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December 14, 1970

A boy exited the theater followed by his parents; he had picked up a stick from the ground and started to pretend that he was the masked hero Zorro. "Bruce, please be careful," said the boy's mother,

"Stop pestering him Martha, he's fine," said Bruce's father. Bruce and his parents walked down a mysterious alleyway.

"Thomas, do you know where you're going?" asked Martha and Thomas replied by saying,

"Don't worry this is a short cut" so they continued down the alley when two men appeared form the shadows. Bruce noticed one was holding a gun so he hid behind his father. "What do you want?" asked Thomas,

"Your money and jewelry, all of it" replied the man with the gun. Bruce's father reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He handed it to the man, then he handed the same man his watch. "Here take it, just don't hurt us" said his father. The man without the gun looked at Bruce's mother and said,

"The necklace too, come on", Bruce's mother shakily reached up and undid the clasp on her necklace. Before she could hand it off the man with the gun pulled the trigger then both Bruce and his mother watched in horror as Thomas fell to the ground. The man then pointed his gun and shot Bruce's mother killing her. The man without the gun turns to run but stops and yells to his partner, "Joey, C'mon". Joey turns and runs off with the other man. The thing Bruce didn't realize was that police sirens could be heard. Bruce fell to his knees besides his father.

"Dad, I'm…. I'm sorry if I…" was all Bruce could say before his father put his hand on Bruce's knee then he said,

"None of this is your fault" Bruce watched as his father then reached down and pulled a card out of his front pocket. Bruce's father handed him the card and he took it. While looking at it, he heard his father say, "It's a list of things you must complete before your eighteenth birthday" that was the last thing Bruce's father said to him before he passed away.

Bruce continued to look at the card; a hand touched his shoulder bringing back to reality. When he looked up, he saw the face of a man with an orange-reddish hair and mustache to match. The man led Bruce to a parked Gotham PD car. "My name is Detective James Gordon," said the man, when Bruce didn't give a response he took off towards GCPD headquarters.

When they arrived at GCPD building, Bruce saw that Alfred was already there waiting for him. "Before I turn you over to your friend, can you describe the man who shot your parents?" asked Gordon. Bruce looked up at the detective and then said,

"His nose was pointy, his hair was messy looking, looking like he hasn't showered in days" when Bruce was done talking he watched Gordon who nodded his head. Bruce opened the car door, after jumping out he ran over to Alfred and gave his butler a hug then he began to cry.

November 22, 1975- Five Years Later

A thirteen-year-old Bruce Wayne stood next to his bed, he was packing a bag with one change of clothes and anything else he would need. "So you're seriously running away?" came voice from behind Bruce. The teenager turned to see his best friend of thirteen years Jason Blade in the door way slouched against the doorframe. Bruce turned back to his bag and then after placing the last item inside he zipped up the bag. "Hello, earth to bat boy" said Jason sarcastically, Bruce turned sharply to face him.

"For your information, I do have to leave and you know better than to tease me about that Jason, the boy who still sleeps with a stuffed animal" replied Bruce, he watched as his friend gave a sharp deep glare. "I have to leave cause it's on the list my father gave me before he died, I have to complete my list before my eighteenth birthday" he added.

"Let me see this so called list," replied Jason, Bruce groaned then handed his friend the list that was on his bedside table. He watched as Jason went over the list. "So you've already completed four of the items on this list but why do you need to leave Gotham?" he asked when he was done reading the list. Bruce rolled his eyes then said,

"Number five, I must train in five different types of martial arts and the best instructors are in the Middle East",

Jason raised an eyebrow then said; "Let me help you then, I can get you out of the country unseen" Bruce smiled then said,

"I have I ever told that your too smart for you own good?" this time it was Jason who smiled then the two friends made their way downstairs for turkey dinner. Since Bruce's parents were no longer around Jason, his sister Hayley and their parents would come over and celebrate the holidays with Bruce and Alfred. Jason's father Henry carved the turkey then everyone filled their plates with turkey, cheesy potatoes, stuffing, and any other food item they could fit on their plate.

"So Bruce, how's school going? I would ask Jason but he just tells me that everything is fine," said Jason and Hayley's father Henry. Bruce was silent for a minute then he said,

"Everything is great Mr. Blade" Bruce went to take a bite of his turkey but stopped when he felt Hayley's eyes on him so he says, "Nothing I can help you with Hay?" Bruce watched as the girl shook her head. When dinner was over Bruce and Jason slipped out of the kitchen and back to Bruce's bedroom. He grabbed his bag while Jason opened the window; the two teens climbed out though the window then down to the grounds. The boys ran out though the gate taking their bikes and rode into town.

They kept riding until they came to a stop at the docks, "Are you sure about this Bruce?" asked Jason, Bruce takes a deep breath then he says,

"I have to, if I don't and if I ever see that man who shot my parents…. I might kill him" Bruce suddenly felt a blow to his chin knocking off his bike. He looked up to see Jason standing over him. "What was that for?" asked a surprised Bruce to which Jason replied by saying,

"Are you stupid? Revenge wouldn't solve anything, now go and finish that list" Bruce stood and looked at his friend. He knew Jason meant well when he punched him; he nodded his head then took off running towards the boat. Sneaking on when the man at the entrance wasn't paying attention to the people who where getting on. "Good luck Bruce and come back home," said Jason as the boat sailed away.

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