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Author's Note: Figured I ought to clear this up, as there might be some confusion: Harry is Shepard. Harry Potter is his name, Shepard is a code name that he uses when dealing with the Alliance and galactic community. Scenes from his perspective will be referring to him as Harry, but everyone (until later on) will be referring to him as Shepard.

The Green Eyed Spectre

Chapter 1: Eden Prime

Arcturus Station

In a shielded conference room, three men sat around a table strewn with datapads and coffee. These three men, Admiral Hackett, Captain Anderson, and Ambassador Udina had just spent the entire day going through literally hundreds of potential candidates for the Spectres. They'd hoped to find one amongst the list of those flagged by the Alliance and various active Spectres who would prove to be a viable representative for humanity. That the final decision came down to them was little surprise; that the three had managed to free an entire day in their busy and conflicting schedules to confer was a miracle. And still it was a futile hope, not one of the candidates possessed all the traits they wanted. They were all good, hell, they were some of the best with almost two thirds of the list comprised of N7, N6 and N5 marines, but no one stood far ahead of the pack and the Normandy was set to begin her shakedown run in two weeks.

Udina rested on his elbows, tiredness sapping his usual propriety, "Hackett, what about Sarah Ke-"

"I've already looked at her. Great marine, but a decent leader through training, not a natural," Hackett gestured at the datapad and recited from memory, "Nearly spotless record: two Silver Stars, four tours, two of which were with the sixth fleet, two with the 103rd Division. N6 designation, particularly noted for her skills as an infiltrator and with long range weaponry. She's been noted for being somewhat rash when taking positions for long range support, and she has limited experience commanding. She might be good enough with more tempering and experience, but that'll take a few more years."

Sighing, Udina looked down at his omni-tool, "We'll be here all night. I'd better cancel my seven o'clock."

Anderson, sitting at the end of the table, had been searching through various low-possibility candidates, and spoke up, "Here's one: Jonathan Keyes, exemplary marks and record. Career marine, N5, holds a Distinguished Service Cross for duty on Shanxi. In particular, he's been flagged for his grasp of ship-to-ship combat; unusual in a marine but potentially useful in a Spectre. The only issue is his age; as you might have guessed, he joined up during the First Contact War. Still, he's incredibly experienced and- what?" Hackett had frozen, staring off into the distance, and Udina turned to catch his gaze.

Giving a start, the old admiral cocked his head and a grin split his craggy features, "Well, we could reactivate Project Shepard."

Udina blinked. Nonsense, Shepard would be an old man by now, "Hackett, what are you talking about? If he was in his prime, certainly, but Shepard would be in the same boat as this Keyes man."

Hackett shook his head to himself, and Anderson had put the datapad down, his curiosity clearly piqued, "Project Shepard?"

"Anderson, you never needed to know, and Udina, you were never fully read into Shepard's capabilities to maintain deniability. Alright, background. Udina, you know this. Anderson, you would have been told this once you'd risen a few ranks, but the more I think about it, the more I like this idea, and you'll need to know. For the record, all subsequent details are classified above top secret, you both know the drill."

Hackett sat forward, placing his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers, "Fact: magic is real. Men and women who wield it are referred to as witches and wizards. Practically all those mythical animals you may have read about, dragons included, real. There is an entire society of magic-wielders living hidden and separate from the non-magical world on Earth. They split off around 1700 from the rest of the world and have maintained their secrecy. National leaders are kept informed of the presence and happenings of those living in their borders, but the awareness in the non-magical world doesn't extend past them and non-magical family members. That changed during the First Contact War."

Hackett dropped his hands and brought up is omni-tool. Bringing up a file, he sent it into the display on the conference room's reader and a dossier appeared. It featured a young man in his early thirties with messy black hair, glasses, and startling green eyes. He was garbed in what looked at first glance to be a leather duster, but upon closer examination was a set of robes, under which he wore an armor-plated hardsuit. Data popped up beside him and began scrolling slowly. Hackett continued, "Once it was confirmed that humanity had made hostile contact with an alien race, our leaders were approached by this man, Harry James Potter of Britain. Apparently, he wished to offer his services in defense of humanity and the Alliance, and had bypassed the magical world's leadership to do so. Questioning of Britain's Minister of Magic revealed that he was in fact an internationally known fighter and wizard. We received more information and in the end, his offer was accepted. To maintain secrecy and to protect him, he was codenamed Shepard; a name of his own choosing."

