Vanellope ran as fast as she could towards the entrance of the palace. She heard screaming and she thought someone might be in trouble. Either that or it was Taffyta overreacting to a ruined outfit again. Still, she didn't like taking the chance. She made it to the entrance and saw Taffyta, Candlehead, and Jubileena wiping whipped cream off themselves. "What happened?" Vanellope asked.

She got her answer when she heard laughter from the top of the palace gates. Looking up she saw a certain pumpkin headed boy holding his stomach and bursting with laughter. Gloyd was up to his tricks again, and Taffyta looked like she wanted to kill him. Gloyd wiped a tear from his eye and looked down to get another look at his handy work. He stopped laughing immediately when he saw the Princess of the Sugar Rush Kingdom giving him the evil eye. "Uh-oh."

He jumped off the wall and slide down a nearby candy cane before making a beeline for the candy cane forest. Just as the others were about to head after him Vanellope held up her hand. "I'll catch him." She ran off after him and began glitching her way into the forest. She had had enough of his pranks. Sure they were fun at first, but lately he was getting out of hand, especially when it came to pranking Vanellope herself.

Gloyd rushed through the forest and zigzagged between the trees. It was the only chance he had to lose the glitching Vanellope. Running in a straight line meant she could just glitch straight at him and catch him. He turned back and looked to see if she was still on him, but saw nothing. Had she given up? "You are in so much trouble Gloyd!"

She appeared a few feet behind him and almost managed to grab the back of his jacket. He smiled and ran left hoping to lose her in the thick forest. "You have to catch me first princess." He taunted as he slide under a root. She easily glitched past it and kept on him. "No fair!" He said making a hard right. He looked forward and saw the exit of Candy Cane forest. His kart was parked outside of it, he was almost home free.

Vanellope leaped forward and was suddenly gone. He kept running and made his way out of the forest. A few seconds later Vanellope appeared in front of him and then tackled him to the ground. They rolled a few feet and then stopped. Vanellope was now on top of Gloyd. She was pinning him to the ground as he struggled to get up. "Get off me!" He said trying to shake loose. She was way too close for his liking.

She didn't move an inch. "Look Gloyd, it was funny at first but now it's just getting out of hand! I hate to pull rank but as president I'm ORDERING you to stop with the pranks." She said. He rolled his eyes. He could never stop pranking people. It was in his code. It was like asking her not to glitch all the time. "I mean it Gloyd, no more pranks, at least not for a while anyway."

Both of them suddenly heard laughing and then turned to see Rancis and Swizzle standing near their karts. They were both cracking up at the sight of Vanellope pinning down Gloyd. "Aw, you two look so cute together. I guess it's pretty clear who wears the pants in the relationship." Rancis said elbowing Swizzle who snickered. Gloyd blushed in embarrassment. It was humiliating enough to be caught by a girl, but to be pinned down by one.

Vanellope quickly teleported off him and he stood up and dusted himself off. "I was NOT being pinned down by a girl! I just let her pin me. After all, I couldn't push her. She's the president." He said nervously. He knew they wouldn't believe that. Heck, he didn't believe that. But the other option was admitting she out-muscled him. No way.

The two other boys continued to laugh at him until Vanellope glitched and appeared right in front of them. "Hey, don't you two have something to do? You know, like go jump in the Nesquiksand pit or something?" She asked giving them an intimidating look.

They both frowned and then turned to walk away. "Aw, that's so sweet. She's protecting her boyfriend." Swizzle said as the two began walking off. "Hey Gloyd, when you're done making up with your girl meet us at the Candy Corn Fields for some practice racing."

Gloyd was about to follow them but Vanellope quickly pulled him back. "Not so fast Orangeboar. Let's you and me have a little talk shall we?" She said glitching in front of him. "Talk to me Gloyd buddy, what's up with all this pranking stuff Gloyd? Trying to impress the guys or just a midlife crisis?"

He shrugged and tried to run after the others, but she grabbed his arm and pulled him back. He sighed. There was no way she was going to let him go now. "Look, pranking is in my code okay? It's not like It's anything personal, it's just like asking you not to glitch or race. Never going to happen." He said shrugging his shoulders.

