Destiny walked through the lawn, as a shortcut, but she knew it wouldn't help she , still be late to 1st period. She quickly got to her locker and opened it, almost passing the eight in her combination. She tossed the English book to the other side of the locker and grabbed her History book. Then she tossed the note that had dropped to the floor on the book and jogged to 1st period. She walked in, five seconds before the tardy bell rang.

While the teacher, Mr. Whats his name, gave the lecture over the importence of The Declaration of Independence Destiny thought about the note that was in her locker, the note had read: Come to homcoming with me? Tyler. She was't sure wether she should go or not.

She hadn't been anywhere with a guy since she lost Mark. Mark was her boyfriend, the only one who truly understood her. He just unpredictably moved with no explaination. Destiny knew she was really messed up, she knew she needed a therapist. It had only been a month since he moved away. She really really wanted to go too homecoming with Tyler, but she knew she couldn't face him or any body on homecoming night, at least as a date.

After third period Destiny skipped class the rest of the day. No teacher could really tell her what to do considering that she had an A in every class. Her mom died about six months ago. Her father was the best judge in the state of Tennessee. She could do about anything she wanted too.

At exactly 4:30 p.m. she walked into Dr. Leopards office. She was the doctor she had had since her mom gave birth to her. The office really hadnt't changed much in the last two years. When she turned sixteen she had come in for a check up and left by finding out she had anerxia.

"Hey," Dr. Leo, that was her nick name for her, said, " How is it going? How are you?"

They were walking though the hallways, she waited until they got in the room to say,"It has been alright. Latley I haven't been feeling very good, I am kind of dizzy and quiet spacey."

gave a short little laugh, for no apparent reason, while filpping her dark brown hair too the other side, " Your smart tell me what you think is wrong, okay we won't make the sick girl work. Any other diffrences, symptomns of any kind?"

Destiny was scared to say what she wanted. She could say that had been eating a lot. Or that she had all the other symptoms on the brochue that was located in her school consulers room. Of course she was smart enough too know that the signs led up too pregnancy, without a piece of paper telling her, but she didn't want too face the facts. She mumbled," I have been using the bathroom quiet frequently. There are a few others that arn't very important."

said," Well I have therioes, but lets take a blood sample," she got a syringe out and said," stand."

Destiny quickly stood, but it was too fast and stumbled forward,"Oh, sorry," she mumbled.

" It's okay," Dr. Leo put the syringe in her arm and said," don't look."

" I am really sorry, that happens alot," Destiny murmured.

" It is fine Destiny. I am done." She took the syringe, full of blood, out of her arm and then put a band-aid on the spot," I think you know exactly what these results may be, I can see that look in your eyes, and I am here if you want to talk about anything, even school. I was best friends with your mom and you know that."

Destiny said, " I know, um, what do I do next, oh I know, urainary test, how fun," at least she still had sarcasm.

" Here," handed her the cup.

She went out and down the hall silently. Could I really be pregnant, she thought. She had always used protection, Mark had too. Well except that one time the night before he left, but could she be pregnant.

When she was done she and walked back to the door," Anything else," she handed her the cup with just her head in the door.

" No, but thanks Destiny," sounded very concerned.

" Bye," Destiny said.

Chapter 1

" Crap," she whispered, sounding just like her mother had, " Where the heck is the freaking number?"

" What freaking number?" her Dad, Ross, said walking thorugh the front door.

" Just Joe's, a guy from school, we have to do a Chemistry project togather," actaully she was looking for Marks number but her Dad didn't need to know that.

"Okay, sorry I was late again, meetings all the time. Have you ate?"

"Yep. Well I better get to homework, love ya," she hollered already climbing the stairs.

It had been a week since her doctor visit she would be getting a call from them soon, but she didn't think she was going to have a kid anymore than she thought unicorins were real.

It was only seven o'clock when the phone rang and she grabbed not even looking at the caller id, a familar voice said, "Hey, Des."

"Emily, what are you doing?"

"Who cares, I heard about the note, you have to go with Tyler on Friday," she rambled on about why and that it would be good for me.

"Don't mean to burst your bubble, but it can't happen I have plans with my Dad."

"Have plans with your Dad, are you crazy, the only time you time speak is to say hi and bye to each other."

Emily had a point, she really just didn't feel up to it, and was using lies to cover up the truth, Em seemed to know what was wrong, "He was your first boyfriend my gosh, Des, you really gotta get over it, he's a guy, not the entire world."

It felt like it though, he had been her entire world, they had been through all the stages, friends, puberty, the talk, the honeymoon stage, the fighting stage. They had always come out of it like champs, he was her good luck charm. This time they couldn't come out of whatever stage this was because their was no "them". Silent tears were streaming down her cheeks, this is what just thinking about that brown hair, brown eye football star did too her. She let her flip phone slide shut silently.

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