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The Question Of Why

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion


"Yes, Sin." Ja'far stated calmly and he looks into Sinbad's eyes.

"Ja'far, Why did Aladin and Alibaba become fat while I was away? Aladin's overweightness is the last straw."

"I didn't limit their food, Sin. Besides they really enjoyed the food." Ja'far commented to him.

"Ja'far, What would you do if I became as fat as Aladin?" Sinbad asked him and Ja'far gave him a blank expression.

"Well, Sin. It is your body and as long as you don't lose or have your weapons stolen...again. I really do not care if you become as large as Aladin." Ja'far said to him and crossed his arms. "It would be a blessing if you became unattrative."

"I can't take them seriously when they fat." Sinbad informed him and sighed. "It's impossible."

"You are rather shallow, Sin. Looks are not everything." Ja'far commented flatly and sighed to himself.

"Regardless one way or another Aladin and Alibaba will lose weight..They will go on a diet along with running a lot." Sinbad said to Ja'far. "If you became fat I woul-"

"Sin, I'm not lazy and I make sure my skills remain sharp." Ja'far stated calmly and Sinbad smiled at him. "By the way Sin you should stop drinking so much."

"Why, Ja'far?"

"You got drunk last night...and." Ja'far stopped for a moment and glared at Sinbad. "You groped my ass."

"...Oh...Sorry, Ja'far...Can you not tell anyone about the whol-"

"Why the hell would I tell anyone that happened to me?" Ja'far asked in a firm whisper and his hands clenching Sinbad's robes. "I would prefer you becoming fat over being drunk and feeling me up, Sin."

"I'll try to cut back on drinking." Sinbad told him.

"Good." Ja'far said calmly and he released Sinbad's robes.

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