Hackett gave Udina a glance, pausing for a moment, "Udina, the following information was not made available to you. Shepard was asked to explain how he could be such a figure given his age, and it was revealed that witches and wizards typically age slower than the average human. As I understand it, the average magic-user can now live to be approximately one hundred and seventy, and exceptionally fit and powerful individuals can live to be over two hundred. Shepard appeared to be in his early thirties during the war, even though he was born in 1980."


Udina choked on his coffee and came up spluttering. Anderson looked overwhelmed, and Udina composed himself, remembering when he had first been read in on the issue. Yes, it would be overwhelming. Recovered, his propriety maintained, he spoke up, "Hackett, are you telling me Shepard was already over one hundred and seventy when he fought?"

Hackett nodded, "Exactly, which is why I'm confident that if asked, he'd in all likelihood still be in his prime even now. There's more, however: just as there are normal magical citizens going about their business, there are also magical terrorists and the like desiring to overthrow the government and establish their own rule. Unlike non-magical people however, the difference between the average magical criminal and what they term a dark lord- yes, I know, Anderson. Don't laugh. So, instead of a normal terrorist destroying a building, a dark lord is closer to the idea of a walking nuclear warhead. One of the worst recorded rose backing Hitler and was partially responsible for instigating the Holocaust, to put things in perspective."

Hackett sat back and manipulated his omni-tool and the screen displaying Harry's information was replaced with a timeline of events. "Simply put, Shepard was responsible for the death of one of the worst dark lords of his time when he was in his teens. After that, he became the effective global benchmark for aspiring dark lords to defeat, and managed to successfully prevent a reported twelve potential international threats across Earth."

"You can read the details for yourself, but his actions during the First Contact War personally saved hundreds of our soldiers. Of particular note, he was immediately deployed to Shanxi, and was present during the siege. If not for his actions, Shanxi would have either fallen, or Williams would have been forced to surrender before the relief fleet came through. After peace was brokered, he underwent military training at our behest and then served for a time before retiring, remaining an as-needed consultant. At the time of his retirement, he was classified N7, and held the rank of Staff Commander."

"More recently, he was involved in several Alliance activities. He was living on Elysium when the blitz happened. It may have been credited to the garrison, but he's the reason Elysium is still standing. After that, he became an active consultant for a few years. We suspected the Akuze recon mission was a trap and Shepard was attached in order to provide support. He's the only reason more than a third of them survived. Once we'd found the majority of the slaver forces that instigated the blitz hiding on Torfan, he requested that he be present for the assault. Given his abilities and obvious emotional ties, he was allowed to join, but not command. Suffice it to say that by the end of the mission he had the largest body count. After that, he said he'd no longer consult and retired to Eden Prime."

Hackett, finally finished, simply closed his omni-tool and waited for their reactions. Udina was the first, given his familiarity, "Well, we certainly cannot question his courage. It's certainly an interesting option, but what makes you think he'd accept? If he is no longer military, he cannot simply be ordered to do so."

"A guess. I've worked with him several times and gotten to know him. He suffers from an extreme case of heroism, calls it his saving-people-thing. I can make the offer, and I'm confident he'd accept."

"But is this the sort of man we want representing humanity?"

"He's not as publically recognized as some of the others, I grant you that. Moreover, I'd be willing to bet he doesn't like politicians all that much, sorry Udina. That said, if you need a person to accomplish impossible missions, this is the one you want."

For the first time, Anderson looked up from the data scrolling across his omni-tool and spoke, "From what he sounds like, this is the only sort of person who can represent humanity. He's practically lived through our race's entire spaceflight era."

Hackett nodded and spoke, "If we are in agreement?" At the others' nods he continued, "Then I'll make the-" Cutting himself off, he looked down at his blinking omni-tool. Opening the incoming vid, he spoke up, "Hackett here, what is it?"

"We have a situation on Eden Prime, sir. Forwarding all relevant data to your omni-tool."

Briefly glancing down, Hackett turned to the two other men in the room, "It appears fate is keeping an eye on us. Anderson, it looks like the Normandy's going to be getting her shakedown run a little early. A dig team on Eden Prime just unearthed a Prothean Beacon. Gather your crew and Nihlus, head there immediately. Recover it and pick up Shepard as well. I'll send him a message to let him know you're coming. Inform Nihlus of our choice, grant him non-classified information. When he asks, Shepard is an old super-soldier project of ours from before we joined the galactic community. His abilities are naturally occurring advanced biotics, and no, we still don't know how they came to be. Nothing more than that."

