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( * )

*Long ago seven dragon balls were forged and scattered across the world. Once united the balls shall grant the voyager one wish (Cue Music)!

In the mountains, far away from people lived an old Master who lived in harmony with the land. She lived at peace and enveloped in nature, one day she came across a baby abandoned in the woods. The old women took the little girl and raised her as her own Granddaughter. The women marveled as the young girl grew and with each day became ever stronger. Now the young girl is on her own to protect the nature of her home. Left to her was her grandmother's most prized possession. Her Dragonball.


Dragonball GB: Season One

Episode One

Secret of the DragonBalls


The sun shown bright over the mountains as the birds began to chirp and sing with their morning song. The water in the stream bubbled as fish swam about and animals stopped for a drink by its edge. The only sound apart from the animals grazing was the sound of something large rolling down the mud and graveled path. A large log easily rolled along as a young girl walked on it, blade in hand and smiling brightly. Her blue gi tied tightly by a white bow as the red arm bands she wore for training slightly drooped on the arm that held the blade. The wild mess of black hair she had amused a small monkey swinging near the water's edge.

"Good morning," beamed young Goku as she continued to roll passed them.

She was in a cheerful mood, it was still early and already she was making ease of her daily chores. The firewood she'd gathered might even last two days if she tended it properly, that is unless she got distracted. She picked up speed enough to get up the hill to her small home atop it. She whistled as she let the log fall over and took a deep breath. She centered her core, focusing her chi closely. She didn't want to strain her muscles, this was key to getting her job done. In a swift move she hauled the log upwards and busted it to pieces. She smiled as she fixed the bands on her wrists and dusted off her clothing to make sure no splinters had been left behind. She wasn't having another episode of that again, it was no fun playing pick the splinters.

"Well, that's it for chores. Wood, done. Sweeping, done. No what else…" Goku's stomach let out a loud growl and she sheepishly smiled, "Guess it's time for a pre-dinner snack."

She hummed as she set off through the woods, making sure her pole was tied tightly to her back before she began swinging through the tree tops, a tail whipping behind her and aiding her venture. Unknown to her, a visitor was fast approaching. One that was about the change her life forever. Music blared from a small car cruising down the old gravel mountain roads. It was out of place in the normally quiet and majestic mountains. The car slammed to a hault, spilling gravel about as the door swung open. Blue sneakered feet hit the gravel as a young man sprung from the car with a stretch. His aqua hair ruffled slightly by the wind as he inhaled deeply. He dusted off the dark shorts he wore with a yawn. Fiddling with his blue scarf and purple shirt, traveling this long distance was starting to seem less of an adventure with nothing happening. Well, save for an incident… he cleared his throat and tightened his gloves before yanking out a white circular device from his sash.

"Awesome, looks like there's a dragonball not too far from here. If I keep this up I should have my wish before Prom this year…. Focus Bloomer," he smirked and hopped in his car and began crusing off where the device pointed to a small bleeping dot, 'Ah, Bleeper how I love your music.'

He couldn't believe this, it had barely been two weeks and he already would have three after this one. He daydreamed slightly about when he had all seven. He almost hit a squirrel and shook his head, he needed to focus or he was going to hit something. After a brief moment of singing along with the music, he began drifting off again, 'Wonder what color hair she'll have…..'

Goku landed on the ground from her tree swinging and looked around. She wondered what she should have for dinner; she'd had bear yesterday, what perhaps tonight. Maybe some soup perhaps. She had some potatoes still stored away in the garden. Her stomach yelled again, bellowing through the woods as if angry for the hold up on its precious food.

"Well tummy, what do you want? Fish?" it growled again, Goku beamed, "Well, then fish it is… but let's stop for a quick snack to keep our energy up. Mmm, apples."

Goku swung up into an apple tree just passed the smaller part of the river. It was a bountiful tree she often inhabited on more quite days, even when winter came and the tree was baron of fruit. She pondered perhaps planting another one closer to home. She tossed her apple core towards the river bank carelessly. Perhaps a fish would eat it and get bigger so she could someday eat it. She heard a growl and looked to see a saber-tooth growling viciously. It dove. With ease she used her tail to swing out of the beasts frontline. Giggling she jumped and taunted as she ran, perhaps tiger tonight instead of fish. She jumped the cliff edge and watched it fall into the water below.

