And so we come to the end. I hope you've enjoyed the story!

Disclaimer: Young Dracula isn't mine. It's sad, but it's true.

Adze's door swung open and Erin smiled at her, holding up the deck of cards in her hand.
"Slam?" They settled easily to the game, the echoes of their first game not lost on either of them. It took a while for Erin to work up the courage to broach the subject she'd wanted to talk about.
"I talked to Vlad earlier." Adze tensed, and she realised she'd got the wrong idea. She put that one to rest quickly. "Don't worry, he seems to have come to terms with things. I think he's already eyeing up someone else, to be honest. Teenage boys and all that." The princess smiled, placing a flurry of cards and grabbing the pile she wanted. Erin shrugged and collected her cards; the piles hadn't been very different in size at any rate.
"I'm glad he's happy. He's nicer when he's not trying to get rid of anyone."

Erin nodded, concentrating for a moment on the way Adze's hands darted over her cards; she'd discovered it was sometimes easier to just wait for the other girl to get rid of all her cards and then race her for the smaller pile regardless. They both pounced at the same time, hands colliding the way they had all that time ago, and this time neither one of them recoiled. Erin smoothed her thumb over the back of Adze's fingers, hoping the girl hadn't changed her mind.
"And I think it's time I admitted how much I like you." The princess blinked, and Erin considered rephrasing, but then somehow she was leaning in over their hands, Adze leaning back to meet her as she pressed her warm lips to cool ones.

After a few long moments, they broke apart, Erin scanning the other girl's face for any signs of a reaction. For a second there was nothing, and then Adze smirked.
"If you think that's going to distract me from the fact that I won this round-" It seemed the sentence wasn't important enough to finish, because suddenly the princess was pulling her back into another kiss, and the game was soon forgotten entirely.

They were relaxing together in the comfort of Adze's coffin, just talking and kissing and holding hands, when the princess suddenly smiled to herself. Erin raised an eyebrow, wondering what she was thinking, and Adze reached out to tuck an errant strand of hair behind the slayer's ear as she explained.
"Not the worst possible ending to a love triangle, I think." Erin grinned at her girlfriend.
"I think this has to be the best." Then she kissed her again.

All was fair in love and war, and this was no longer a war.