping quiet watch through centuries, ensuring that there is always a meeting place for us.

Is he there?

She finally caught a glimpse of his silhouette set against the background of the vast Gureyo country with its blue sky and the shady mountains lying in the distance. His figure seems almost too small, seated on the enormous roots next to the thick trunk under a wide canopy of an ancient tree.

My Daejang…

All the things I like:

Colors blue, grey and black…

A tall man…

Large, strong yet tender hands…

Your back…

How you turn your head toward me,..

The face, your face, the same loving expression as always.

I remember so clearly all those times you turning to look at me.

How I missed your eyes that smile at me.

Here he is - my general, my pillar, standing before me…

I can't believe I'm finally seeing you.

My person; you are waiting for me.

Finally, I can catch my breath, I could rest in your arms; finally, my heart can rest.

Oh, my precious Young