Hey Guys!

Here's the surprise I promise you guys!

I've decided to actually make a story...not my usual one-shot stories but, actually a story story with more than one chapter!

I've really wanted someone to do this idea since it is, from my Brakayla Ideas For Adoption but, nobody adopted it so, why not take a shot at it?

Summary: Kayla is Brady and Mikayla's 17 year-old daughter from the future who decides to use a time machine watch and travels back in time to see her parents as teens, before brakayla actually started...What will happen if she strains brakayla's relationship from happening? Will she restore her family before it's too late or will she disappear from existence?

How I'm going to write it is that I'm starting all the way from the beginning basically Day 1 of when Brady and Boomer first came to the island and well...do each chapter based on each episode...with a touch of my epic twists and turns...soo this might be a LONG story...Here's a sneak peek part of chapter one:

Kayla's POV:

I looked down at my time machine watch to see the date: September 10, 2010. Hmm, something about this date is awfully familiar. I grabbed my mom's diary from my back pocket and flipped the pages to where it says the same date. It says, Today is the day tha-. Before I finished the sentence, two very familiar teenage guys walked in.

One guy was has dark-skin, black hair, with a blue and navy stripe shirt, and some dark blue shorts. I swear, I know the other guy somehow, pale skin, raven black hair, and chocolate-brown eyes. How do I know these people?

When they were walking down the aisle being greeted and receiving gifts from the servants, it suddenly hit me like a brick to the face. I know who they are!

" Dad?" I said in realization. Everybody turned around to face me with bewildered faces and with Grandpa Mason somehow behind me and pressed a machete on my throat.

As my dad would always say,

Oh my.

Well, there's your sneak peek for you guys!

I really want to know if you guys want me to continue with this story or not.

If I do continue, it'll probably be like days between each chapter due, to me doing my other works...I can fit this story in my works schedule...it's just it won't be updated like everyday...

I'm actually going to have some fun with this story with Kayla doing adventures with her parents lol...

Anyways, review and tell me if I should continue this or not...

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