She didn't look very satisfied with that answer. "Okay, how about another question. Why is it that lately you keep trying to prank me?" She asked. He turned to say something but she stopped him. "And don't even try and tell me the prank with Taffyta and the others wasn't meant for me. If they hadn't come over for a visit I'd be covered in whip cream right now." She said placing her hands on her hips.

He stuffed his hands in his pockets and frowned. "Don't flatter yourself princess. Anyone could have walked in or out of those gates. It doesn't mean it was meant just for you." He said bouncing on the heels of his feet. "Not everything has to be about you."

She looked annoyed. "Listen up pumpkin head, it's not princess, it's president! And I'm tired of all the pranks! I'm trying to run a kingdom here, and I don't need you getting in my way just to get a few laughs!" She said poking him in the chest. He backed up but she went after him until he was backed up against a candy cane tree. "So stop the pranks pronto or else! Is that clear?"

He looked nervous, his face turning red. Her face was only inches from his, but she was too angry to notice. "Okay, it's clear! It's crystal clear, just back off princes- I mean president!" He said holding his hands up to defend himself. She stared at him a few more seconds and then rolled her eyes before turning and heading back to the castle. Someone had to help Taffyta and the others with all that whipped cream.

The minute she walked away Gloyd turned around and kicked the dirt. He grumbled and began making his way towards his kart. He needed to get to the Candy Corn fields to meet up with the guys.

As he drove he tightened his grip on the steering wheel. He couldn't believe it, he'd done it again. Why couldn't he stop pranking her? Just for a day? He guessed that it was because there was no other way to get her attention, no other way for him anyhow. The minute he entered the Candy Corn fields he saw Swizzle and Rancis waiting for him, snickering. "Shut up." He said grumpily.

"We didn't say anything." Rancis said holding back his laughter.

"Yeah. Just because you got caught, pinned, and lectured by a girl doesn't mean we respect you any less buddy." Swizzle said patting him on the back. He then burst out in laughter. "Oh wait! Yes it does!"

Gloyd huffed. "Yeah, yeah, did we come here to joke or did we come here to race?" He said clearly annoyed. Since the school year started the number of kids coming through the Litwick's had dropped, at least in the mornings anyway. Gloyd, Swizzle, and Rancis figured they would use it for guy time. When it came down to the boy girl ratio, they were outnumbered three to eight. So they needed to stick together.

"You looked awfully happy when she was on top of you Gloyd buddy? I'd say someone has a little crush." Swizzle teased.

"Aw, Vanellope and Gloyd sitting in a tree!" Rancis sung. He and Swizzle wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders and both sung together. "K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" They both laughed and began making kissing noises as Gloyd's face flushed.

"Shut up!" Gloyd said embarrassed.

"You know what would win her over? Dedicate your next race to her, maybe if you win we'll have a royal wedding!" Rancis said as he fell to his knees laughing. Swizzle rolled around on the ground holding his stomach.

Gloyd revved his kart up. "Would you guys just shut up and drive! It was just a prank gone wrong okay! I DO NOT like Vanellope."

They both got up and wiped tears from their eyes. "Alright we'll stop for now. C'mon Swizzle, let's get racing." Rancis said jumping into his own kart.

"Fine, but you know that one is sticking with you for a while lover boy." Swizzle said.

"Shut up!" Gloyd shouted.

Both Rancis and Swizzle pulled up beside Gloyd. Rancis pointed over towards the palace. "Okay, through the Candy Cane Forest, past Waffle Cone valley, and to the palace gates. I'm putting down two Kit Kat Bars." He said holding up two bars of said candy.

"I bet Two Tootsie Pops." Swizzle said showing his prize.

"Ten kisses." Gloyd offered holding up a handful of Hersey's Kisses.

Rancis and Swizzle smirked. "Are you talking about the candy or kisses from your precious Vanellope." Rancis said as Swizzle made kissing noises.

"SHUT UP!" He said pulling his goggles over his face.