"Missed me!... uh ow…" the branch gave way and she fell freely to the depth of the water.

She laughed as she sprung out of the water and to the bank. She shook her messy hair and began unsoaking her clothes. They had needed washing anyways, thanks to the tiger, yet another chore was done. The sun would dry them soon enough, she flattened out her tie as a fish splashed about. Goku beamed as her tail waved carelessly. Looks like the fish were ready and ripe for the picking on this part of the stream. She let the tip of her tail wag around in the water casually.

"Come on fishies, you know it's just a giant worm," chuckled Goku, it wasn't long till she got a nibble and with a swift kick and a small swim, she had a huge one, "Alright, this should last me all the way till dinner."

Goku headed back up the mountain and towards home, she beamed at her prize catch, her mouth watering in anticipation for her soon to be lunch feast. Her ear caught something out of place. It sounded like a loud humming and metal like. She glanced down the path, loud beat like noises straining her ears. In the blink of an eye a large shelled creature flew through the air towards her. A huge twinge hit her as she flew forwards to a tree.

"Oh, god!" Bloomer yelped, 'Way to go idiot, your stupid daydreaming and you just killed a kid."

"Ow! What was that?" grumbled Goku, as she got up with a slight stumble.

"Your alive!" yelled Bloomer, leaning out of the car, praying that the kid was fine and he could quickly drive off and pretend this never happened. He was already well passed his driving problems from back home, this was not…. Wait… what was the kid yelling about. 'OMG! SHE PICKED UP THE CAR!' Bloomer yelled as the car was tossed carelessly. 'Demon! She's evil!'

"Is that all you've got monster!" yelled the little girl, Bloomer panicked and grabbed his gun.

"Not yet," he closed his eyes and fired, glancing as they seemingly ricochet from the girl, "You've got to be kidding! That should have killed you!"

"Thought you finished me off again, did you. Well monster, my Grandmother warned me about things like you, prepare to die!" yelled the girl yanking a pole from her back, Bloomer blinked.

"WAIT! I'm not a monster! I'm a human being just like you!" yelled Bloomer, putting his hands in the air.

Goku froze, the monster had a person's head popping from its side. Had it said human? Goku blinked as slim and flat being dropped to the ground with ease. It looked human but it looked nothing like grandmother or her. Its face was more angled and sharp, large blue eyes and sky blue hair were atop its head. It had no tail to speak of and it was taller and lean.

"If you're a human why do you look different than me? Your lean and flat," said Goku, walking carefully around the 'human.'

"Duh, I'm a boy airhead," Bloomer rolled his eyes, 'What a freak.'

"A boy! I've never seen one of you before," smiled Goku as she walked around 'him.'

"Are you kidding me!?" asked Bloomer, that was so strange, he couldn't comprehend it, did she not have a father, how could she have never met a boy before.

"Nope. Apart from my grandmother, you're the only other human I've ever met before," beamed Goku, "But my grandmother said if I ever met a boy I should be very nice to him a keep a vigilant watch."

"Well, your grandmother seems like a smart lady," beamed Bloomer, most girls this age were prone to tantrums and drama when it came to his knowledge. He blinked as he was poked in the butt, "Hey, whoa! Watch the pole girly."

"She was, she died a long time ago… I'm sorry, I just wanted to see your tail…. Maybe it takes boys longer to grow one," shrugged Goku.

"Tail?" Bloomer face went red, 'My god, what did they teach this girl?'

"How did you get that creature to do what you wanted?" asked Goku, poking at the car timidly.

"That's not a creature kid, that's a car," smirked Bloomer, 'Wow, she really knows nothing.'

"A car, really? That means you're from a city aren't you?" asked Goku, Bloomer smirked as her eyes went wide as she ran back to the fish.

"You'd be correct. West City to be exact. I actually helped make the car," beamed Bloomer, he nearly laughed as the girls eyes grew even wider at this.

