A/N: Okay, it was a mean cliffhanger at the end of "Baby Harvest". To show I'm not completely cruel, here is Chapter 1 of "Gonna Fly Now".

And for those that don't know, "Gonna Fly Now" was the theme song to "Rocky". Just seemed like a good title for this story. Very...angelic...you know...cause angels fly... :o)

Late Sunday night…

"Oh, God, Em…she's…oh, she's beautiful!" JJ stares down in wonder at the little girl giving her lungs a workout as a nurse cleans her up.

"She's okay," Emily asks weakly.

JJ nods, her eyes still on her daughter. "Perfect." She looks at the nurse. "She is, right?"

The nurse smiles. "She sure is. Temperature is good and, well, you can hear that her lungs are fine."

JJ nods. "Rocky is perfect, Em. Just perfect."

There is no answer. JJ suddenly notices the room has gotten quiet. She turns and sees the tense look in Dr. Manton's eyes. She sees the nurses moving with rapid, deliberate movements around her wife. But Emily is unmoving, her eyes closed.

"Emily?" JJ steps towards the table containing her wife.

Suddenly the heart and blood pressure monitors start to blare warnings.


JJ starts towards her wife but is intercepted by one of the nurses.

"Get her out of here," Dr. Manton orders.

"NO! Emily! What the fuck?" JJ demands.

"She's crashing!" the head registered nurse states.


JJ is fighting to get to her wife. Dr. Manton chances once glance at the distraught blonde.

"GET HER OUT! NOW!" Manton yells.

Two nurses drag JJ into the hallway. A passing orderly stops to help them control her, allowing one nurse to rush back into Emily's room.

Twenty minutes later JJ stumbles out the double doors leading into the waiting room. Even though it is nearly midnight her parents, Emily's parents and their entire BAU family are awake and waiting. Sandy right away sees something is wrong with her daughter.

"Jenny?" she asks warily.

As she gets closer they all see the tracks of tears, the red-rimmed eyes. Elizabeth feels like she is trudging through molasses as she steps closer.


JJ opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. Her legs give out and she would have fallen if Gerald and Alan hadn't leapt forward to catch her. The tears start again as she gasps out one word.