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Chapter 1: Kim's past and her child's discovery

"Ron! Kids! Breakfast is ready!" Kim called from the kitchen with her hand on her big stomach.
Ron slid on the railing of the stairs and his daughter followed right behind him.
"Smells good KP! What is it?" Said Ron taking in a big whiff of air. Kim turned around with the skillet in her hand, "Just eggs and bacon with a side of pancakes."
"Are they shaped like monkeys?" Their daughter, Alex , asked.
"*sigh* You know how your dad gets about…. That particular animal." Kim said.
"Oh come on Kim. That was high school year! I got over it!" Ron said with confidence. Kim changed the kitchen t.v. on to the nature channel where there was an ape hitting its chest. Ron broke out in a sweat. "Aaaaahhhhaaaa….. see no pro-blamo." He turned his head to look at his daughter and she was holding a monkey doll in her hand. "EVIL MONKEY!" Ron jumped into the air and held on to the lamp shad. Kim shook her head. "Hey Alex, where's your big brother ?"
"Probably still sleep." Alex said putting her blond curly hair into a high ponytail.
"UUGGGHHH! Can't he wake up himself by now?" She turned around and began to walk to his room. She sighed at the stairs and walked up it and then turned a corner to see a brown door that read 'NO LIL' SISTERS ALLOWED!'. She pushed the door open and seen her son wrapped around in a blue and black blanket.
"Mike. Wake up or else your gonna be late for your first day of high school". Kim shook her sleepy son.
"*groans* Mom please… 20 more minutes". Kim sighed she pulled the covers off him. "Come on hun, it's a beautiful day!" She opened his curtains very wide so the bright light could shine in. Mike hissed at the bright light blinding him. Kim ruffled his red hair, " Please get ready and come down and eat breakfast." Mike looked at her with big puppy dog eyes and a pouted lip. "5 more minutes?"
"HEY! It only works when I do it". Kim laughed. Mike rolled his eyes. "Whatever… I'll be down in a couple of minutes."
"Thank you." Mike stretched his back and stood up. He looked at the stopwatch he got when he was ten years old then smiled. "Never hurt to time how fast I've gotten over the summer." He started his stopwatch and ran outside his room door. He ran to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, gargled, then brushed his hair in the front so that his messy bang flipped up. Mike quickly tossed cold water on his face then dried it off with a towel. He ran to his room and picked out his clothes. It was a white long sleeve covered up with a light blue buttoned shirt that he left open, some black pants a white shoes. He drenched himself in a cloud of colon and checked him self in the mirror on more time, checking out his freckles and red hair and moving the sleeping crust from his blue eyes. He grabbed his stopwatch and slid down the stairs. He skidded in the kitchen and sat down next to his dad. Mike looked at his stopwatch and pressed down it's button. "Haha! 58 seconds!"
His mom sat a plate of food in front of him and he poured himself a tall glass of orange juice.
"Excited for your first day of high school sport?" Asked Ron. Mike shrugged.
"Yeah know… in my days of high school… I was in a lot of school activities and-"
"No dad I'm not gonna become the school mascot." Said Mike shaking his hand in the air.
"No! Not those days of high school!" Mike sighed and looked at his phone. There was a text from his best friend Sam:
Outside Man Hurry Up! :(
Mike texted back: OK! Calm urself!
Mike put his phone back in his pocket.
"Mike. You know how I don't like phones at the table", Kim said.
"I know mom, but I just got a text from Sam sayin' thats she's ready to go." Kim frowned." Okay. Be safe." Mike got up and picked up his bag. Then Kim grabbed him by his hand and kissed him on the cheek."Bye!"
"Oh mom!" Mike started to wipe his cheek with his sleeve. "Bye." Ron jumped up. "Hey Mike maybe we can walk threw the door together I need to go to work too."
"Sure. Why not?"
"Okay thanks! Bye KP." He stroked her cheek and kissed her on her lip.
"Ewwwww!" Said Mike and Alex together.
"Some of us are trying to keep our food down!" Kim and Ron looked at each other then laughed.
"Okay bye now!"
"Bye Ron!"
Ron and Mike walked out together. While walking out, Mike saw a girl with long curly brown hair with a grey beanie on. She wore a baby blue top, gray pants and white shoes and wore a camera around her neck.
"Hey Sam", said Mike.
"Took you long enough little boy!" Said Sam really irritated. Then she lifted her camera up and took a picture of him. His pupil shrunk and grew back. "Joined the camera club! And you know what that means!"
"More unnessasary pictures of people."
"My pictures are not unessasary! They're pure art."
"Whatever. Just keep me out of your..." Mike raised his hands"Art". Sam mugged him and looked over at Ron with a smile. "Hey !"
"Hey Sam. Mike make sure you get to school on time or else your mom is gonna be up to my throat about it."
"Mkay, I will." Ron got in his SUV and drove off.
"Why can't you be more happy like your dad?" Sam asked.