"You can make those…. Hey are you hungry," beamed Goku, "You could come back to my house and we could get something to eat. You could tell me all about the city and how you made that car."

"Sure, why not, I could go for something to eat," smirked Bloomer looking at his radar, 'Maybe the Dragonballs at her house?' "So kiddo, what's on the agenda?"

"Well we could eat lunch and talk. Then we could play together!" beamed Goku, Bloomer raised an eyebrow.

"No offense kid, but your too young for us to 'play' together," said Bloomer, the kid couldn't be more than ten.

"My grandmother played with me all the time, and I was much younger. Do you not like playing catch and stuff?" asked Goku, this was very confusing, "What about Hide and Seek?"

"Oh… oh!" Bloomer's face went red and he looked down, 'Oh god, I sounded like a pervert just then…. I don't think grandma ever told her about that…. Bloomer, you need to shut your can!' He smiled, "Well then, that sounds fine. Guess it's safe to assume that were having fish for lunch. You know for a little girl, you're extremely strong."

"Grandma taught me to be as tuff as steel," beamed Goku as she dragged the fish, "What's the 'B' on your shirt for.

"My name," shrugged Bloomer, "What's your name kid?"

"Goku! G-O-K-U. Goku," beamed Goku proudly, "What's yours?"

"Mine…" Bloomer looked down, maybe the kid wouldn't put it together, "Bloomer."

"….. PFTTTA!" laughed Goku, "That's a funny name!"

"So's Goku," grumbled Bloomer, "I'll have you know my name is very cool."

"For underwear," snickered Goku, Bloomer rolled his eyes as they approached a small house.

"Cute place, kid," smirked Bloomer, it was a small quant little cottage in a clearing, trees surrounded it aside the mountain rocks.

"Thanks, hold on one second," smiked Goku as she opened the door, "Grandma, we've got company…." It glowed, "Look grandma is trying to say something. Do you hear that?"

"What… Holy! It's a dragonball!" yelled Bloomer, casually pushing Goku aside and picking up the four stared gem in glee.

"Hey! Put my grandma back down. No one is allowed to touch her!" yelled Goku, snatching the ball back from Bloomer.

Bloomer blinked as Goku polished it with her bands and placed it back on its pillow. It took a few seconds for it all to register what Goku was saying in his head. The little girl thought the dragonball was her grandmother and she was trying to talk to her. Bloomer sighed and smirked. He didn't want to upset the kid, but it was time for a dose of reality.

"Hate to do this short stuff, but that's a dragonball. It was reacting to my two, your grandmother wasn't trying to talk to you. Here, look," Bloomer pulled out the two balls from his satchel and showed them to her, Goku's eyes went wide.

"You have two grandmas?" asked Goku, placing her ball near his.

"No, kid. Dragonballs. These gems have the powers to do amazing things. Some good. Some bad. Let's just say if these fell into the wrong hands, terrible things could happen," smiled Bloomer, remembering the tales he'd heard when his research.

"What… what do they do?" asked Goku, staring at hers and holding it close to her.

"Sure you want to know?" asked Bloomer, hesitating.

"Yeah," said Goku, kneeling down next to where Bloomer had sat at the table.

( * )

Meanwhile far across the lands in a dark abandoned temple, the 'wrong hands' were in search of the exact things the two held. A short blue female figure moved with two others. A dog like women and a tall handsome man, who casually pushed the two large temple doors open, causing light to reflect off one of the orange gems. The short blue lady darted to it and yanked it off its dusty pillow, jumping as a discarded armor clad body fell to the ground.

"Uhg, enough of this, I'm ready for my wish," beamed the women.

"Your majesty, you cannot make a wish with just one dragonball, you must have all seven," said the man calmly.

"You mean… more searching," grumbled the women.

"Yes, highness, but imagine. Once you've united them you will awake the glorious eternal dragon all for the soul purpose of granting you a single wish. Any wish you want," Finished the man, a smirk casually on his face.

"I can see it! I supposed if it means any wish I want, well then…. I can handle a little more searching. Cause then I shall rule… the entire world and for that I can wait a little longer!" beamed the women, "Come Shu, Mei... let's go."

