-Chapter 1-

Allen rose out of bed that morning; he yawned and stretched at every angle before moseying out of bed to the lunch room for breakfast. On his route there he came upon Lenalee as usual and received a cup of tea (coffee was yet too bitter for him) and second he saw Lavi full of energy, Lavi outstretched his arm for a high five and exclaimed a friendly comment. Allen weakly tapped his hand and didn't process what Lavi had said because they had returned from a long mission the night before and was low on sleep. Then again Lavi was a morning person. Finally after what had felt like a whole other journey he reached the dining hall and ordered an obnoxiously large platter like usual; everything was ordinary which was nice after his most recent mission which took quite a toll on him.

"Hey you damned bean sprout" Allen flinched expecting Kanda to strike somehow, "How have you been? Took you long enough on your last mission," Allen looked up to see Kanda smiling at him; Allen was relieved that now Kanda being a friend had become part of the usual. It's started a couple months ago; I guess Yu decided it was for the better. Allen always thought to himself that it was all an act but the smile he had received was quite genuine. He felt a warm almost loving vibe off of it.

"WALKER! You stuck in dreamland? Wake the hell up!" Allen's train of thought was disturbed by Lavi sitting across from him smacking him in the face with all the enthusiasm behind his words. "Are you thinking about that one girl from our mission, she was—"

"SO MYY TYYPEE," Kanda mocked Lavi pissing Lavi off.

"Actually I was not; I was just thinking about things… It's nice to be back," Allen looked over to see Krory approaching with his smile, Allen gave him a polite smile but it turned into a face of concern when Krory tripped on his cape crashing to the ground causing breakfast to fly across the room. Lavi burst into laughter, Kanda rolled his eyes, and Krory wallowed in his embarrassment. Allen chuckled "I missed you guys."

Krory looked up and nervously grinned to see at least Allen wasn't making fun of him. "Well I better go grab a new tray," Krory walked off to grab some more food.

"So Allen, Komui wanted to talk to us. We should stop in his office after breakfast around ten, it sounded important," Kanda stated sitting down next to Allen who was a couple seconds away from scarfing down the last of his fourth plate.

"Ooo.. Sounds important can I come?!" Lavi sputtered.

"No," Kanda gave a glare that Lavi could even see though his eyepatch, "He only wants us." Allen was sitting there eating his fifth plate thinking during this time about what Komui may assign him and Kanda.

"Alright I'll see you there and then," Allen finally replied as Kanda got up to go back to his room.

"Jeez what's his deal today?" Lavi pointed out after Kanda was out of sight. He shook his head and took his exit heading towards where Allen had last seen Lenalee. Allen sat and thought more…What was his deal today?

Allen sat in his room; it was almost ten so he was thinking about heading to Komui's office to see what was up. But suddenly Allen remembered, wasn't Komui on vacation this week? Allen opened his door shaking his head at himself. Impossible he thought, why would him and Kanda be called then?