"Because... Ya know what i dont really know." Mike and Sam started walking to Middleton High School. When they walked in Sam breath was taken away. "Oh...My...Gosh. I'm so amazed. Look at the hall ways, the lockers."
" Dont forget the dust." Mike laughed.
"Don't kill my happiness you buzz kill." They walked to there lockers to try out there combinations. Mike opened then closed his locker. When he turned around he grabbed his chest. He saw his school crush, Harper Flagg, walking down the hallway. Her short black hair covered up with a béret. She topped it off with a purple scarf, a sweater dress, leggings and black hightops.
'Oh gosh she's walking this way! Come on man say hi!' "Hey Harper!" She turned Mike's way."Hey... Mike right?"
"Haha did you forget your name over the summer?"
"No! Um... yeah I'm Mike." She smiled."See ya around". She winked and walked away.
"S-See you around." Mike slammed his back against his locker and slid down. "How can i forget my own name? Man I'm such a dork." Sam sat right next to him. "Lemme guess.. Harper just came by and you bommed like always?"
"Oh shut it". Mike got up from the floor."come on we have class"

A whistle blew in Mike's face. A buff man walked back and forth. Looking at all his students.
"My name is . and I'll be your high school principle for your high school exsperence." He leaned in Mikes face. "Your face looks familiar, Whats your name kid!?"
"Ummmm... Mike Stoppable...". Barkin looked at him in disbelif. "You're Ron Stoppable's Kid?''
"Yeah." Barkin was quiet for a long time then bursted into laughter. "Your Ron Stoppable's kid? Then whose your mom?"
"Kim Possible..."
"Okay don't stand here and lie! Your ridiculose!" Barkin walked away and started to talk more about the school and sports. Mike sighed.'This is gonna be a long day', he though.

*Somewhere In A Secret HeadQurters*
A Blue man was pacing the dark floor.
"Drakken! Stop thinking so much about this revenge plan... I mean, you got your but kicked 22 years ago and you think you can beat her this time cause she's older?" A pail women with dark hair dressed in a green suit said.
"Shego please! I'm thinking!After all these years... I think I found the way to finally beat Kim Possible! And I think I know just how to do that..." Shego looked over at him. "You woulden't!"
"Mwahahhaha! I should! Mego, come!" Out of the darkness stepped a girl. She wore a purple and black half shirt that matched her purple and black pants with black shoes.
"Our daughter is your next big plan?" Asked Shego.
"Of coarse! And-"
"You-go left a couple minutes ago daddy", said Mego.
"Arrrrrgggghhhhh! That son of mine. Mego you sure are acting like a big sister to your older brother. Always taking his resposibility."
"He has told you before he didn't like the evil buissness and that he was intrested in art." Said Shego.
"Art isn't evil!"
"I don't think it was ever evil to begin with honey."
"No child of mine is going to grow up not being evil. Now get that threw your head Shego!" Shego sighed then walked away. Drakken looked over at his daughter and smiled. "Okay Mego, here's the plan".

*At the Stoppable's house*
Kim zipped her black dress up. "Okay Mike. You know today is me your fathers' aniversarry. Your in charge. Dinners in the fridge, make sure Alex is in bed by 9 and you're in bed by 10."
"Sure..." Mike said distracted by his phone. Kim checked herself in the mirror once more. "Mike can you go in the attic and grab my gold chain?"
"Sure..." Mike walked up the stairs and then pulled the ceilling door down. He began to walk up the attics stairs. He looked around. "If I were a necklace wear would I be?" Mike turned his head to the side and saw a green box. "Jackpot!" He grabbed the green box from under a stack of other boxes and it all came tumbling down on him. He rose up and opened the green box annd saw a gold chain. When he pulled it up he saw something more intresting that caught his eye. He picked it up and eyed it for a long time. But then his mom broke his concentration.
"Mike my necklace!" Mike got startled a jumbled the object around. Then he finally caught it. "C-Coming!" Mike shoved the thing in his pocket and walked down stairs. He tossed the gold chain to his mom and she caught it. "Thanks".
"Your welcome." Kim put it on her neck and grabbed her hand bag.
"Ready to go?" Asked Ron lending her his shoulder. She smiled."Yes, lets." As soon as they left , Mike pulled out the object. It was a blue rectangle with white buttons and a red light at the top. Mike looked at the corner and read out loud, "Kim...Municator?"
"What are you doing?" Mike jumped up and looked at his little sister. "Nothing." He shoved the kimmunicator in his pocket."Hey wanna eat somethin'?" He lead her to the kitchen and warmed up her dinner. He pushed it to her and walked out. He went back to the acttic. "I should put this back...This phone is ancient." He looked at it one more time. "Does it still work?" He pressed the middle button of the four white arrows. A bright blue light appeared, blinding Mike. He dropped it on the floor a backed up against the wall. The blue light rose then scanned the room. The Kimmunicator spoke: ROOM CLEARED. Mike walked up to the kimmunicator then picked it up. The screen went from black then showed a face on it. It was a man witha blue shirt on. He was muscular, had long black hair and a goatee.