( * )

Goku held the dragonball in shock as Bloomer finished telling a detailed story about a giant dragon arising from the dragonballs. It sounded so mystifying, like a fantasy. Goku imagined some of the painting her grandmother had told her about and showed her once, coming to life. It was amazing, any wish a person wants. It was like a genie that her grandmother had once told her a story about.

"That's amazing. I wonder why she never told me about this," pondered Goku, turning the ball over in her hand carefully.

"She may not have known Goku, very few people know about the dragonballs. Fact is. You and I are two of the very few who do know," smiled Bloomer.

"Wow… hey please don't get yours mixed up with mine," said Goku carefully.

"Don't worry, kid. That's impossible, each ball has a different number of stars on them, see this one has five," beamed Bloomer, as he stood up, "I can't believe it, I have three now…. I'll be able to wish for a girlfriend in no time at all. You are going to let me use it for my wish right?"

"No way!" yelled Goku, hovering over hers, "My grandma gave me this to remember her by and I'm not going to hand it over to you just because you're a boy."

"Your grandmother said to be nice to boys, remember," said Bloomer, Goku stuck out her tongue, Bloomer smirked, "Tell you what. I'll trade you, I give you a little kiss on the lips and you let me use the dragonball.

"Why would I want to touch your lips, I have my own," grimaced Goku.

"Oh god! Well there has to be something… hey how about this. We become partners," smiled Bloomer, 'She'd make a decent bodyguard that's for sure.'

"You mean…. go with you and look for balls?" asked Goku, blinking.

"Come on it would be fun. You'd get to travel, see the city. I'm sure your grandmother would be proud. Her little granddaughter out on adventure and seeing the world," beamed Bloomer, he really needed that ball.

"You really think so?" asked Goku, with a smile.

"Of course, think about it. You'll get to see the world. Cities, deserts, the ocean. It'll be great and you'll get to learn so much. So what do you say? Partners?" asked Bloomer.

"Okay," beamed Goku, she wondered what it would be like, seeing the world.

Goku slightly spaced out on the thought of having an adventure… the ocean, she'd always wanted to see it…. it may just be a bigger river, but her grandmother had told her about even bigger fish then was in the river itself. It wasn't long till she remembered that there was a fish in serious need of being made for something to eat.

"Hey Bloomer, do you want to put some wood on the fire so I can start making this fish… oh and tell me about the world… especially the cities?" beamed Goku, as Bloomer got up and they headed outside for the fish and wood.

"Well West City is pretty awesome. There's buses, cars, huge buildings, and there's lots of people," smiled Bloomer, "But there's also places like amusement parks and stuff?"

"What's an amusement park?" asked Goku, as the sliced the fish.

"What… whoa I keep forgetting. Well anyways it's a place where…" Bloomer trailed off telling stories about his life in the city and about the library where he'd found the books about the dragonball legend.

It was getting late and nearly dinner time when they decided to head out, Bloomer gave serious consideration to crashing for the night at the little house, but they were already behind schedule. Bloomer was dead determined to have a girlfriend by the end of the month. It wasn't that he had trouble getting a girlfriend, nah, that was easy. He was wealthy, handsome, and smart. But all the girls at school he seemed to attract were bimbos or only wanted to date him because of whom his family was. There was also the fact most girls his age were so whiney and dramatic. No, he was going to wish for a perfect girlfriend. Smart, Pretty, Strong, and mostly a princess… that way he wouldn't have to worry about her being money hungry.

"Hey Bloomer, how are we going to find the dragonballs?" asked Goku, "Where do we even start looking."

"Whoa kid, who do you think you're dealing with. I'm not an amateur you know. Check it," Bloomer pulled out the round device he'd looked at earlier, "I made it. It uses a special energy admittance to pick up on the dragonballs. See, this is ours."

"Wow," Goku looked at the device Bloomer had, she wondered how he made these things. Cars. Dragonball locators.

"Yeah the nearest one isn't too far, but definably not walking distance…. Let's see that means we'll need a ride… you totaled the last one," Bloomer opened his capsule box, it was nice out and the kid was pretty small so, "Got it, this should be fun for a while."