On Approach to Eden Prime

Nihlus was in the comm room when Anderson entered. The Normandy was running smoothly for her first flight. Joker had made the run from Arcturus to Eden Prime in record time, nothing less than outstanding by the Spectre's standards, even if his attitude needed a complete readjustment. Nodding to the Captain, he spoke up, "I've been reviewing the dossier you sent me. It's…impressive, though I have to wonder how much of it is true."

"All of it, of course. Bear in mind that the Alliance didn't cease genetic experimentation until we joined the Council. The basic implants given to all our soldiers, medigel, even Shepard were all fruits from that research."

"I'm not discounting their effectiveness, Captain, far from it. But we've both seen enough battle to know just how ludicrous some of this sounds. Still, I'm willing to tentatively approve based on his experience and psychological profile, but of course I want to meet h-"

"Incoming transmission from Eden Prime, sir! You'll want to see this." The screen at the back of the room lit up, and both soldiers turned their attention upon it.

The first thing the two saw was a squad of soldiers taking fire. They were fighting back, against what the vid wouldn't or couldn't show. As it rose up, a Gunnery Chief raced over, shouting for them to get down before rising and firing at an enemy only she could see. All of a sudden, the fighting stopped, and shock and fear began to appear on the soldiers faces. The vid panned around as a deafening and low sound echoed out. Finally, it panned once more and the two soldiers caught a glimpse of something big and purple, before the camera man continued looking around. The fighting started up again, but in moments, the vid ended, and Joker's voice came once more over the ship's comm, "It cuts out after that, just goes silen-"

"Reverse and hold at 38.5."

The video quickly rewound and paused with the purple ship on screen. Anderson didn't recognize it at all, and from the nervous flexing of Nihlus' mandibles, neither did he.

"Status report!"

"Seventeen minutes out Captain, no other Allian- wait, another transmission coming over secure channel. It's breaking up, I'll try to keep it clean."

The image was fuzzy and filled with static, but the occasional break occurred showing the subject of their brief conversation. Hackett had been right, Shepard didn't look a day over thirty.

"ormandy…at you? Thi…hepard…ere the hell…ou!"

"Sixteen minutes out, Shepard. What's the situation on the ground?"

"colon…der attack…me kind…lacialemSpe… purple robots…..shlight heads…pike turni…olonists…techno zombi…ssive…touched dow…ceport…sempra! I'm headi….ere now. Wha…my orders?"

Nihlus looked up in alarm, "Purple robots? The geth? They haven't been seen outside the veil in centuries."

"The spaceport? Negative, Shepard. I need you to get to the beacon and secure it. Ground teams will meet you there."

"…at about…lonists!"

"The beacon is our top priority, helping the colonist is a secondary objective!"

"…espectfu….crew that! I'll mee- Bombarda! I'll meet…our team a….ig site, but the coloni…y primary objective!"

"Shepard we have to keep that beacon out of their hands!"

"…oger, that…ill hav…ords about you- Vincules Fulmen! your ord…hen we meet! What's th…round team's comm fre…ency?"

"Two teams, forwarding comm frequencies now. Nihlus is a Council Spectre, and the Normandy's ground team will be led by Lieutenant Alenko.

Eden Prime

It figured that Harry could only go a few years before something insane happened. He'd been out in the galaxy since first contact, and in that time he'd realized that there wasn't anything special or new about living out there, it was just life going on.

Until today, of course. The universe seemed to be laughing as it tossed robots, zombies, and giant squid-shaped starships at him all on the same day.

What had followed was a harrowing flight from the outskirts of the colony where Harry lived and onward towards the dig site, near one of the cargo trains that ran to the spaceport. When he arrived, however, the scientists lay dead on the ground, or mounted high in the air on those purple spikes. Worse yet, Harry couldn't do anything to remove them from their mounts. If the person was pulled off the spike before it had completed its grisly work, the purple rod did something, and the colonist attached just melted into grey sludge.

He'd learned better than to even try after the second one.

