-Chapter 5-

Allen just froze wide eyed, he knew it was Kanda just by the voice, but he called him a bean sprout which sealed the deal. Was he mad? How did he know I was here? Why isn't he at the Black Order? So many questions ran though his head at once.

"Moyashi," Kanda taunted. "I'm growing impatient."

"Why are you here? What do you want?"

"Tch just let me in, I know you want to talk baka."

Allen searched his mind for how he might know…'The letter! He had left it open on his table, but how did he know I was sitting there?' Allen thought to himself. He stuffed himself back in his pants fighting to be out and opened the lock, as soon as it was undone Kanda opened the door let himself in and closed it. Kanda reached down and grabbed Allens crotch and smirked.

"Just as I thought, you are hard," Kanda flicked the lock closed and the light off and led Allen to the nearest wall and kissed his neck leading up to his mouth. Allen's dick throbbed fighting his pants, telling him to keep going but Allen broke the kiss.

"Well you read the unfinished letter, but I still wanna talk a little," Allen looked up at Kanda who seemed to look a little concerned. This made Allen feel very happy, to know that Kanda actually gave two shits. Kanda had admitted to 'really liking' me but I think that was a joke. "So what is this? I suppose it wasn't a onetime thing obviously but since you read the letter I don't think I'll have to say twice that—"

Allen was cut off by Kanda who wrapped his arms around the boy in a very loving way. "I think I might love you too Moyashi, I mean Allen. I think I love you Allen." Allen stood limp in his arms processing the words, and as soon as the registered Allen embraced him back as if Kanda had gifted him a new world. "I took a day off to come see what you were up too, I actually watched you here for a while. You're too cute sometimes you know."

"Thank you Kanda."

Kanda chuckled, "Thanks for what?"

"For caring," Allen felt a tear oh happiness slide down his cheek. 'Maybe being gay isn't so bad' He thought to himself. 'As long as someone I care for cares for me.'

"I don't even have to try Allen." Kanda hugged Allen tighter and kissed him on the forehead.

Allen was happy for this caring moment but couldn't ignore the rage in his pants. "Heh…Hey Kanda? Do you think we could, you know, continue?"

"Tch why of course we can little Moyashi," Kanda started to kiss Allen filling his craving for the boy he couldn't admit to himself.

Allen let his hands wonder over the powerful body before him and he ran his fingers though Kanda's raven shaded hair. He slipped his tongue into the kiss and craved for more pleasure. Kanda moved on hand down Allen's body giving Allen's nipple a tease, Allen let out a moan and Kanda's hand followed its path to Allen's cock.

"Che, you're even bigger than last time, not so little Moyashi," Kanda stroked Allen's shaft then he unzipped Allen's trousers and let his dick free. He stroked it up and down a little before playing around a little with his balls. Kanda then brought Allen off the wall and onto the tiled bathroom floor. He got on top of Allen and removed his jacket and shirt. Allen practically drooled at the sight making Kanda let out a 'che' as he bowed his head down to Allen's cock tonging the head.

Allen moaned, "Graahhh, KaaAAnndAA—" Kanda started bobbing his head and sucking Allen's dick. Allen looked down at Kanda, he thought to himself about how downright sexy Kanda looked. Kanda then let Allen out of his mouth and started sucking on Allen's balls. Allen moaned as Kanda continued and started stroking Allen's penis. After a while of that Kanda licked the length of Allen's cock making him almost scream with pleasure and anticipation for all Kanda had done so far was slow and passionate. After getting the response he hoped for Kanda sped it up shoving all of Allen into his mouth playing with his balls. "AHH KANDA, IM ahhh IM GUNNAA-HH CUM!" Allen let out his load as Kanda felt his mouth fill with warm liquid in which he swallowed and chuckled.

"Tch you lasted longer this time, have you been playing with yourself?" Kanda crawled back up and met Allen face to face to find Allen blushing. "Che," Kanda kissed Allen and swirled his tongue inside Allen's.

To Kanda's surprise Allen sat up and Kanda got off him, then Allen pushed Kanda down, "Let me try something," Allen said as he kissed Kanda down his body, he stopped at his pecks and sucked on each nipple than he made his way down Kanda's abdomen. He dipped his tongue into Kanda belly button and trailed down to his pants. He unzipped them and set Kanda's dick free. He hadn't realized it was that much noticeably bigger than his own. Kanda noticed the look on Allen's face and chuckled making Allen cheeks flush pink. Then Allen started to stroke Kanda's shaft gently as Kanda let out a heavy breath. Then Allen put Kanda's cock in his mouth, he twirled his tongue around his head and then tried to shove all of Kanda in his mouth which make him gag slightly. Kanda grabbed Allen's head and moved it faster along his dick. Then Allen brought his head up and Allen kissed Kanda back up his chest and whispered weakly in Kanda's ear, "Fuck me."

They changed positions again, Allen got on all fours and Kanda kneeled behind him. Kanda spit on his hand and rubbed it on himself then slowly fit himself into Allen's ass trying not to hurt him. Allen screamed in pleasure, "GAH KaANDAa f-fuckk ME!" Kanda started to move his hips back and forth shoving himself in deeper every time. Both of their breaths heavier and louder, Allen let out moans and Kanda letting faintly audible grunts out. Not too long after he started Kanda couldn't hold it in and Allen found himself being filled with a warm liquid.

Allen shaking from the pleasure kneeled and stood back up, Kanda doing the same not too far after. Kanda approached Allen and kissed him putting a hand on Allen's cheek. "Che, Don't doubt what I say, I am a man of my word."

"I won't anymore Bakanda."

"You better not, don't be afraid to talk Moyashi." Kanda clothed himself and turned to Allen, gave him a hug and whispered "See you back at the Black Order Allen."

"Looking forward to it Kanda."