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Episode 10

The Penalty is Pinball



"What was that?" asked Yamcha as the laughter stop and suddenly a blue women appeared on the screen.

"Welcome," laughed Pilaf as she looked down at them, "I believe you have something I want."

"Who are you?" asked Bloomer.

"I am the Emperess Pilaf, and I require the dragon ball that one of you is hiding, give it up now or pay the price," smirked Pilaf.

"I think I can use my head to break through that window," muttered Goku to Yamcha who groaned.

"That's a television…. Idiot," grumbled Yamcha.

"We're not giving you anything," snapped Bloomer, pulling a face.

"Is he always this way?" asked Yamcha in shock, this idiot was going to get himself killed.

"Yeah," said Goku and Oolong at the same time.

"Ooh, you'll pay for that," snapped Pilaf as a huge claw ripped through the area and clamped around Bloomer's waist and yanked him through the ceiling in the blink of an eye.

"Bloomer!" yelled Goku as he disappeared and stone covered the exit.

"I have a bad feeling about this," said Yamcha and suddenly the television screen zoomed out to see Bloomer standing in front of Pilaf and her goons.

Bloomer struggled in the metal holding him as Pilaf laughed. He was terrified, at least in the little boxed wall area he had people around him, one being Goku, so his panic level had been low… now. He squirmed and panicked, he didn't quite feel like being tortured today. Pilaf stood across from him with a serious look as her goons looked worried behind her.

"Last chance blue, tell me where the dragonball is or I'll be forced to give you the treatment," smirked the women darkly and her goons began to cower.

"There's nothing you can do to me that will make me tell you where it is," snapped Bloomer, he kind of wondered what the hell he was thinking, but ignored it.

"Then you give me no choice," she smirked manically.

"Sire please, not the treatment," grimaced Mei.

"What is the treatment?" asked Bloomer nervously.

"Oh, you'll find out," she giggled and then blew him a kiss, Bloomer was confused, he waited but nothing else came.

"Was… Was that it?" asked Bloomer relaxing, "A kiss?"

"Yes, pretty scary right?" smiled Pilaf, oblivious to Bloomer's confusion and then startled with his laughter.

"You're joking, right! A kindergartener could have come up with better torture than that," laughed Bloomer.

"You dare mock my torture ability!" screamed Pilaf, "I happen to have a degree in torture you dolt! Give me the dragonball before I show you just how vile I can be!"

"The only answer you're getting is from my finger," laughed Bloomer who gave the middle finger to the furious Emperess.

"THAT'S IT!" snapped Pilaf and in a second Bloomer was thrown onto the others and a furious Pilaf turned off the television screen.

"You idiot, great job at pushing all her buttons, we don't know what she's capable of!" snapped Oolong.

"Relax, her idea of torture is a kiss, what could possibly go wrong?" asked Bloomer confidently.

"I don't know kisses seem like torture to me," grimaced Goku, Bloomer rolled his eyes just as a hissing noise filled the air.

"That's gas!" yelled Puar as yellow smoke filled the air.

"Hold your breath," said Bloomer quickly as he gave a look at Goku.

The air was filled with the thick yellow vapor and everyone began coughing and attempted to cover their face. Goku felt tired and dizzy, like when she would forget to keep her mouth closed under water. She heard Bloomer trying to talk to her but all at once she found herself stumbling over Yamcha and then all went dark. It seemed like a moment had passed and she could hear Bloomer yelling and shortly after, Yamcha had joined. She shook her head as she woke, her mouth tasted like cotton and she felt slightly dizzy.

"Goku! They took your dragon ball," was what finally sunk into Goku's head and her eyes shot open.

"What! But I hid it!" yelped Goku as she looked at her now empty pouch, ignoring whatever Bloomer and Yamcha were freaking out about.

"They probably already made the wish!" yelled Bloomer; they had no inkling of how long they'd been unconscious.

"Guys… the doors open," said Puar after a few panicked moments, where the stone wall had vanished.

"Do you think it's another trap?" asked Goku, brow raised.

"But we were already trapped, so it makes no sense… maybe they forgot the door," said Yamcha.

"Well it's worth a risk," said Oolong and the group headed down the path together and quickly.

They were unaware of the celebratory Pilaf and her goons walking at the end of it. Pilaf was ranting and raving about how she was going to word her wish and how here world shall be ruled once she called upon the dragon. However oncoming footsteps made her freeze and suddenly she was looking up at the very ones she'd taken the balls from. Both groups stood in shock for a few minutes just staring at each other.

"Did… Di you make the wish?" asked Bloomer with slight hope, Pilaf shook her head and gulped, they'd forgot their weapons back in the viewing room.

