Tragic Revenge

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*duel begins*

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Now if you'll excuse me... someone has to break them up... -_-"

Fakir jolted awake.

He sat up in his bed, his sheets wrapped up against him, sticking to his bare sweaty chest like a python. He struggled against the material, breathing harshly. He looked around the room letting his eyes adjust to the darkness.

He saw his desk, next his closet, and finally the foot of his bed lay where the empty wicker basket-


" Ahiru?" Fakir gasped.

Fakir crawled across his bed to get a better look. he lifted up the small thick wool blanket slowly.

the little bird was gone.

"Ahiru?" Fakir calles louder, panic, a type of fear that normally a knight like him would hardly feel, setting in his voice. Karon, his stepfather, pulls open his oor in a rush. "FAKIR, IT IS TWO IN THE MORNING. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Fakir didn't acknowledge the man as he tore down the steps shouting the little duck's name. 'It was just a dream right?' he thought frantically. 'Just a dream! So where...? Where is sh-'

"Quaaa...?" a small voice called from behind him on the stairs.

Fakir froze. He almost didn't want to turn around. If she wasn't there... if she wasn't...

Reluctantly, he turned and his heart soared though his chest when he saw the little yellow bird there on the steps. She was rubbing her eye with her right-wing. She looked so adorable...

Wait. No. Don't think about that. Your mad at her.

Fakir glared at the little bird and she shivered underneath his gaze. He scooped up the duck and walked back to his room while apologizing to his stepfather for disturbing him. He placed the little bird on his bed and he intensified his glare.

"Why didn't you answer me when I called for you?"

Ahiru looked up at Fakir with a pout only a duck could do. "Quack quack qua!" 'I was asleep in your bed!' "QUAA QUACK QUACK!' "IT WAS A NICE DREAM TOO!'

Fakir sighed collapsing unto the bed. He covered his head with an arm. Why did I think I would be able to understand her?

"Moron." he murmured more to himself than Ahiru.

Ahiru waddled up to Fakir and but a wing on his arm, a concerned look in her big blue eyes.

He chuckled softly to himself picking up Ahiru and cuddling her to his chest. She blushed in a way a duck knew how.

Fakir pulled up the blankets and released Ahiru allowing her to return to her make shift bed. He curled up and murmured softly to his little duck.

"Goodnight Ahiru."

The little duck smiled and snuggled back into her own blankets a smile on her face. She returned to her dream of a beautiful salmon haired prima ballerina, and a forest green-eyed prince...

"Ho ho ho ho..." a dark voice chuckled. The room he sat in was dark and foggy, and full of strange turning gears.

"Simply divine! It's progressing so wonderfully!"

Gears clicked and dislodged, forming an image of Fakir on their spinning faces. "Oh dear knight... is your beloved duckling in danger? Or is it all an illusion?"

A gear slipped next to Fakir's showing little Ahiru slumbering in her basket. " And you little Duck... do you know what awaits for you?"

He laughed evilly flicking, his hands toward the image of Ahiru, causing the duck in the image to flinch. She groaned with in her sleep, her own dream darkening.

"Quaaack..." she cried convulsing in her bed.

"Now the fun really begins..."

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