"Bloomer, what are those?" asked Goku as Bloomer tossed a small bomb and a thin metal thing like the car popped out, "Your… you're a witch or a warlock aren't you! That's how you make these things… grandma told me about dark magic…"

"What? Are you kidding? I'm not a witch or a warlock… It's a dino-cap. My family makes them, there common. Everyone in the city practically has one," Bloomer rolled his eyes and slid on the motorbike, "Hop on."

"Okay…" Goku kicked at it making sure if she sat on it, it wouldn't attack.

"We don't have all day, come on kid," grumbled Bloomer, 'God this kid is so stupid.'

They took off down the road, Bloomer smirked as he hit the gas, he was enjoying showing off. Goku had stopped panicking and was giggling as they left her home in the dust. Bloomer had to admit he may have been speeding just because there was no law out here or people for that matter. He thought for a moment, 'well there was just the kid, you know if she counts as a normal person.' Bloomer's eyes shot open as they flew off a very steep hill. He managed to regain control and took a breath. Goku cheering the whole time, 'I gotta be more careful.' He groaned, he needed to make a stop before he had a couple issues.

"Hey Goku, I'll be right back I need to make a pit stop," yawned Bloomer.

"Okay, I'll come with," beamed Goku, she wondered what a pit stop was… was it a giant pit?

"No! You stay here, got it!" yelled Bloomer as he darted towards some trees, "It means I have to pee!"

"Why didn't you just say so," Goku hopped on the bike and looked around, her mind racing in wonderment about what was beyond the mountains ahead.

"GOKU! HELP!" Goku heard Bloomer's voice bellow through the air.

"Can't he make up his mind," yawned Goku as she headed towards the trees.

Bloomer wasn't exactly sure what had happened in the span of thirty seconds…. But one moment he was about to unzip and the next a giant pterodactyl had him firmly in her grasp. It took about 2.5 seconds for Bloomer to catch on to what had just happened…. Or more likely… for the panic to set in. He was already screaming for Goku before he even had time to process, I mean it wasn't like she was going to help him a great deal. If Bloomer had really thought about it, this was a lot more exciting than the incident… but as he was too busy panicking, that point had yet to cross his mind.

"Hey there, are you a friend of Bloomer's?" asked Goku, she couldn't really tell if Bloomer was panicking or laughing, he sure was shaking a lot, "If not, can you please put him down."

"Ohm, hey yeah kid. I'm an old friend of his," smirked the dinosaur, his tail wrapping around Bloomer, but before Goku could respond she was tied to a tree, "In fact were having dinner for two this evening, catch you later lame brain."

"That's not very nice," glared Goku as they began to take off, Bloomer screaming and yelling the whole way, "I don't think you're a friend of Bloomer's at all."

"NO DUH GOKU! GET ME DOWN YOU IDIOT!" screamed Bloomer, 'Good idea, leave the gun on the motorcycle, you won't need it too pee.'

"You don't have to call me names," grumbled Goku, as her tail easily untied her, but how on earth was she going to get up there, it wasn't like she could…. Fly.

She looked at the motorcycle on the other side of the brush, Bloomer had made it fly on the last hill… so that meant it was capable of flight. She ran to the bike as she saw Bloomer and his captor soaring higher above. There had to be a way to get this thing going, Bloomer had tinkered with its ears the most. She pushed them and suddenly it began moving along very slowly.

"Come on buddy, Bloomer's in trouble," said Goku, her brows furrowed as she moved her hands some more, she laughed as it began picking up speed the more she turned it, "Alright, that's more like it. Come on, let's get you flying."

Bloomer wondered how long it was until his inevitable death. There was no way Goku could help him now, not unless she had some sort of unknown flying ability. In a sheer moment he wasn't screaming in his head or out loud, he thought just maybe she might actually be able too. It was slowly diminished as she saw Goku attempting to drive the bike on the ground below, 'Yup, I think I might be sautéed in onions soon.' He wondered if he could request something, you know, as kind of a last wish… 'Wait…. Is… that the bike…. She's FLYING!' One would think this as Goku was barely out of reach.