In truth, the zombies had been far more troublesome than the robots. Putting those thoughts to the back of his mind, he refocused on the dig site. There were several of the robots examining the empty ground, six of the human-sized one and a larger one overseeing. Dropping behind one of the scattered rocks, Harry breathed in and aimed his wand at the rocky outcropping opposite him, transfiguring the stone wall into a house elf version of Mount Rushmore to draw their attention. Dobby would be so proud.

The robots reacted immediately, most taking cover, while two of the smaller ones left it and attempted to flank and investigate the unusual formation. It was fortunate, in a sense, that the issue of magic and technology interacting had never been solved. His deadlier spells were all still quite effective and occasionally necessary against the zombies, but even the most basic and fundamental spells in his repertoire could put the robots out of the fight for a while. Quickly apparating behind their lines and to the rocky edge of the basin containing the Prothean dig site, Harry twirled his wand and fired a pair of nonverbal blasting curses that took out three of the smaller ones now on the wrong side of cover.

The rest quickly spun, seeking him out, and Harry took the moment's distraction to raise a solid shield. The large one was preparing to advance, so Harry began focusing and visualizing before transfiguring the larger one into a toaster. He may not ever trust the toast that came out of that particular appliance, but there was no doubt it was out of the fight. The moment passed, and the remaining troopers aimed at him and began firing even as he transferred control of the shield between hands so he could take a breath. His inanimate transfiguration was decent, but he still had to brute force his way through it if he didn't want to take the time he normally needed.

James Potter may have been a natural at transfiguration, but his son's talents lay in a bit more explosive branch of magic. With his left hand just maintaining control of the shield, he raised his wand and twisted it once before bringing it down in a vicious slash.

"Cadens Fulgures!"

The bolt that descended from the sky was loud and crackling, impacting one of the robots and tearing it asunder. The two left were shocked but not terribly damaged, and a pair of Zagens quickly ended the threat they posed. Not lowering the shield, Harry scanned the area, making sure that was the last before he descended into the basin.

Seeing the empty Prothean structure and the signs of heavy equipment, Harry guessed that the beacon must have been moved somewhere. Quickly, he opened a channel to the Normandy's ground teams, praying that his communicator would survive his magic until the end of the mission.

"Nihlus, Alenko, we've got a problem. The beacon's been moved, probably towards the spaceport and that giant ship.

"Understood, I'm bypassing the dig site and moving towards cargo transit station, I'll rendezvous with you there. Nihlus out."

"Our team is moving past the scientists' camp; two survivors, and we've picked up a stray marine. We'll be at the transit station in six minutes. Alenko out."

Harry sighed to himself, and began trekking towards the cargo terminal. Not wanting to waste magic if he could help it, he quickly crested the ridge and took in the sight before him. Several of the robots were around, moving the spikes, and in the distance, he could see the squidship in the direction of the spaceport. The closer he got to that thing, the more foreboding it seemed. At once familiar and malevolent. Tapping his head with his wand, the sensation of an egg cracking over it quickly came as he disillusioned himself and moved towards the terminal.

It proved for naught, however, as the robots soon saw him and began taking cover and firing. One of the rounds grazed his shoulder before he apparated into cover. Poking his head out, he identified the three and quickly launched a nonverbal Ictus at the nearest one before apparating once more to the top of the modular structure. The piercing curse did its job well, impaling the robot's flashlight head and taking it out of the fight. As the remaining two retreated into cover and began scanning for him, Harry readied his magic. They were close together, and moving even closer to cover each others' backs. Almost there…

As soon as they were back to back, Harry incanted, "Métal, rouille et briser!"

The sphere of translucent brown magic appeared around them, and the two robots began rusting away into nothingness. Moments later, all that remained were nonmetallic parts littering the ground, and Harry apparated to the platform, taking cover and scanning the area.

As a Turian walked onto the platform from around the bend near the trains, Harry quickly disillusioned himself once more, and conjured a wall of air that spun around him, masking his heat. Settling in, he waited to see who it was and toggled his comm. "Nihlus, I've got a turian at the cargo terminal, is that you?"

"Not there yet, what do they look like?"

"Grey, no facial tattoos, prosthetic left arm, and a head covering."

"Could it be…hold there, I'm going to see if it is who I think, cover my back and provide support if needed."

Harry watched from cover as another turian appeared from the hillside, racing down from cover to cover. This one was black with white markings, wearing black and red armor. This must be Nihlus, and Harry watched as he sat in cover near the platform for a moment before leaping out and training his rifle on the mystery turian. With his comm open, Harry listened in.

