My name is Jean. Jean Dukay Mitchell. My last name is my mother's, but my middle name is for my father, Duke. I was born in Haven, Maine, and they made a T.V. show about it. Haven, not me. I was a very minor character- sent away the day I was born. I don't own the T.V. series, but I figured it was time my story got out there, so I wrote it up and posted it here.

Jean Dukay Mitchell was tired. Very tired. She'd lived in an orphanage for most of her life, and she was sick of it. Real sick.

They say she'd had a nice little family once, in Nebraska. She'd been placed there as a baby, her dad assured that she'd be in good hands, and all was well. That family wanted a baby.

She remembers them, sort of. They had a cute little ranch house, and she'd been raised on the farm. They'd had a sheep dog, Shep, who herded up their livestock. She had a fake mom, Lily, a fake father, Roger, and an older brother, Matthew. They had cows and chickens and pigs and ponies and geese and goats, corn and wheat and sugarcane and tomatoes. She'd had a family who loved her, and they always said that that's what her daddy would have wanted.

But then they all died. The ranch caught on fire late one night, when she was out at a friend's house, and they all died without her.

Was there something wrong with her? Why did everyone always leave her?

They called a woman. She was the contact number left with Jean when she was a baby. According to the state, Audrey had said that she would do everything she could for Jean, but that she couldn't take Jean in, and neither could Jean's daddy.

Jean wondered if this woman was her mother. They let her talk to her, after Audrey had gotten her placed in a good orphanage. Jean was worried about the orphanage being like in Annie, but there wasn't a Miss Hannigan, and they let her talk to Audrey. She'd never had any contact with her old life before.

She asked Audrey if she was her mother, but Audrey laughed. No, she'd said, I'm just a policewoman. I was there when you were born. I have a picture of you on my cell phone. I'm good friends with your daddy.

They'd kept in contact over the years. Whenever Jean got a turn on the orphanage's computer, she always emailed Audrey, and the woman told her what was going on in her hometown. She'd had fantasies that Audrey would come riding into Nebraska one day and whisk her back to Maine, back home, but Audrey always said she couldn't.

Jean wanted Audrey to be her mother. Audrey was nice, and she loved her without having ever met her. She told her what her dad was doing- apparently her father was a smuggler. She liked to imagine he was Han Solo. Was that why he gave her up? So that Jean wouldn't be caught between him and the law? Maybe he was just trying to protect her.

But then, when Jean was old enough to explain, Audrey told her why she could never meet her dad. Jean suspected that there was more to it than Audrey had explained, but she said that being around Jean could kill her dad, and so she could never come home.

That changed everything. Jean didn't know why, but for some reason her dad was, like, allergic to her. He didn't give her up because he didn't want her- he gave her up because he couldn't have her.

And then that fateful day happened.

To: DenimNLeather. From: GreyGull. Date: 10:32 EST 11/19/2012. Subject: (No Subject)


I know I'm not ever supposed to be involved in your life. I don't know how much Audrey told you, but if there was a way I could drive down to Nebraska and pick you up, you'd be living with me in a heartbeat. I promise. And so when I found your email on Audrey's desk, I couldn't help but steal it.

I've thought about you a lot over the years. You're 11 now, right? And your birthday is August 6th. I've never forgotten. Always throw you a party every year, except Audrey and Nathan are the only ones who come because they're the only ones besides me who know you exist. We've been working on calming down the town, so maybe someday I could actually meet you. I'd really love that. I live on a boat. You want to live on a boat? It's real neat.

Audrey says you're a real farm kid, huh? I guess Haven would take some getting used to, then. There's more fish here, and less cows. I hope you'd like it. I haven't always lived here- I left for a while after school- but Haven really is home for me. I think, maybe someday, it could be your home. Audrey and Nathan know how much I want you to come and live with me, and we've been trying to figure out a cure. But I figure talking to you through the computer can't hurt, right? So even if this is the only way I can watch my beautiful girl grow up, I'm never going to give up.

I'm not a very mushy guy, and if you ask anyone they'll tell you that I'm not responsible. At all. And I disagree, but you know small towns. They don't change their opinions of you. Ever. Not even Audrey could see me being a dad. I guess I'm the kind of guy who would forget you at school and send cans of soup with you in your sack lunch, and I'd feed you takeout every night, and you'd probably never like your birthday presents. I've gotten you a bottle of scotch four years in a row, but you're never there, so I drink it for you. I hope you don't mind. You're not allowed to drink it anyway.

But if Audrey ever figures something out, and I think she will (Audrey's smart) I promise you, kid, I'll do my best to be the greatest dad you ever wanted in the history of dads. Got that?

You better write me back, kid, or you're grounded.

Duke. (Your father)

'''''''''''''''''''''''''Reply'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Forward'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Delete''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Move to'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Junk''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Jean immediately saved it. She read it fifty times over, responded immediately, and then read it again. She was so excited! She had a dad. A real dad! And he sounded like a really cool dad too, not some boring corporate man. He had a boat! And someday she'd go live with him on the boat, and maybe Audrey would be there to pick her up from school when her dad forgot, and they'd sit on the floor of his boat and eat takeout every night, and it'd be great!

Despite being smart, the years kept going by without Audrey finding a cure. Sometimes Duke would say that they were really close, and he thought that they should be able to meet within the year, but it never really happened. Jean didn't mind. She had a dad, even if he was only a computer.

Then she turned 14, and really weird things happened. Blood made her sick to be around- real sick. She wondered if maybe she had Duke's illness. And sometimes, when she or the other kids at the orphanage were hurt she could just touch them and they'd get better. So she contacted Audrey to find out what was wrong with her, and if it was maybe terminal.

Audrey told her that there was this thing called the Troubles in Haven. Apparently she was the result of her mother's Trouble, conceived and born in just two days, and that's why she couldn't be around her dad. It was all her mother's fault. They were worried that Jean would inherit her mother's Trouble, but it looked like she got some warped version of her father's.

When her father touched the blood of other Troubled people, he got really strong. He could also kill people to end the trouble in their family line, but he wasn't too proud of that one. They didn't know that at the time, but Audrey guessed that Duke's nature had changed Jean's trouble. Since he wanted so desperately to be good person, Audrey surmised, it got passed down to her somehow and she became a healer instead of a killer. And as for her problems with blood, it was the exact opposite of her father, so that had to be his influence too, right? But Audrey had sorted it out with her over the computer, and together Jean learned to control her powers.

And that brought Jean to where she was now- fifteen years old, stuck in an orphanage in Omaha Nebraska, with a father and a family friend who loved her very much just a keyboard away.

There was a knock on the door as Jean finished up sweeping the front lobby, and since Jean was the closest, she went and opened the door.

A blonde woman dressed in khaki pants and a navy blue blazer smiled warmly at her, and a scruffy looking man with dark hair stood a good bit behind her. The woman looked over her shoulder at him concernedly, before turning back to Jean.

"Hi there. My name is Audrey Parker, Haven P.D-"

"This isn't an investigation, Parker." the man interrupted, and he looked fairly nervous, wringing his hands and looking around everywhere. "You're off the clock." The woman glared at him.

"Fine." She declared, turning back to Jean.

"My name is Audrey Parker, and I'm here to bring Jean Mitchell home."