Tragic Revenge


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Sunset falls on Kinkan town.

Two lovers sit underneath a tree by a lake where they have both had so many memories. Tears of pain and sorrow have fallen as have tears of triumph and success They had both been so tired from collecting the heart shards of the white prince, now they had this moment. This time of peace.

Ahiru lifted her ocean blue eyes to look at her knight. He felt her gaze and glanced down half smiling as she turned away, blushing. He hugged her tighter making her feel the solidity of Fakir's body against the slow blossoming of her own.

She quacked in surprise at the closeness. He chuckled and she could feel her face growing even warmer. She smiled and nuzzled his chest loving this moment more than anything.

"My my, this is no good at all." said a deep grumbling voice "This is not what I had in visioned when I created this story..."

A grin slid across his wrinkled face "Then let's change things for the better... ho ho ho... or shall I say the worst?"

Suddenly, the happiness within Kinkan town disrupts and clouds cover the rainbow colored twilight sky. Fakir instantly straightens, sensing the danger and he grabs his sword. Ahiru shutters at the sudden chill in the air.

"Fakir... " she starts fear dripping in her words.

Fakir reaches for her hand and intwines their fingers together giving her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry" he says "I'm right here."

They race back into the heart of the town where the Fire Festival was once held and the place where the monster raven had once taken over the hearts and minds of the people.

Ahiru shivered again feeling the evil within the town grow with each passing moment. The clouds darkened even more, sending crashes of thunder and bolts of lightening across the sky.

Fakir's hand was slipping from Ahiru's and she started to shout to him to tell him to slow down, but at the moment she felt something very painful growing from in between her shoulder blades.

She let go of Fakir's hand and wrapped her hands around her thin frame. She cried out in pain as something ripped out from her back. Fakir turned and stared in horror as he saw her change. Black wings sprouted from her back glistening with dark blood.

"F-fakir.." she said weakly " H-hel-" she cried out again as the pain now sliced through her arms and legs she collapsed into the street.

"Ahiru!" he shouted, racing back toward her. She twitched and shuttered as more and more feathers grew from her body.

As he neared her several more birds flew at him blocking him from Ahiru. He raised his sword slashing away at them but they continued to peck and scratch at him. "Ahiru! " he called pushing through the mass of birds.

Suddenly the birds dissappered, leaving the knight in wonder for a short time. then more birds gathered cawing all on one beat ominously.

"Krahe! Krahe!" they screeched. Fakir spun around looking for Krahe wondering why she would have returned to Kinkan town.

But the red eyed ballet dancer was no where to be seen. The crows became louder and louder. driving the knight to his knees. Why? he thought. What was happe-? In one instant, the crowing ceased. No a sound was to be heard besides the occasional flutter of wings.

Two humanoid crows swooped in and held Fakir down inabling him to escape. He struggled against them, screaming Ahiru's name.

There was a slow violin playing within the eerie silence of the town. it was so sad... Fakir thought... Deep with dispare..

The plie of slickened feathers that had once been a beautiful girl had lifted itself up staggering as it reached its full towering height. It had become exactly like the birds that held Fakir down. Only this bird stood as a dancer would tall and graceful.

And this bird had clear blue eyes.

"Ahiru...?" Fakir whispered in a fearful awe.

"F-fakir..." the creature croaked. "Faakiiiirrr..."

"Ahiru.." the knight shivered as a tear slipped from his eye. His dear little duck... changed into this?

Ahiru raised her arms above her head, twirled her hands twice and stretched out a hand.

"Daaaance with me." the bird thing said with despair in her voice. Fakir turned his head trying not to let his tears show. This cant be his Ahiru..!

The raven Ahiru pulled back her hand and began dancing the paus de deux by herself her misery pulling on her movements.

"I am no longer me..." her movements seemed to say with sadness. "Not even Fakir my... my love knows me anymore..."

She covered her face which now consisted of a beak and black feathers. "I am hideous and unworthy of any love." Her voice hitched with anguish. Her sobs were broken as she pushed out the words. "If I cannot have my love then whats the point of having a heart..?" Her eyes flickered from blue to a dark red to a piercing black.

Fakir's head shot straight up at her words. "This is not you Ahiru! You know why it is worth it to have a heart..."

Ahiru's eyes changed to the stunning blue that Fakir had grown to love.

"You remember how happy it made Mytho when you brought his heart back to him? Don't you realize you saved not only him and Rue but the whole town from falling into the hands of the Raven?

The Ahiru-raven looked at Fakir in the eyes. She saw the faint glow of his hope but she could see how much fear was clouding his eyes. Not only that, but his body was trembling too.

"Is... is that why you fear? Why you tremble?"

Fakir took in a soft gasp. Ahiru's eyes darkened becoming a deep bloody red.

Ahiru took Fakir's sword that lay on the ground a distance way from him. She turned towards him and said with a tear in her raven like eyes "Y-You broke your promise."

Ahiru took the hilt of the sword guiding the slivery tip towards her chest and shoved it deep inside of her heart.


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