"Saren?! What are you doing here?"

The mystery turian, this Saren, turned and put on clawed hand on Nihlus' shoulder, speaking up, "The Council though you could use a hand on this one."

Nihlus seemed to relax, looking around at the ruined robots around them, "I didn't expect the geth to be here, the situation's bad…"

Saren, behind Nihlus now, silently pulled his pistol out, "Don't worry, I've got it under control," and trained it on Nihlus' head. Harry leaped out of cover, tossing a nonverbal Zagen at the only angle he could. The saw flew forth, severing Saren's prosthetic arm and knocking him aside. Nihlus spun, taking in the pistol before looking for an adversary, and Harry quickly shouted,

"Nihlus! Saren's the threat!"

The black turian spun once more as Saren quickly sprinted towards the cargo train. Harry was about to paralyze him when more of the geth ran out from behind the corner, letting Saren run past them as they opened fire. Nihlus dropped into cover and Harry apparated beside him, taking down the disillusionment as he did so. The turian instantly targeted Harry, but then turned his rifle back towards the geth and began firing. Harry spoke quickly, "Keep their attention and cover me, this'll take a moment!"

With that, Harry began focusing his magic into his wand and started performing the necessary wand movements. Looking out, he took in the eight geth slowly advancing, and in a moment, finished the spell and incanted, "Lancea de Scelesto Terrem!"

The ground beneath the platform suddenly jutted upwards in vicious spires, piercing the metal floor and then the geth themselves. Only two remained, and in their confusion, Nihlus quickly overwhelmed their shields and took them out of the fight. With the battlefield clear, he turned to Harry, "Shepard, how did you…never mind. Later. We've got to stop Saren before he gets to that beacon."

"So you do know him."

At the sound of another fire team approaching, the two dropped into cover, but relaxed as they saw the three humans cresting the hilltop. Taking a moment to wait, Nihlus toggled his comm, "Alenko, we're on the platform, join us, fast!" Facing Harry, he spoke once more, "Yes, Saren was my Spectre mentor. If he's allied with the geth…Spirits! What the hell is he thinking!"

The three humans joined them, and Nihlus quickly barked orders, "We head for the spaceport. The geth are being assisted by a rogue Spectre, be on your guard."

The girl marine, however, raised her rifle up and targeted Nihlus before speaking, her voice at once angry and sad, "And how do we know you're not with him? Your friend just wiped out my whole platoon!"

Alenko's biotics lit up, and he knocked her rifle upwards, shouting, "Williams! Nihlus is an ally! We'll sort out blame later, right now the mission comes first!"

Williams shrank in on herself a bit, and just quietly responded, "Yes, sir."

The squad in order once more, the five of them made their way towards the cargo train. There were more geth waiting to stall them on the train itself, but between the squad's fire and Harry's spellwork, they didn't last long. As they activated the train and settled in, Williams finally got a good look at the squad's strangest member and blanched.

"Mr. Shepard!? What the hell are you doing here? And what the hell was that?"

Harry just smiled at the marine. He hadn't recognized her until she spoke, but now it was patently clear. Ashley Williams was the granddaughter of John Williams, Harry's commander back on Shanxi. He knew she'd been stationed here, thanks to staying in touch with her grandfather, but they hadn't ever fully met. All she knew was that he was the strange man living on the outskirts of the colony who occasionally came into town for supplies. Smiling broadly, Harry spoke up, "I suppose I never properly introduced myself Ashley. Staff Commander Harry Shepard at your service. I served with your granddad on Shanxi. He always did like bragging about his sweet little warrior poet."

The train kept speeding on, but Harry could see the young Williams recoil and blush in confusion and embarrassment. Ah, it was always fun getting a rise out of the kids. As she recovered and began to speak he cut her off, "Answers come later, missions come first."

Ashley just responded on reflex, "Yes, sir!"

As the cargo train slowed down and finally came to a stop, the squad rapidly vacated it. With the platforms above them and only one path up, the train had become a deathtrap, one they didn't want any part of. It was for naught, however, as both Harry and Alenko quickly took in the cylinders blinking on the ground.

The biotic swore and dashed over to it, "Demolition charges! Jenkins, Williams, cover me while I disarm it! Spectre, Commander, there are probably more up top!" Nihlus nodded and sprinted for the stairs, Harry hard on his spurs. Of course, that was when the geth chose to spring their ambush.