Just as they were about to pull up to the starting line they saw something roll in front of their karts. Rancis looked over the hood of his kart confused. "Is that a jawbreaker?" The said Jawbreaker suddenly exploded and all three karts were knocked back a few feet from the blast.

The three boys were clung to the wheels of their karts. They were used to being shaken up on the track, but they usually saw the impact coming. This was unexpected. "What the fudge?!" Swizzle shouted in disbelief.

They heard laughing and then looked around trying to find the source. "Who's there?" Gloyd questioned.

Hearing a rustle in the bushes they saw three figures walk out. The one in the front was chuckling at them. He had frosty white hair, blue eyes, and a white baseball cap with polka-dots on it. He was wearing a yellow shirt, and a white polka doted jacket with matching pants. "Man, I can't believe they got freaked out so easily."

The second boy had a red and black sombrero, jet black hair, and red eyes. He was wearing a black and red jacket, matching pants, and had a white shirt. "It's not so surprising amigo. You caught them off guard."

The third had on a cowboy hat, had brown eyes, and brown hair. He was wearing a brown sleeveless jacket which he had unzipped, a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots with chocolate syrup on them. Gloyd noticed he carrying two guns on his sides. "Now that ain't nice. We have to remember these folk ain't as rough and tough as we are." He said tilting his hat up.

"Who are you clowns?" Rancis asked angrily.

"Yeah, and what's with the Jawbreakers?" Swizzle asked.

The white haired boy smiled. "You like them? I made them myself. Their called Jaw-Bombers. I make them by-"

The one with the cowboy hat shot his gun into the air. "Jimmy. Don't get off topic. We have more important stuff to discuss here." He said rolling his eyes. "We're here from another Kingdom. We need to see you're princess tooth sweet."

Gloyd looked at them suspiciously. "We don't have a Princess." He said. Technically he wasn't lying. Vanellope had said repeatedly she was president and not princess.

The white haired boy stopped forward. "Listen Pumpkin head, we've been sent on a mission to find the Princess of Candy Kingdom and deliver a message to her. And we're not leaving until we find her. Now you can do this the easy way…" He swung his fist punching a large hole into a nearby piece of candy corn. "...or the fun way."

Gloyd looked shocked and the glared back at him. "And if I say no!"

Rancis quickly grabbed Gloyd and pulled him back. "Gloyd, are you insane, he's serious about this. Look, we'll just take them to Vanellope and see what they want. If their up to anything funny we'll just sick the guards on them." Rancis assured.

Gloyd didn't look satisfied but decided to let it go. If they wanted Vanellope then this was probably something diplomatic, and he didn't want to screw it up. Besides, Rancis was right. If they tried anything funny then they'd have the whole castle guard swarming in on them. "We'll show you to the princess." Swizzle said.

The boy with the hat nodded. "We appreciate it. I'm Sydney Syrupshot by the way. These two are Jimmy Jawcracker and Larry de Lickerish." He said introducing the boys beside him.

That surprised the them. Those were definitely candy themed names. Well, maybe not the first names, but the last ones were. And now that they a little closer their designs did look similar. Gloyd guessed he hadn't noticed it before since... he'd almost been blown up. Were they from this game? They'd never seen them before.

Maybe they just had the same design team.

"Lead the way gumdrops." The white haired boy, Jimmy, declared.

Rancis and Swizzle began leading them as Gloyd kept staring. "You better not try anything funny, or else." He warned before running after Rancis and Swizzle.

Vanellope helped Jubileena wipe the whipped cream from her hair. "I can't believe Gloyd pulled this. He's been getting worse with is pranks lately. It used to just be a cherry pie here and there. Now it's getting seriously annoying." The red head said flinging some whip cream from her hand.

"Sorry guys, I know he was trying to prank me. You just got caught up in it. I don't know what I'm going to do with that guy." Vanellope said as she passed Jubileena her freshly scrubbed helmet.

"Well, Jubileena is right, he's getting way out of control." Taffyta said annoyed. She scraped a handful of whip cream from her hair. "You should send him to the Fungeon."

