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The sly sun peeks through the windows, when it sees the zone is clear he launches his attack. The light it exhibits marches across the dark purple carpet like an army of ants. Their crusade however ends when their sire, the ball of fiery hot flames and many explosions, cannot send them any further. Their crusade is over but they still have a bed and the owner of the bed captured as prisoners of war. Arms are tangled beneath the sheets, tied to the bed almost, as the owner tosses and turns. She attempts to fight the urge to wake and grumbles and moans grumpily. At the last attempt of freedom she tries to bury her face in a cascade of blonde curls. You can see her scrunched up eyes, but you can't see beneath the flutter lashes. Emerald jewels lie hidden beneath, emerald jewels which lead you to her soul. A kind, beautiful, and caring soul filled with ethereal goodness.

Now could you just look across the room and try and peel your gaze away from that perfect being. There is me, stilling lingering in the darkness of the room and lying on a bed empty of blankets. During my sleep I must have wrestled them to the ground like a fierce warrior. Now you know why the sun's glorious glow couldn't reach me, I would tear it to shred with a furious glare and the sun knew that. See we're battled so many times that ethereal goddess-like being on the other side of the room, she swapped sides with me but the sneaky sun still tried his darnedest.

No I am not a creepy old guy stuck in the room with a pretty or more than pretty, girl. That girl is my sister, I am a girl, and I am a girl with a prettier big twin sister. Do you want to know what sucks more? She is not an evil prettier big twin sister; she is just a goody-two-shoe that is a thousand times more popular, prettier and smarter than me. So with all of those titles could she cut me some slack in the athletic side? No, she is way better than me at sports.

Am I jealous? Here you expect me to say, 'Oh no I could never ever be jealous of my big sister.' While guess what I am. I have a right to be too and you cannot protest against that. Look at my eyes; they are amber aka golden-yellowish brown with a few sparks of green. Why only a few? Because in the womb she took the rest! My hair is a bush; tangled and full knots that are unyielding to any comb, hair brush, or hair product. You have to fight tooth in nail just to hide the shameful mess in a bun.

But alas we get on good as golden, literally.

She is my best friend; we are as close as two peas in a pod. She's my jam to my peanut butter, my gravy to my roast, my ganache to my cake, my fish to my chips and well you get the point. You just can't hate her, she is the girl you want to be evil and you want to hate, but that just doesn't happen.

Now, this my diary filled with the thoughts of the true ugly duckling, with no magical turning into a swan and no fairy-tale ending. This is the ugly duckling in reality.

And this duckling shall write about her family, so you know them in further entries along with their codenames.

Sleeping Beauty is my lovely big twin sister Payton Ruby Harris, beautiful, talent, intelligent and kind. She is the third eldest of our family. She is one of those people you would hate for being perfect but can't because of how nice they are. She is athletic, academic and beautiful. She can act, is decent at singing and is extremely popular. Obviously you know which twin they dropped, uh me! She also loves to sleep, in 2 seconds she is snoring. One of her flaws, she snores like the sound you hear when you release the plug after a bath, just times that by ten.

Abyss I should call him because of the amount he eats or even pig but he is family and sadly I love him, so he is Led Z. He'd love me if he found out I nicknamed him this. Peter Joseph Harris or Pete is the oldest sibling in our family. He is annoying, disgusting, noisy, messy, and aggravating but that's what you have got to love about Pete. He is my brother who wants to be in a band like Led Zeppelin and he actually worships them, actually. His room is like their Hall of Fame. He can eat almost anything and everything. He is really skilful at guitar but should stray from vocals. But he is the older brother who beats or threatens your bullies; you have just got to love him. He is also the older brother to look after us 'cubs' as he has deemed us; the younger siblings.

Prince Charming goes to Alexander Xavier Harris. He is the second oldest sibling in our lot. He is sensible but disgusting, noisy, messy, annoying and aggravating when you close our house door. At school he is all perfect grades, best football player and the Prince Charming but at home he is just like Led Z. He also flies through girlfriends, it is revolting. He has about three girlfriends per week. He is the popular guy you either want or you hate. He is also the one who forces you to do your homework and he helps you. And if you bribe him with a safe card he will do almost anything for you. The safe card is what we Harris siblings give to each other if we want to get out of being in trouble; the sibling who gave it to you either takes the blame or confirms you weren't even near the crime scene. His safe cards are the best to receive other than Sleeping Beauty's because he is a good liar.

Superman's Sidekick; Super Boy (SB) is my younger brother Samuel Fredrick Harris. He is sometimes my partner in crime and he idolizes Prince Charming (PC). PC sometimes has SB do silly things like drink all of the vinegar just so he can go into PC's room but Led Z always gets Prince Charming back for good ole Super Boy. Why Super Boy? Not only has he got me out of troublesome situations since I have a trunk full of safe card's from that little bugger, they are his I owe you cards really, he loves Superman. He is messy, disgusting, annoying, noisy and aggravating like my other brother's but he is more feminine in a way. He can walk around with only his underwear on just fine but only if he has a t-shirt. He can never swim in just trunks because he is always covering his cheat. He is mischief but not overly so. He more or less tries his darnedest to annoy Sleeping Beauty.

And I, I am the fourth one born and the second youngest and I am ugly duckling. This more or less represents my misfit status.

My first Diary Entry into my first Diary.






Ugly Duckling

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