Emily slowly lays Rocky down in the crib. She turns to Matilda. "You have my extension right?"

Matilda smiles. "Yes, Emily. And before you ask, JJ's, too. Also, the numbers for Garcia, Reid, Rossi, Hotch and Morgan. Even Chief Straus. If for some reason I can't reach any of you I'll call in the Marines' Search and Rescue team."

Emily chuckles nervously. "Sorry. Just…nervous."

Matilda smiles. "As all mother's are. I promise you, Emily, she will be fine."

JJ wraps her arms around her wife. "Do you remember what you told me the first time I left Henry down here?"

Emily bites her lip. "Uh…no clue."

"You told me he would be fine and if I was at all worried to just hop on the elevator and come see for myself. You're back to the office, baby, but you have a few months before you travel with us again. Rocky will be here and so will you. Everything will be just fine."

Emily gives a shiver. "I…I remember what happened…your first week back."

JJ turns and stares into her wife's eyes. "Won't happen again. I swear, Emily."

Emily just nods. She turns back to her daughter. She straightens the onesie on the sleeping baby. She leans over and kisses her.

"I can do this. I can. Shit…can I?"

JJ smiles. "Yes, you can. And you'll be down here around 11 to nurse her. You can make it 2 and a half hours. I have faith in you."

Matilda chuckles. "I promise you, Emily, she will be fine."

Emily sighs. "I know. Matilda, you are great. I hope you don't think I'm questioning you."

The caregiver laughs. "If I thought that every time a parent left their child here the first time I'd have changed professions long ago."

Emily grins. "I bet. Well…see you at 11." She leans over and kisses Rocky once more. "Love you, sweet girl."

JJ kisses their daughter. "See you later, Rock Star. I love you."

The two head out and get on the elevator. As JJ hits the button for the BAU floor, she takes Emily's hand and squeezes it.

"She's okay, baby."

"I know. I'm the one that's a mess."

JJ laughs, not denying that statement at all.

When the team gathers for their 10 a.m. meeting they can't help but smile, glad they are all together in the same room again. After a moment, Hotch looks down at the paperwork in front of him.

"First of all, welcome back Emily. We've missed you."

She grins. "You had to read that off your papers?"

The team laughs. Hotch raises his eyebrows at her.

"Okay…maybe we didn't miss you that much after all." She winks at him. He grins and looks back down. "Secondly, Morgan, JJ, there is a meeting on Wednesday for you two to make the final pitch regarding the class you want to teach. It's at 10 so we'll meet here at 9 to discuss cases. Good luck to you both."

Morgan nods. "Thanks. We are mostly all set. Just waiting on some PowerPoint magic from Garcia and we're done with the presentation."

"Yeah, but hopefully our words will mean more than bells and whistles," JJ says.

Everyone agrees. Hotch hands a folder to Rossi.

"Dave, there is a criminal justice class at Georgetown that would like you to speak regarding The Reaper."

Rossi raises his eyebrow. "Me? Really?"

Hotch glares at him. "Yes, you. Problem with that?"

Rossi slowly shakes his head. "Nope, none at all."

Hotch sets his papers aside. "So, what open cases do we have?"

Emily smiles, trying to break the tension just mentioning The Reaper invokes. "None for me. My desk is completely clear because I am just that good!"

Reid, Morgan and JJ exchange looks as everyone chuckles. Each agent takes 2 folders off their stack and tosses them in front of Emily. She frowns.

"You guys suck," she complains good-naturedly.

Soon all the cases have been discussed and Garcia has doled out a few more to each agent. As she heads back to her desk, Emily gives a content sigh.

"I can't believe I missed this place and I'm glad to be back."

Reid smiles. "I know I'm glad to have you back. It's hard to get my points across sometimes. You always get me. I've missed that."

Emily grins at him. "I missed that, too."

JJ grins at them from her desk. "Trust me, Em, the whole team missed that. Do you know how many times we nearly called you for a nerd translation."

Reid frowns at her. "Ouch."

JJ just winks at him.

From up near his office, Hotch watches as the three agents tease and joke with each other a bit before getting to work. He smiles. Yes…it was good to have everyone back. They were a team…a family. And always, always stronger together.

With a slight smile, he turns and goes into his office, content with knowing his team was back to being the best the FBI has to offer.