"I don't want to put him in the Fungeon. I just want him to stop it with all the stupid pranks. I mean come on, I'm trying to run a kingdom here. Was he ever this bad when King Candy was calling the shots?" She asked looking towards the other girls.

"No. I don't think he ever tried to prank the king." Candlehead said thinking back.

"Maybe he was afraid of being thrown in the Fungeon!" Taffyta stressed.

"I'm not sending him to the Fungeon!"

"Maybe he likes you." Candlehead suggested. The others all turned towards her. She shrunk under their gaze. "I mean, he's always trying to pick on you. I heard one of the players say to her friend that when a boy likes you he picks on you a lot. I just thought that maybe it meant he has a crush on you or something." She explained.

Taffyta thought for a moment. "That's not as stupid as it sounds. Now that I think about it he has always targeted you. Looks like someone has a little crush on our president." Taffyta said smirking. "I can see it now. You and him, married, and the pitter-patters of little pumpkin headed children running all around the palace. A princesses dream life." She teased.

Vanellope wasn't laughing. "Wait, whoa, no! First of all we don't age, so none of that is possible. Even if it was I don't want to get married or have a family, I just became president." She said beginning to panic. "Not to meantion I have no idea what to do when a boy likes you!"

Jubileena grabbed her shoulders. "Vanellope! Calm down. There is no need to worry. You shouldn't be afraid of love. Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing. You should be happy Gloyd may have a crush on you. You could live in this castle with each other happily ever after and have the life of a real princess!" She said spinning around and jumping back onto Vanellope's bed.

"Oh great, she's going into lovey-dovey mode." Taffyta said rolling her eyes.

Vanellope looked at her in disgust. "Blah. I do NOT want a happily ever after. I just was him to stop pranking me."

Minty busted into the room looking worried. "Hey, the guys are coming back to the palace!" She said breathing heavily. No one really seemed to care. The guys always left and hung out together, it was nothing new. "And they brought back new avatars!" That was definitely new!

"C'mon!" Vanellope said running outside.

The girls all followed. When they got out, they saw Snowanna, Crumbelina, and Adorabeezle already near the gates. "They're about to come in." Snowanna said looking worried. "Vanellope, what are we going to do?"

No one had said it but everyone was thinking about what this could mean. If there were new players then the old ones might be left behind. It didn't mean the game would shut down, but none of them wanted to be forgotten or never used by the players again. "Look, everyone calm down. It's just a few new avatars. It doesn't mean anything. Let's just hear them out and see what they want." Vanellope said trying to calm them all down.

The gates opened and Rancis walked in followed by the others. "Well, at least they know we're here." Rancis muttered.

Gloyd and Swizzle came in after him. When Sydney, Jimmy, and Larry walked in they looked around shocked. "Whoa, check out all the cute girls. Maybe we should move here." Jimmy moved over and wrapped his arm around Crumbelina. "Hey sweet stuff, what's your name?"

"As if!" Crumbelina said pushing him away.

Larry pulled out two whips, both of which seemed to be made of licorice, and flung them out. He grabbed both Jubileena and Taffyta and then pulled them in. "Hello senoritas. Would you mind showing me around the Candy Kingdom so we may be better acquainted?" He asked.

Taffyta pushed away from him but Jubileena blushed and giggled. Taffyta grabbed her arm and pulled her away. "Or maybe you should back off before I run you over, newbies." Taffyta said threateningly.

"This one's got a tongue on her." Larry said smirking.

They heard gunshots in the air and all turned towards Sydney. "Jimmy, Larry, stop flirting so we can get down to business." He ordered. Jimmy and Larry walked over beside Sydney who looked around. There was supposed to be a princess around here somewhere. He just had to find her.

"Hey." Vanellope glitched in front of him. "I'm guessing you're the one calling the shots here buddy. Can you keep your two devil dogs there under control?" She asked annoyed.

Sydney looked her over, while Jimmy frowned. He didn't like being called anyone's dog. "Out of the way. we're looking for the princess of the Candy Kingdom and we don't have time to deal with a loud mouthed little glitch." Jimmy spat.