Two dozen of the geth in varying sized leaned out over the railing and took aim at the people below. Nihlus just moved faster up the stairs. Alenko threw up a barrier with his mind alone, his hands busy disarming, and both Jenkins and Ashley took cover behind it, leaning out to open and draw fire when they could.

Harry, on the other hand, just twisted in place and apparated up to the upper level. As several of the geth began scanning for the missing victim, Harry hastily conjured a shield to maintain with his left hand as he began spellchaining with his right.

"Zagen! Tonare! Glacialum Sperae! Urto! Ictus! Incendio! Bombarda! Zagen! Tonare!" As the second ball of lightning left his wand, the shield borne by his left hand finally crumbled. With no personal shields like the other squad members, Harry immediately took two rounds to his outstretched left arm, and had to apparate away. From his new position Harry took in the situation while absently paralyzing his arm. His spells had destroyed seven of the geth, including one of the medium sized ones. Nihlus had reached the top and was taking cover on the bridge that spanned the two sides of the platform. The three marines had almost joined him, the demolition charge left abandoned near the train. Thinking of which, from his position atop the spaceport walls, Harry looked around for any further charges.

He quickly spotted two below him on the catwalk, and one on the far side. Another moment's searching yielded a fifth charge tucked near the entrance to the spaceport's landing pad. Hurriedly, he toggled his comm, but the thing just sparked and fizzled, having had its fill of magic. Yanking it out and ignoring the jolt of pain now in his ear, Harry cast a Sonorus, amplifying his voice to an immense volume. He spoke quietly down towards the squad, but even then the sound bellowed forth and echoed about the cargo terminal, "Alenko! Nihlus! There are four more charges! Two dockside and two farside! My comm's out! Nihlus, I'll move to cover you!"

Harry watched as the squad split up, Nihlus moving towards the dockside, Alenko's team moving for the other. It figured Nihlus would take the harder path, as Harry had already damaged or destroyed many of the geth the marines would have faced. Apparating into cover beside Nihlus with a small pop, Harry took in the opposition. There were eight of the human sized ones, three of the medium ones, and one really, really big one with an antennae on its back.

Nihlus had moved over to the demolition charge and was disarming it, so cover was up to Harry. Their tactics having proved ineffective, the geth changed up their plans. As half the human ones all leaned out of cover and began firing, two of the medium ones and the big one all suddenly burst into a charge for Harry's position.

The two medium ones arrived first, and Harry incanted, "Urto! Zagen! Zagen!" The wave of force lifted both off the ground, and the pair of oversized spinning saw blades bisected them in a screech of metal. Meanwhile the big one had passed its fellow robots and was mere feet away.

Too bad for it that those feet were still too far, "Urto! Sanctas Aurum Fulmen!" The wave of upward force lifted it a meter off the ground, but the golden bolt of magic that followed sent it flying back until it hit the wall of the spaceport and remained nailed there, unable to move. The others hadn't stopped firing, however, and Harry's shield was beginning to waver. Ducking into cover, he took a moment to catch his breath. It had been a while since he'd exerted himself this hard for this long.

Just then, Nihlus rolled over to join him, absently tossing a grenade over at the geth, "This charge is disarmed, where's the other?"

"Over near the entrance to the pad, past the wall of killer robots!"

The turian's mandibles twitched, and Harry absently wondered if he was grinning or frowning.

"Can you pop over there and get them to turn around?"

Harry nodded, "One distraction, coming right up." A quick twist had him behind the low wall near the other charge. He didn't dare apparate right on top of it, but a few feet away should be safe enough. Thanking Merlin for numbing charms, Harry quickly prodded the holes in his left arm, scattering some blood onto the platform. Waving his wand, he was further grateful that the spell was deliberately nonverbal in nature, and he hoped that no one would question just what he did.

The Fuego del Sangre was a very grey spell. His spilled blood would ignite and burn at his command, but it never gained the sentience or malevolence that Fiendfyre granted. Still, it was cast silently, and he could remain in cover while controlling it. Finishing his wand motions, Harry brought the wand's tip down to the blood on the floor. The spots of blood lit up in cherry flames, and Harry pulled back into cover, sticking only far enough out to see where he ought to direct it.

Immediately, the flame exploded into being, growing until it towered over the geth. The robots quickly turned and several fired a few rounds, but they all leaped back into cover away from the fire that advanced upon them. Nihlus took advantage, firing at the exposed geth, but the damage he caused was nothing compared to the flames.