"Just a little closer," muttered Goku, now in front of the bike, her fingers almost touching Bloomer's.

"I don't want to be sautéed," whimpered Bloomer, he wanted to smack himself at how pathetic he had just sounded, 'No wonder you can't find a decent girl, you idiot… Damn it Bloomer, focus!'

"Mmm, that sounds like a good idea," chuckled the dinosaur darkly, "Some garlic even….. what the! Hey kid, get your own food."

"Give me my friend…." Goku began drifting back to earth, she gave one last kick and soared, but it still wasn't enough, she hated violence, but, "Power Pole Extend!"

In one swift movement the thin fighting pole she carried became long and sturdy. She swiped at the large creature and with a sickening crack; Bloomer was released from its grasp. Goku laughed as they fell back, tossing the pole to catch Bloomer, judging by his abilities to stay calm in these situations, she doubted he'd be able to pull himself together for a landing. She landed gracefully on the cliff side, the beast plummeting below. She sighed, she really hated violence, but the dinosaur had been asked nicely to comply.

"Hey uh… Goku," Goku looked up to where Bloomer's voice came quietly, "Can ohm… you help me down… I'm having a slight crisis…"

"Okay…. Why are your pants wet?" asked Goku as she leapt across the gorge with ease.

"DON'T QUESTION ME, JUST HELP ME DOWN ALREADY!" screamed Bloomer, his pale face flushing a deep crimson.

"Okay, no need to yell, I did just save you," sighed Goku, easily pulling Bloomer to safety, she wondered for a moment what smelled like urine, but dismissed it as Bloomer bee lined behind a bush, "You do realize that what you're doing is exactly what caused the last few minutes, right?"

"JUST STAY THERE! I need to change my pants," Goku barely heard his mutter but rolled her eyes.

"Geesh, why is he so weird, what's wrong with changing with other," grumbled Goku, as Bloomer came back around the bush in a white shirt and blue jacket; his pants now dark brown with black shoes, "Where did you get those."

"Dino-cap, come on kid, let's bounce," sighed Bloomer putting on goggles and rubbing his temple before tossing another capsule down, he had to be careful; anymore things like that and he'd be running out of rides in less than a week.

They cruised onwards, this bike didn't have a bug shield, and Bloomer knew his hair would be chaos after this ride but he wanted to get as far from this disaster as possible. He glanced at the radar and smirked, they could make a halfway point before it became too dark if they continued without any more stops…. Or accidents. Goku hopped on back and grabbed his waist. He just hoped she'd lighten up on her strength once she realized he wasn't going to crash and burn. He revved the engine and took off down the slight path, the sun would set in a few hours, so they had time. Goku beamed as they soared through the grounds freely. She was amazed at how fast this thing was, it was so much faster than her running. She looked at Bloomer and smirked, dirt smudged his nose and the weird glasses he wore made his eyes look like bugs.

"Bloomer?" asked Goku as they sped along.

"Yeah kid," said Bloomer as he made a sharp turn around some rocks, and through some small bushes.

"Have you ever done this before, I mean the cities are really far from here… is it common to travel far from home?" asked Goku as they went over a small bump.

"I've traveled before, I mean never on my own… my parents weren't even keen on me doing this, they think it's too dangerous. But whatever. I doubt my mom will even notice I'm gone until she asks for my help building something and my dad… well chances are he won't even notice a thing, he'll just think I'm shopping or in the lab. I say two weeks yet before they notice and give me a call. By then, if we keep up this pace, I'll be back already," said Bloomer with a shrug.

"I don't think I'd travel this far if my grandmother was still alive, but your right. I need to see things that she told me about, it got lonely sometimes," smiled Goku.

"I know the feeling kid," smiled Bloomer, and Goku thought for a moment, he looked kinda sad, but then Bloomer smiled, "But hey, we got each other for company. So let's just focus on the road trip, m'kay,"

"Yeah, it's going to be a great adventure," laughed Goku as they cruised over the hill top, she wondered what fun was over that hillside next, this was going to be amazing.


*Chapter Two: The Royal Quest

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