Taffyta stomped up to him and shoved him back. "Candy Kingdom doesn't have a princess smart guy, we have a president. And you're getting on her bad side." She said pointing to Vanellope.

Vanellope smirked. "Hey, I'm Vanellope von schweetz, president of Candy Kingdom." She said smugly.

Sydney looked over at Vanellope wide eyed. He then bowed down and tipped his hat. "I'm truly sorry ma'am, we had no idea you were the ruler of the Candy Kingdom." He looked back at Jimmy and Larry. "Bow down!"

Larry bowed down but Jimmy shook his head. "I'm not bowing down to a glitch." He said crossing her arms. Sydney pulled out his gun and aimed it at him. "I will however bow down to a gun." He said kneeling down.

"You guys don't have to bow you know. I'm not royalty, I'm a president. Big difference." Vanellope said.

"Sorry, it's just orders ma'am." Sydney explained. "My name is Sydney Syrupshot. We're from the Sweet Tooth Kingdom. We were put into the game by an system update the other day. My friends and I were sent here to deliver a message to the ruler of Candy Kingdom."

Vanellope looked confused. "A system update. We didn't know anything about it. And we didn't see any sign of you guys."

"Our Kingdom's territory is located far beyond yours. Our console was installed on the other side so racers can go head to head. But a new track was installed in the middle ground so we could all meet." Sydney explained.

"Yes. To make sure we all get off on the right foot Prince Garry Gumball sent us to invite you to his palace. You and all you're racers are encouraged to come for a meet and greet tonight when the arcade closes. It would mean a lot if you accepted." Larry said.

Vanellope shook her head. "So wait, there's a whole other Kingdom?"

"Just a handful huh?" Taffyta said rolling her eyes.

"Okay, but I was right about hearing them out. They just want to meet us and get along." Vanellope reasoned. "Tell you're Prince we'll be there."

"Thank you Ma'am. It was an honor meeting you. We'll see you tonight." Sydney said tipping his hat. "C'mon fellas."

They turned and headed for the gate. Larry winked towards Jubileena who giggled, and Jimmy waved at Crumbelina. "Call me." He said smiling. Crumbelina rolled her eyes and made sure to slam the gates when they left.

"This, is bad." Taffyta said worried. "These guys can't be anything but trouble."

"Aw c'mon, you're being crazy. They seemed nice enough." Vanellope assured.

"The white haired one threatened to punch me!" Gloyd shouted.

Vanellope poked him in the chest. "Good, maybe if someone beat up on you you'd stop pulling all the stupid pranks around here!" She said turning towards the others. "Look, their new here. I think the least we can do is go and meet them so we can show them the ropes. Think of them as… students."

"You're crazy if you think I'm going to go to that place after they just came in a threatened me and the guys!" Gloyd said.

"I'm not asking you to be best friends, I'm just asking you to go and meet them. If we don't like them we'll never have to visit them again, I promise."

"I already don't like them!" Gloyd complained.

"That's an order Orangeboar!" She said sternly.

Gloyd stepped up. "Hey, you can't order me around! You're not a princess remember! I say we have a vote on it!" He demanded.

"Fine! Everyone who's for raise their hand!" Vanellope shouted. All the girls raised their hands immediately. Even Taffyta who had questioned her not even a minute ago. "Well, It's decided then." If there was one thing the girls did it was stick together.

"That's not fair! There are only three boys!" Gloyd said.

"You're the one who wanted to vote, and we voted. We're going." She said. She headed back inside the castle and the girls followed. No doubt to talk about this new Kingdom.

Sizzle walked forward and put a hand on Gloyd's shoulders. "Girls, we'll never understand them man." He said shrugging. "Might as well make the best of it though, eat some candy and maybe show off a bit on the new race track."

"Yeah, these guys may be knew, but I bet we can drive circles around them." Rancis said.

Gloyd smiled. They were right. Just because they were knew didn't mean they had anything to worry about. They were unstoppable on the track, and they would prove it. And he would show that Vanellope they didn't need to make nice with these guys!

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