New story! Written over the course of two nights so it's not particularly polished. Also written before 4x04 aired and no, I still haven't seen that. Still, hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Hope you enjoy it. There will be at least one slash ship later in the story. Het ships to start.


Disclaimer: I don't own the show - if I did, I'd have seen it.

"This is war." Adze was right in her face, and Erin was furious. How dare this princess act as if she had any right to take Vlad from her? She wasn't intimidated. Adze might be gorgeous, and she might have that whole vampiric attraction thing going for her, and she might be stomach-churningly powerful in a world where women had so few rights… but that didn't mean she would win Vlad's heart. Erin would just have to make sure that it wasn't as easy as the vampiress seemed to think it would be.

Vlad, though, was making it difficult. All he seemed to do was lie to her, relying on Bertrand and even Jonno to help him out with his various complex plans to get rid of Adze rather than confiding in his girlfriend. When they did speak, they only fought, and Adze's triumphant expression each time she stumbled upon an argument was beginning to fade, as if even the vampiress was growing tired of it.

Ramanga's daughter had taken to seeking her out, lately, now that she was allowed out of that boring little room she'd been cooped up in, and Erin would have done almost anything for some time to herself.
"Why are you always here? I thought we were at war, can't you go and annoy someone else?" She wasn't expecting Adze's hurt expression and downcast eyes.
"There is nobody else." Then she was gone in a flurry of silk, leaving Erin feeling inexplicably guilty.

"You really ought to make more of an effort. The poor girl's bored out of her wits, no wonder she threw herself at Bertrand-"
"What are you talking about, Erin? She's the enemy, she's the one I have to get rid of so we can be together." Vlad was looking at her like she was insane, and she supposed she could see his point. "If you're so keen on her having friends, you hang out with her." Then he stormed off in one direction and she stormed off in the other, the traditional end to all their conversations these days.