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Bruce sat in the principal's office at Gotham High; the door opened and in walked the principal. "Well Mr. Wayne, everything seems to be in order, you passed every test and now you are able to join the senior class but can I ask… why this school and not a private school?" said the principal.

"Well Ms. Mallory, I thought I'd attend a school where I actually know some of the student where as if I went to some boring private school where I don't know anyone" Bruce replied with a stern look on his face. He watched as Ms. Mallory smiled then handed him his class schedule, Bruce thanked her then walked out into the hallway. The first person he saw was Zatanna who was waiting for him, he smiled and held up his schedule so she made her way over. Before he could say a word, she took his schedule and matched it up to hers. Bruce looked over her shoulder and saw that they had every class except one together.

Zatanna gave him his class list back then before walking away to meet up with some friends she gave him a peck on his cheek. "Damn Bruce, first day at school and you already have a girl" came a voice Bruce knew well. He turned to see a smiling Ethan Bennett.

"It's not like that Ethan, we're just friends" replied Bruce who then said, "Wait…. What are you doing here?" I thought you were in the police academy?"

"Ah man, they found out that I didn't graduate from high school yet but when I do… they said that I could come back and not lose anything," replied Ethan. The two friends walked into their first class, which was Chemistry, "Ah, man… I hate chemistry," whined Ethan as he took his seat in the back.

"You only hate chemistry cause it's the science and has nothing to do with girls," replied Bruce who took the seat in front of his friend. Bruce looked to the door; Zatanna walked into the room and took the seat on the right on him. The teacher walked in and the class started, Bruce leaned back in his chair as the teacher talked about the lesson plan for the quarter then they were broken up into groups. Bruce walked over and sat next to his lab partner, she had auburn hair and green eyes. "Hi, my name is Bruce" he said with a smile. The girl turned to face him and she said,

"Hello, my name is Andrea Beaumont" the last name seemed familiar to Bruce somehow but he couldn't place it so he shrugged it off. Bruce and Andrea began to work on their project when he turned to her and said,

"I know we just met but how would you like to go out on a date with me?" Bruce waited for her to respond but all she did was smile then turned to face the front. Bruce leaned over to his right where Zatanna was sitting with her lab partner, which happened to be Ethan. "Zana…. I have a question," he whispered to her.

"What?" she whispered back, he goes to say something but stops when he sees the teacher staring at him. The bell rings dismissing everyone. Bruce picks up his book but stops when a piece of paper falls out of it.

I would be happy to go out with you, pick me up at eight


Bruce smiled then tucked the note in his back left pocket; he walked out of the classroom and went straight to his locker then placed his book inside. He closed it then walked to his next class, which was philosophy. Bruce took the first seat in the back; the door opened and in walked a man with brown shaggy hair. He wore glasses that sat on the brink of his nose, the bell rang and the rest of the class entered the room. "Good morning class, my name is Edward Nigma but you may only call me Mr. Nigma or Mr. N," said the man. Mr. Nigma walked around and passed out his syllabus. "Does anyone know the meaning of the word Philosophy?" he asked. No one raised his or her hand until Bruce raised his. "Ah yes Mr.… Wayne, what do you think the answer is?" asked Mr. Nigma.

"There is no right answer cause that question is a philosophical question itself," replied Bruce. The room went quite waiting fro Mr. Nigma to respond and when he did, he said,

"Finally, after all my years of teaching, someone finally gets it!" Bruce looked at his classmates and saw that somewhere giving him the death glare while others looked at him with smiles. The rest of the class time went by fast; Bruce looked at his schedule and noticed that he had one class before lunch. Bruce turned the corner but stopped when he saw Ethan talking to Zatanna. He watched as Zatanna walked away and Ethan was making his way towards Bruce.

"Hey Bruce, how was Mr. N's class?" he asked,

"It was fine despite that some of the class hates me, say what you and Zatanna talking about?" replied Bruce and Ethan responded by saying,

"Oh that… Well I just asked her out, I mean that's okay right? I mean it's not like you two are together" Bruce rolled eyes cause he saw sick of Ethan bring that up so he said,

"For the last time, its' not like that… anyways just promise me that you'll take care of her cause if you don't then I'll hunt you down and make sure you never graduate" said Bruce with a smile. He watched as Ethan just stared at him with a scared expression then he said,

"You know what Bruce…. Sometimes you scare me," Bruce's smile gets bigger then he says,

"I'll see you at lunch Ethan" he then walked past his friend and made his way to his next class, which was History. Bruce walked down the hall then entered the room and took the desk in-between Zatanna and Vicki. "Hey guys," he said,

"Hey Bruce" they replied at the same time, Bruce chuckled then the teacher Mr. Maximillian Zeus, who stopped when he saw Bruce. Bruce stares back at him then watches as Maximillian takes his spot in front of the class. Everyone except Bruce, Vickie and Zatanna were talking so in order to get their attention Mr. Zeus dropped a textbook on the desk of the student in front of him. Everyone quickly turned his or her attention to the front.

"Ah, now that I have your attention we can begin, History is a great… No the greatest aspect of humanity and that's what I plan on teaching you this quarter now if you feel like this is just a waste of your time then I can tell you right now that you are free to leave because I refuse to waste my time teaching anyone who feels that history is nothing but a piece of shit" said Mr. Zeus. No body moved from their seats, which brought a smile to his face so he continued. "Before I even begin talking about anything historical…. I'm going to give you a test to see if you actually know anything about our nation's history".

Later That Day

Bruce and Zatanna walked though the front door of Wayne Manor, "So wait, just because you answered a question correctly, they gave you the death glare?" asked a surprised Zatanna. Bruce nodded with a smile on his face, the two teens walked into the dinning area where they saw a tray of cookies waiting for them. "Cookies…. Okay its official, Alfred is the best ever," said excited Zatanna. Bruce shook his head then took a seat across from her.

"What did you think of Mr. Zeus' class?" he asked as he took his books out of his bag and placed them on the table in front of him.

"I thought he was a little harsh to those who scored low on the test" she replied before taking a bite out her cookie. "So Bruce, I hear you have a date with Andrea" said Zatanna. The question made Bruce choke on his cookie.

"How the hell did you hear about that?" he asked, she rolled her eyes then said,

"Bruce, I'm not stupid…. I have ears and I saw the note" Bruce's eye's lit up then he said,

"How? Its still in my pocket?" he quickly reached into his pocket and found out that the note was still there. He looked up and saw the look on her face, he had been caught red handed. "How…. how did you do that?" he asked still having a shocked expression on his face. Zatanna let out a smile laugh then said,

"A magician never reveals her secrets"

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