The bloodfire surged forward, igniting the air and melting through the metal barriers protecting the geth, and then melting through the geth themselves. When he could no longer see the geth at all, Harry reigned in the fire, forcing it back down until the only thing it burned to nothingness was the blood that spawned it.

The platform was alternately charred black and glowing orange, and Nihlus swiftly rose out of cover, racing along the blackest path he could find until he came to Harry's hiding spot and the charge beside it. As he worked, Harry noted the three marines rejoining them from the far side of the station. Nihlus finished up and turned to face him and the marines, his mandibles twitching once more, "That was…some distraction…"

The marines were far more interesting. Alenko looked tired, and he was frowning and absently rubbing his head. Jenkins and Ashley, on the other hand were looking at Harry with awe and longing. Jenkins was the first to break the silence, "You…you melted them…into puddles of geth goo…"

Ashley was next, "Can you please, please, please show me how to do that?"

Harry just smirked and tapped his nose with his finger, "Answers later, missions first." Silently, he rose to his feet and nodded at Nihlus. Anything further was cut off as a massive groaning noise reverberated across the air. Bright red sparks caught the squad's eyes as they watched the giant ship begin to lift off. As the sound once more sounded out, Harry felt a familiar chill crawl across his spine. Whatever that ship was, it was big, mean, and creepy as hell.

Nihlus on the other hand was swearing and quickly took off in the direction of the landing pad, calling over his shoulder, "If that ship's leaving, it means Saren's gone!" The squad raced through the building and down the path towards the dock. Several geth were stationed nearby, but the charging squad paid them little mind, some attention, and a lot of ordinance.

All too soon, they had cleared the platform, and after the three marines set up a perimeter, Nihlus and Harry approached the glowing green pillar at the edge of the dock. The turian was the first to speak, "Actual working Prothean technology! Incredible….but…why would he leave it here?"

Harry turned to Alenko and spoke, "Call the Normandy, get a shuttle down here for extraction and retrieval of the beacon." The biotic nodded, putting a finger to his ear and speaking towards someone on the other end. Meanwhile, Harry turned back to Nihlus and saw the turian standing near the beacon, examining it.

All of a sudden, the beacon pulsed and began glowing far more brightly, and Nihlus began jerkily sliding towards it. Not knowing what technology was at work and not wanting to make it worse, Harry sprinted as fast as he could, leaping towards Nihlus and grabbing him. Quickly slinging him away from the beacon, Harry attempted to follow but the beacon pulsed once more and then he was being dragged towards it.

Instantly he felt a presence start to attack his mind, and Harry quickly tried to reinforce his Occlumency barriers. They did nothing however, and the invading presence just grew stronger, attacking more forcefully. His eyes started blanking out from the spaceport around him, filling up with images of pain.

Images of death

Images of war, images of aliens, images of torture

Imagesofpainimagesofwarningi magesofplanetsimagesofdeathi magesofmetalimagesoffearimag esofsuffering

The vision kept increasing, showing more and more until it ended, mercifully, on the silhouette of a planet. That image held for but a moment before the beacon exploded, sending Harry crashing to the ground. His brain tried to make sense of everything, but the vision was too much, and Harry blacked out, his head falling to the ground.

Author's Notes: Well, this has been coming for a while. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know what you think! :) Either way, thanks for reading!

Now, two things I want to clear up, as they change over the three games: weapon and armor loadouts. Now, as ME3 is the latest version of "canon" I'm going to be rewriting history and using their weapon system. That means no unlimited ammo, thermal clips from the get go. It also means I'll be using the weapons listed there. Now, not all weapons will be available at the start, some were developed during the Reaper War and others were based on future tech (Quarian energy weapons developed after studying the Geth, for example) So there will be some seen here and in future stories, all will eventually become available.

Similarly, I will be using the ME2/ME3 armor system. The wetsuits exist, but are cheaper and typically used by lesser known or equipped forces. All of the squad will be using their ME2/ME3 suits or similar. Harry will by using something inspired by (of all things) the Jedi from the new Old Republic game. This is because I needed him to have a hardsuit for vacuum combat, but I wanted him to wear battlerobes as befitting a wizard, so I'm blending the two. If you want an image, search Youtube for the "Old Republic Cinematic Trailer," and pick the second one (Sith attack on the Jedi Temple).

