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Previously on The Way We Almost Weren't:

I know who they are!

" Dad?" I said in realization. Everybody turned around to face me with bewildered faces and with Grandpa Mason somehow behind me and pressed a machete on my throat.

As my dad would always say,

Oh my.

Chapter Two: Not So Perfect First Impression

Kayla's POV:

While being practically held hostage by Grandpa Mason, he growled,"State your name and your being here."

"I'm-m-m Ka-Kayla." I managed to stammer out.

"I'll give you twenty seconds to state your business here and why I shouldn't turn you into cubes." Grandpa Mason sternly said while letting me go and is now standing in front of me, with his sharp machete pointed at me, just great...By this time, everyone just went back to what they were doing with my dad and uncle turning their backs and started chatting with the royal servants.

I started rubbing my neck very awkwardly and managed to say,"Well, um Gra- sir, I'm um how can I explain this? I'm Mikayla's d-" before being interrupted by a very familiar face.

"She's Mikayla's dolphin riding buddy, right?" Mo- I mean, Mikayla finished for me while walking into the room, not noticing the twin kings.

"That's right! Yup, Mo-Mikayla and I go riding on dolphins together, can't go swimming by yourself, right?" I played along while nudging Mason. Dang, this is going to take a while getting used to calling Mom, Mikayla, same with dad and the others.

Mason placed his machete back into his machete holder and looked at Mikayla with an apologetic look. "I'm so sorry baby girl, I didn't know you were having a friend over, I mean it've been years." Mason said while attempting to whisper the last part which, was very unsuccessful.

"Well, even I didn't know I was having a friend over." Mikayla said while arching an eyebrow at me. Oh no, not the eyebrow look! I swear if looks can actually kill, dad and I would've literally been dead already! I shielded my eyes since, that look always for some reason, make people tell the truth. I can't blow my cover already!

"Why are you covering your eyes?" Mikayla asked while trying to pry my hands off my face.

I peeked through my hands and trying to cover up and said," Well, I was making sure I wasn't imagining a zebra just standing over there." Actually, that part was true, seriously why is there a zebra in the plaza?

"Ha! I knew I wasn't the only one seeing the zebra!" Uncle Boomer said from a distance.

"You can thank my dad for that, the zebra was my prom date." Mikayla blankly said and pointed to the zebra.

"So um Kayla, how long are you visiting?" Mason asked trying to get off the zebra topic.

"I'm not exactly sure since, my parents aren't 'here'." I replied, hopefully they didn't catch my obvious lie.

"Well, she can stay here as long as you want. Please daddy can she stay with us?" Mikayla asked Mason. She looked like a little girl asking to keep a stray puppy. She started jumping up and down repeating the question with one of those cute looks you just can't resist. Huh, so that's where I got that from, no wonder why that look doesn't work on mom when I asked her for the new machete! As people always say, Like mother, like daughter...

"Fine. She can stay. Where is she sleeping though?" Mason asked while Mikayla was calming down.

"She can stay in my room! We have an extra two mattresses, remember?" Mikayla quickly responded. Well, I don't feel like a dog at all...Then again, this is mom we're talking about. I do recall dad saying he was practically her " only" friend. What dragged me out of my thoughts was really, Mikayla practically dragging me up to her- I mean our room. When we reached our room and went inside, Mikayla shut the door. Okay, I'm officially scared now.

Mikayla jumped onto her bed and when she got comfortable, she patted the bed signaling me to go sit with her. "You do know you have a lot of explaining to do, right?" Mikayla said.

"You know who I am?" I asked suddenly a little more scared if she knew who I really was.

"No, but I would like to know who you are." Mikayla said while I mentally sighed in relief.

"Then, why did you cover up for me instead of turning me in?" I asked slightly confused.

"One, you have that face that someone could instantly trust, even with their life and darkest secrets, and two, I don't exactly have that many friends anyways." Mikayla explained and shrugged at the last part. No wonder why she can trust me, I look exactly like her! Just with darker brown eyes...

"Okay, as soon as I get back from getting your mattresses, you're telling me why you're really here." Mikayla said before leaving the room. I looked around the room to see it exactly the same as mine back home. I came back from zoning out when my watch started beeping.

I pressed the little blue square button that made the beeping stop and a green hologram that looks like Mitchel, appeared.

"Mitch, is that really you?" I asked the hologram.

"Yea sis, it's Mitch here. So, how's life in the past?" Mitchel curiously asked.

Well, it was interesting...My day started off with Grandpa Mason threatening me with his little friend." I said calmly as if it was nothing. While Mitchel busted out laughing.

"Are you serious? Ah, classic Grandpa Sasquatch." Mitchel while laughing.

"Yes plus, I got to meet Mom and I'm surprised she didn't threaten me at all." I replied.

"So, did you complete your objective, yet?" Mitchel asked.

Mikayla's POV: In The Hallway

I was trying to find Kayla the mattresses, but so far I couldn't find any until, I remembered I had to meet the new twin kings of Kinkow. I wonder if they're smart, brave, athletic, and great leaders just like their parents. Oh well, I'll go meet them when dad calls me plus, I just can't ditch Kayla. Ugh, I can't find the mattresses, might as well go back to Kayla and look for them later.

Speaking of Kayla, she seems like a nice girl and maybe a possible best friend? Shake it off Makoola, I have to focus on my job first then friends. Plus, there's something off with that girl, like where did she come from? What is she really doing here? How did she even get into the castle in the first place? I've stood at the front door for practically the whole day and not once have I seen her. So many questions, good thing she's explaining when I get back. When I reached my door, I was about to turn the knob when I heard Kayla talking to someone and a unfamilar guy laugh.

I pressed my ear against the door and listened to their conversation.

"So, did you complete your objective, yet?" The mysterious male voice asked.

"What are you talking about?" Kayla asked.

"You know, the reason why you're even there." The unknown voice said.

"Oh, right! I almost forgot about that." Kayla replied.

"Are you even making any progress in your mission Kayla?" The voice asked.

"In fact I am, I'm already friends with Mikayla." Kayla said.

Okay, ouch each word hurted and wounded me. That last sentence killed me. Great, now I'm dead. I thought Kayla would've been my first best-friend, but instead I'm just being used! Ugh, I knew I shouldn't have already grew attached to Kayla. I knew something was off with her! Was she a spy?! Why didn't I just turned her in when I had the chance, but I just couldn't because, I don't know why, but Kayla instantly grew on me when I first saw her.

I couldn't handle anymore hurtful words and decided to barged in. Kayla definitely has some explaining to do!

When I barged in and looked over at Kayla with hurting eyes, I noticed she was talking with some sort of green hologram guy? She looked back at me and followed my eyes back to her watch. When she realized what I was staring at, her eyes instantly got widen along with the guy's.

She awkwardly said,"Uh, hey Mikayla."

Ohhhh snap, Kayla got caught!

What will happen?! Stay Tuned for Chapter Three of," The Way We Almost Weren't" !

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