It seemed to take forever for those first two months to come around, but eventually they did. I wasn't as sick anymore and didn't have to pee every hour. Everything was fine. Today I planned to go shopping with Marks mother becuase none of my jeans fit anymore.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in forever," Audrey said opening the passenger side of my Mustang.

"I know," I smiled and took a deep breath. I'm still not sure I am ready to let her know I were size 7 jeans and probably 9, but its too late. I feel more insucure than ever today. After I had told Mark about how horrible I felt he had secretly made me an appointment for the doctor. She had told me all the negitave affects it could have on the baby and I love the baby so I am trying to do my best. It could cause premature labor, and thing along those sorts, she also said it might cause problems with the birth part. The stress of thinking I am overweight has many affect on pregnancy, and many more. After hearing that I could endanger my baby's health I have been trying my best. I think I have almost accepted the fact that you can help but gain weight, and Mark tries to help in every way possible. I am past first trimester(I am 14 weeks) and barely showing. Mark told Audrey a while ago but unless I say something she doesn't really bring it up.

"So," she interrupted my thoughts, "Where to."

"Um I don't know how about the mall, I don't want to have to walk that far how about the center with Old Navy and that pregnancy store place."

She lightly laughed, "Okay."

We got out of the car and went inside old navy. She began helping me pick out comfortable yet still stylish enough clothes to wear to school. Most of the ones she picked were not black but I was okay with that, I needed a change. She picked almost everything in the right size and didn't comment on any of the sizes, which were 8 and 9's and M and L, she did comment on how cute this or that looked. In the end I got 5 pairs of jeans and 4 of the streachy yoga pants, one size bigger than I needed so they would fit longer. I got 5 strechable shirt and then 5 cute shirts. Then I bought Audrey an outfit which she insitsed she didn't want but I had to get it for her. The total was $220 which Audrey about gasped at but I just swiped my Moms Old Navy card which I had got renewed in my Dads name.

Then we went over to the maternity store at one point I complained about how big these clothes looked and she said that it was completely normal, most pregnant women got that big, but by then the baby would be kicking. I noticed the stores clothes all had ruffles on them and were girl, they didn't have any black clothing, at all. We only spent $80 in there.

"Ready to go home," She asked. I was going to say yes but I realized my stomach had been growling, I would have usually ignored it but I was trying to be good.

"First can we stop at Sonic, do you want anything."

"Yeah sure I'll take the cheesecake bites and a water."

And I would have the tater tots and a sprite, what is that too much to eat? Too little? I took a deep breath and thought back to what the doctor had said, "It might be hard but when you are hungry eat something. You can start out small get an apple, or appetizer, maybe french fries, But remember the amount of sodium in them." Okay switch the tater tots to an apple.

Once ordered we headed home and Audrey wanted to help me take everything in. I noticed she had never been in my house before. There wasn't a lot to miss it was a normal old dull house. Dad had took all of Mom creativity out of it when she died. Mark promised me we could go shopping for decoration and something to give it color. I told him he still needed to get some of those boxes from the attic and that he should get the decorations she had while up there. That is why I shouldn't have been surprised when we opened the door to find 9 or 10 boxes in the hallway.

"Uh Mark whats going on?" I asked as I pointed to Audrey to to the place she could set the bags.

"Well," He said walking out of the kitchen with a Dr. Pepper in hand," You wanted those boxes out of the attic, these four say maternity and those five say decoration. There are some up there that say Pictures, want them?"

"Uh, sure, but you can do it later."

"Here," He said gently pushing the boxes toward the wall with one foot.

"This is your house, it is very nice."

"Thanks," I said.

"So this is where Mark sleeps," She motioned toward the couch.

"Yeah," I said and then added, "If I wake from my nightmares and he goes and fixes my something to drink then I usually fall asleep here and he either sleeps on the other couch or he carries me upstairs."

She nodded.

"Where will the baby sleep?" She asked.

"We haven't really been doing much with the room except clearing it. She will sleep in the room upstairs right across the hall for me, in my Moms old office. Once she gets older we might move her down stairs to the guest bedroom, because if she can walk then we don't want her going down the stairs without one of us with her of course," I smiling shyly for no reason and felt my cheeks get hot of course she knew we would let her go down the stairs without one of us she could fall.

Audrey nodded again this time she said, "Whats the blush for?"

I shook my head and looked at the ground when we heard the crash and a series of cuss words from Mark. We both went into the hall way to find him on the ground. "There is the boxes," He whimpered.

"My goodness are you okay," I chuckled silently.

"I think," He grunted as I gently help him up.

"Sweetie the ladder is too help you," I said and he rolled hid eyes.

"Well duh," He laughed.

"Why don't you take a break and do home work," I suggested.

"Good idea."

I began putting the ladder back up, it was the kind that fold up and then it sits on top of the square place.

Much later after I took Audrey home finished my homework and ate a small meal then had some more because I was still hungry, I didn't really even think much about getting the seconds, Dad came home.

"Hey perfect little girl," He kissed me on the nose, he had also been doing that more often.

The phone rang and I picked it up, "Hello."

"Hey girl, we need to talk, " Emily said dead seriously, and Emily is never serious.