Memories of the Heart
By Misha

Disclaimer- Everything belongs to J.K. Rowling and is not mine, however much I might wish differently. However, I am not making any money off of this, so please do not sue me!

Author's Notes- This has nothing to do with "How Things Change", though this does have some Snape/Lily. I don't know, the idea of Hermione finding a diary left by Lily Potter and learning the secrets of her days at Hogwarts just appealed to me and thus this was born. It's a multi-couple romance, because I'm a multi-couple shipper. I like most HP pairings, including a few that won't be included here (such as Draco/Harry). I don't know all the pairings that I'll represent in this fic, but I do know that the three main ones will be Lily/Snape, Lily/James, and Harry/Hermione, though there'll be others as well, including some Hermione/Ron. This will be pretty long and complex as I try to weave two separate stories at once, the one in the past and the present. Does that make sense? Well, if not, I'm sure it will once you read. That's all for now, enjoy, and remember, feedback is very much appreciated!

Author's Notes2- After reading OotP, I was dismayed by how much of this story is now wrong. I considered changing it, but since I'd have to rewrite the entire thing, I decided against that. Instead, I chose to continue on the way I was going. This is now very much an AU, so disregard most of what is revealed to us in OotP when you read this, since the two most definitely clash. However, I did change a few things, such as I had Neville's mother referred to as Christina, but we now know it's Alice, and since that's a small thing that might confuse the readers, I decided to change it. I also changed my mention of Robin LeStrange, to Rabastan and I refer to Narcissa as Sirius' cousin, as well as changing my reference to Erin Figg's Auror parent from father to mother. But those are the only OotP cannon things that I've observe, since I quite like the universe I have going here. However, I did go back and edit this, not to change things to make them fit cannon, but just because I thought that it flowed better. I didn't change too many things, mainly, it's just little things, though I did make big changes the chapter where I mention Molly, Arthur and the other Weasleys--I need to change it to fit with something I have planned for later on in the story. But everything else I have written stays. Well, that's all, enjoy!

Rating- PG-13

Pairings- Lily/James, Lily/Snape, Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione.

Summery- In her seventh year, Hermione find a box of stuff left by Lily Evans and uncovers the secrets of Lily's years at Hogwarts. As she discovers the truth about Lily's secret romance, she becomes aware of her own true desires.

Spoilers- All fours books.

Chapter One- Hermione's Discovery

Hermione looked around her new sleeping area.

She was Head Girl this year and got her own private bedroom.

All the Houses at private quarters set aside in case the Head Boy or Girl happened to be from their House.

It was a nice room, similar to the usual Gryffindor sleeping quarters, though the bed was larger, as was her chest of drawers. Plus there was a nice chair and table, complete with lamp, for her to curl into and read, which she thought was wonderful. She would most definitely be using that often.

First, though, she had to unpack. Then, when she was done, Hermione wanted to spend some time alone with Ron.

Hermione stifled a sigh as she reached for her trunk. She and Ron had been dating since their fifth year, but lately things had been tense between them. All they ever did was fight.

Of course, they had nothing but fight since the moment they met, but this was different. Now, a lot of the arguments turned nasty and Harry usually had to break them up.

Harry. Hermione could not even imagine what she would do without him, he was always there to offer comfort and to try and smooth things over between her and Ron. He really was the most special boy that she knew and truly her best friend.

Smiling at the thought of Harry, who was Head Boy this year, Hermione put her things away in the drawers. She opened the bottom drawer and for some reason had the urge to feel around the bottom of the drawer.

To her surprise, she felt something and on further exploration, realized that the bottom was not really the bottom at all, but that it was easily removable and concealed something hidden beneath it.

Hermione carefully removed the false bottom to expose a metal box sitting comfortably in a secret compartment.

She lifted the box out and placed it on her bed, before replacing the bottom back into the drawer. Then, she opened the box.

Hermione was curious as to what was in it and who had placed it there. It had to have been a previous Head Girl, but which one and why? How long had the box been there and was she the first to discover it?

With all these questions going through her head, she removed the lid and carefully began taking the items out and placing them on her bed.

There were four small, leather books, which were neatly tied together with a red ribbon; a green silk scarf; a gold hair clip shaped like a lion whose head moved from side to side; a silver bracelet shaped like a snake; a book that was very obviously a photo album and had the words "Memory Book" printed on the front; an old Head Girl's badge; and an envelope.

Hermione stared at the collection of things, especially the envelope.

It wasn't a scroll like most witches and wizards wrote on, but an envelope like the ones in which Muggles sent their letters, making Hermione even more curious as to who had left the box and these things.

Taking the envelope in her hands, Hermione unsealed it and took the piece of lined, Muggle paper out and reading it.

Dear Reader,

I have no idea how much time has passed, since I wrote this letter, nor do I have any idea who it is that reading it.

No, that is not quite true. I do know at least two things about you, you are a Gryffindor and you are the Head Girl of your year.

I also know that you are the one who is meant to read this. I placed a small charm around the bottom of the drawer, the secret compartment will only reveal itself to someone who the spell deems worthy.

Strange, huh?

Well, I had my reasons, which you will discover once you read what I have written in my journals. There is quite a story there.

I debated long and hard before leaving these things here, but finally decided that I wanted someone to know the truth.

I knew that I would never be able to bring myself to tell someone face to face, so I did the next best thing. I created this box, leaving behind my journals from my last three years at Hogwarts, a photo album to document those times, some mementos whose significance will be explained in the journals, and this letter.

Before you read the journals, please remember this: No one is perfect and sometimes, people are led into doing things that they deeply regret. Even worse, sometimes they do not regret everything that they should... Also, affairs of the heart are deeply complicated.

Well, with that said, I present you with the tale of my later years at Hogwarts...

I know that you will use the information well and I hope that hearing my tale will help you as much as knowing that it is no longer mine alone will help me...

Lily Evans

Hermione stared at the page.

Lily Evans? This stuff was left by Harry's mother?

For a moment, Hermione considered jumping up and going to find him to share it with him, since he had very little to remind him of his mother, then she stopped herself.

There was a reason that Lily had left this stuff in secret and maybe Hermione should discover what that was before she told Harry.

Deciding that that was the best course of action, she placed the letter back in the envelope and put it back in the box, then she did the same with everything except the first of the four leather volumes.

She would look at the rest of the stuff later, especially the photo album, since she probably would want to show it to Harry.

First though, she wanted to read whatever it was that Lily had written in these journals, discover what it was that Harry's mother had needed to share with someone.

Hermione placed the box back in the secret compartment and the leather book under her pillow.

She had to go meet Ron, but she would begin reading as soon as she came back.