EDIT: Okay I'm going to add this here and to the end of the fourth chapter because I'll admit I'm getting tired of replying to this particular brand of review. Yes. Yes, Harry can cast non-verbally. He does so several times in this chapter and the fourth. It happens. Now, it is my opinion, that the reason students are taught to verbally incant is to focus more on the spell, and put more into it. There is no reason why this benefit would go away with age. So when Harry needs absolute control, or to overpower a spell, he'll say the incantation. The reason he did so so often in this chapter, is because he has never faced the geth before. He doesn't know what the hell they are and what works. So while he's still learning, he's going to overpower his spells to be on the safe side.

Harry's Spellbook!

My knowledge of any language but English and to a lesser extent Spanish is non-existent, I'm using Google Translate to come up with these. If anyone knows the proper spelling/grammar/word usage, please! Tell me! :)

Vincules Fulmen [Chain Lightning] – Bolt of lightning lances out from the caster's wand. If it hits a target, it will continue on to another target. The more power in the spell, the greater the number of targets struck, though the power/damage does not increase.

Glacialum Sperae [Glacial Sphere] – A spinning orb of intense cold flies forth in a straight line, emitting smaller blasts of ice along the way. Relatively short range, only 5-10 meters.

Sectumsempra [Severing Curse] – A cutting curse of Snape's design. Effectively layers several cutting curses into a single spell. Causes massive damage to unarmored targets, less effective on inanimate objects, as the spell is not intended for use against inorganic targets.

Sanctas Aurum Fulmen [Sacred Gold Bolt] – A combination piercing and sticking spell developed just after the fall of the Roman Empire, its bright gold color gives it its name. This hex flies forth and impales a target, lifting and carrying them until they impact a larger object. At that point, it changes, becoming a sticking charm that affixes the target to the object before dispersing. Used ironically to crucify Christian witch-hunters.

Métal, rouille et briser! [Metal, rust and break!] – Old French area of effect spell, causes all metal within a 2-3 meter sphere to simply rust away and fall apart. Causes no damage to non-metallic targets. Will only cause damage but not destruction when cast without a full incantation.

Lancea de Scelesto Terrem [Lance of the Villainous Land] – A Roman spell meant to disrupt enemy formations. Upon casting it, the ground beneath the target erupts in spiked lances. Takes a large amount of power to perform, requires that the caster know where the enemy is, and that the target have actual earth under their feet.

Cadens Fulgures [Falling Lightning] – Roman spell to call a bolt of lightning down upon a target. Increasing the power put into it increases the size and strength of the bolt, but the spell relies on the vocal intonation. Nonverbal versions will just cause the sky above to be a bit more electrically charged.

Fuego del Sangre [Fire of the Blood] – A Spanish spell perfected by the conquistadors, this charm animates blood spilled by the caster, igniting it and granting them control over it. While not as powerful or blatantly dark as Fiendfyre, the use of blood forces a very grey classification upon it. Inspired by jbern's Bungle in the Jungle.

Bombarda [Blasting Curse] – One of Harry's standard offensive spells: this curse flies forth and explodes on contact. The power put into the spell dictates the size of the explosion, but there is a limit to how much power the spell can take before it begins to break down…catastrophically.

Urto [Impact] – One of Harry's standard offensive spells: An Italian spell that generates a wave of force. Effectively short range, but easy to use. As more power is put into it, the wave becomes larger, and there is no upper limit. However, the cost of casting it increases dramatically, making it worth less and less as the size increases.

Zagen [Sawing] – One of Harry's standard offensive spells: A Dutch spell adapted for combat, this charm summons a floating serrated disc that moves at the behest of the caster. It can saw through most objects, and while it takes little energy to maintain, actually cutting things with it takes more energy depending on the toughness of the object. EDIT: Someone (a guest, so I can't thank them properly) left a review stating that 'zagen' meant 'sawing' and 'zaag' meant 'saw.' Given the similarities, and I'll admit my own bias in believing that 'zagen' will flow better in a story written in English, I'm going to alter the spell's translation, rather than alter the spell's incantation. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention!

Ictus [Thrust/Pierce] – One of Harry's standard offensive spells: this curse flies incredibly fast, piercing through whatever it hits. Its effectiveness lessens as the density of the target increases. The spell will continue as long as it has power, so the caster must be wary of unintentional damage.