Okay, hello everyone. First off, thank you everyone who stuck around and kept this on your watch lists. It's been quite a while since I worked on this story. While I never fully abandoned it, the muse effectively died due to real life issues and my time spent on it became sporadic, followed by effectively none. Here's where the good news comes in. The muse has reawakened, albeit in a slightly different form. To clarify: I am right now working on a complete rewrite and continuation. So, in the next few weeks, expect an update to the story. The first chapters of my original that are already out will be replaced pretty quickly, and I will simply be changing the text of the chapters already uploaded to the new version. To differentiate, all new versions will have a big, bold "REVISED VERSION" right at the top of each chapter.

A tiny bit of explanation: apart from real life issues, the story itself had begun to spin out of control on a worldbuilding sense. I had a solid idea of what I wanted to do, but it conflicted with what was happening, and I remained too closely locked to the original Mass Effect dialogue. That will no longer be the case. Some things will be familiar, but others will be brand new.

I also know that a few of the decisions I had characters make seemed quite out of character. I think the planetary destruction threat was at the top. Some of those don't fit in any more, and thus will be gone. Others may seem out of character, but do actually fit into how I am crafting this world. Suffice it to say, when I write, I try to have everything in the story have purpose, even if that purpose is not clear at the moment.

So thank you. Thanks for waiting, I know well the sadness of a story being abandoned. Thank you for your thoughts on the story, they've helped me craft it better. And for those of you who expressed your well wishes, thank you in particular. They were greatly appreciated.

Lastly, please stay patient just a bit longer. I have not given up on this.