That was exactly why Mei, Shu, and Pilaf bolted down the hallway as the group began chasing them. Shu and Mei knew what they were capable of and without weapons they were screwed. They managed to get into their secret entry way as the group ran by. Bloomer halted next to a confused Yamcha as they stared into a bright room with a series of pillars and what looked like giant bells. Goku scratched her head as they looked around only for the wall behind them to shove them into the room and suddenly the pillars acted like trampolines; tossing them into each other as a giant metal ball rolled out.

"YEAHHH!" screamed Bloomer as he was tossed into another pillar; Goku was currently attempting to punch out the giant metal ball to no avail.

"Ow!" yelped Goku as she was nearly run over.

Yamcha had currently attempted to get upright and use the pillars as a means of jumping from place to place, until she flew into Bloomer and both took out Puar and Oolong. Bloomer saw an opening in the wall a little ways off. She shared a look with Yamcha and they bolted towards it. Goku was focused on finding a way to destroy the giant ball; but Bloomer's hand grabbed hers and she was being dragged off with the others and into a wall where she finally gained footing to run with them.

"Are you kidding!" yelled Oolong, "It's still behind us!"

"Keep moving!" yelled Yamcha as they turned down another path, the ball right on their heels.

"No, we're going to stop," said Oolong sarcastically.

"I will trip you," yelled Yamcha as they made a sharp turn.

"Over there!" yelled Bloomer to an opening as they headed downhill.

Yamcha, Puar, and Oolong dove into it. Bloomer and Goku barely made it, as Goku had begun dragging Bloomer now. They breathed a sigh of relief as the ball flew passed them as they hit the wall, they'd avoided it and probably ran faster than they'd ever had in their lives.

"Stupid ball!" screamed Oolong, and suddenly the fading rumbled got louder.

"OOLONG!" screamed Bloomer as they began running again as the ball continued its attack.

"Like I knew the ball had an IQ," snapped Oolong as they ran and suddenly came to a dead end.

"We're trapped," said Bloomer as they flattened themselves against the wall, but suddenly the ball stopped, "W-What?"

"It stopped?" asked Goku in confusion, they could see themselves in the reflection.

"Why?" asked Puar as the ball backed up and suddenly the wall closed again.

"This room looks familiar…" said Goku, they'd reached the exact same room again.

"Not again!" groaned Bloomer as he slid down against the wall.

"Well… at least you didn't pee yourself the entire time," beamed Goku trying to reassure Bloomer.

"Again?" asked Yamcha, Bloomer at this point decided it best not to make eye contact.

"We need to figure out a way to get out of here and stop that wish," coughed Bloomer as he stood back up, "Ladies…"

"I'm going to try the Kamehameha Wave," said Goku as she readied herself in a stance, "Kame.."

"If that bounced off and hit us, we'd be dead," said Oolong with a gulp and everyone glanced at each other.

"Ohm, Goku…" Bloomer questioned, but it had already gone off as everyone ducked.

"Haaa!" yelled Goku and a blue light shot from her small palms and straight into the wall where air came in from the outside.

"They're calling the dragon!" yelled Bloomer as he saw Pilaf down away from them.

"We have to stop it, Puar turn into a bat a delay them… take one of the dragon balls," said Yamcha, Puar nodded and in an instant a bat formed Puar flew out the small opening Goku had created.

"Oolong! Help her!" yelled Bloomer, Oolong rolled his eyes.

"Why?" asked Oolong, "She can handle it."

"Don't make me say it!" snapped Bloomer, he didn't care if they were stuck in here, he would yell the 'P' word.

"Alright, calm down," sighed Oolong and in an instant she'd joined Puar in the flight towards where the balls were gathered.

"Guys, can I see…" said Goku from where Yamcha and Bloomer blocked the hole.

"Hurry!" yelled Puar as she flapped her wings as hard as she could towards the gathering villains, but suddenly a huge light filled the air and the two lost their flight pattern.

They all stared on in awe as Shenron rose. The large stream of light twisted and turned into the air above growing larger and larger. Soon the entire sky seemed to be filled with the streams of lights, where the balls had once been now was a glowing radiance. The light faded and the giant Eternal Dragon had arrived, even more great than imagined.

"That's Shenron, wow….." Bloomer trailed off at the magnificent being.

"If she makes her wish, we're doomed… the whole world is going to suffer," said Yamcha.

"We could always get them back and counter her wish," said Goku triumphantly.

"Actually… once the wish is made," grimaced Bloomer, "The balls will be scattered across the earth and will be undetectable for a year, they won't even look like dragon balls."

"What!" yelled Yamcha and Goku.

"Oolong! Puar! You have to stop them!" yelled Bloomer, "And we need to get out of here."

"What are we going to do?" asked Goku, looking up at Bloomer and then out at the dragon.