"Hey man, this is Wade. You don't know me, but I sure do know you. And I'm hoping it's Mikey!" Mike looked around the looked back at the screen.
"Haha! You sure don't know this...but imma let you on a little secret. Your mom used to fight crime. I know right? Hard to believe at her age. But what I want to say is that even though she's retired, I think you can cotinue her legacy! Your last name May be Stoppable but I think you can do amazing thing like a Possible! You dont have to believe but...", he leaned back"Think about it.." The screen went black. Mike was speechless. His on mom a crime fighter? Was this a sick joke? Mike shook it off and walked back downstairs. He sat down in the couch then the door bell rang. He grouned then went to open the front door. Out stood a man with a ponytail and a scar on his face and next to him was a girl about Mike's age .
"Can I help you guys?"
"Yes! We are the new neighbors from down the street," said the man.
"New neighbors? There wasen't any new house that opened up around here."
"Well now there was and now me and my daughter live in that house. May we come in?" Mike looked around then stepped aside so the man and his daughter could come in. They sat down in the coach at the side of the other one.
"So... Where did you guys come from?" Asked Mike.
"Far... Far... Away..." Said the daughter.
"That must be really far... Oh! would you like something to drink?"
"Sure!" Said the daughter and the father together. Mike got up and walked in the kitchen. When he was out of earshoot they began to disscus there plan.
"Does he really not know who I am? I'm sure his mom told him about me!" Drakken said disgusted.
"Don't worry about that dad! We have bigger things to do!'' They heared a cough then looked down. It was Alex.
"Hi little girls what's your name?" Asked Mego.
"What's it to ya?"
"Now that's no way to talk to your new neighbors," said Mego trying to keep a smile on her face.
"If your trying to get at my brother he won't like you cause of your ugly pale skin," said Alex. Mego was getting pissed."And your dad looks like a weirdo too." Drakken looked over at her with his mouth wide opened. Alex mugged both of them then walked away. Mike came back with 2 cups in his hands."Here's some juice.'
"Thanks." They all sat in silence.
"So I heared this was the house of the famous crime fighter Kim Possible!" said Drakken.
"What! My mom's not a crime fighter she's a pregnant screen writer."
"No I'm sure this is her house."
"Yes I-"
"Nope! It's just me, my dad, my mom, and my little sister. No crime fighters!" Mego was getting irritated with her fathers' and Mikes' useless fighting. She picked up her cup and threw it a Mike. Mike saw this coming and knocked it down with a swift movement of his hand.
"Dad he lied! Shoot him!" Drakken pulled out a futuristic lazer gun then shot at him. Mike ran out of his seat. "What the-"
"Mego! Go!" A purple glow shown from her hand. then she charged at him.
"What's going on?" Asked his sister coming out of the kitchen. Mike picked her up,"No time to explain." Mego came charging at him. Mike ran up the stairs. Mego was right behind. Before she could swing , Mike swong to the other way of the upstair. Mego came in for a punch. Mike threw Alex in the air and blocked Mego's mooves. Mike trying to kick him in the face but Mike blocked it and grabbed her foot. He swong her around and threw her into the guest room door. Mike looked up and caught his sister just in time.
"Never do that again," said Alex. A burst of light shot at them and they flew back and Mike's back hit the railing, breaking it and landed on the downstair floor. He let out an 'uuuhhhh'. Mike opened his eye and saw Drakken about to shoot him. Drakken shot but Mike rolled he picked up his sister, and ran threw the back door.
"You can run... but you can't hide,"said Drakken. Mike looked over the corner of the house then leaned back against the wall. "Hop on my back."
"Who are those people? And what are they-"
"Just hop on my back!" Alex obeyed and got on Mike's back. He climbed the ladder at the side of the house, opened a window and rolled into his room. Mike pulled out the kimmunicator. "Come on... Come on..."
"Mike what is that?" asked Alex
"Oh my gosh Alex! Don't trip!" The kimmunicator turned on."Wade! If you're there answer me! Please!"
"Wait! Who's Wade!?" Asked Alex grabbing on her hair and shaking her head. A hand bursted threw Mike's room door. The hand came out then appeared a pail face. "Heeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeee'ssss Mego!" Mike was panicing. He was pressing random buttons then finally a face appeared.
"Mike is that you!?" Said Wade. "It's been so long little man how are-"
"Help!" Said Mike.
"Wow. What a nice introduction," Mike faced the kimmunicator towards the door and Wade saw Mego bashing threw the door.
"Oh. Now I see. Okay are you in your room?" Asked Wade.
"Okay what I need you to do is move that picture of that baseball player on the side. Before your mom cutted me off from you I left little suprises in your room for things like that". Mike moved the picture to the side and he saw a grappling hook gun that was in black.
"A grappling hook was in my room this whole time and i didn't even know about it?"
"Yeah it was for your 6th birthday." Said Wade. Mike shot it at the ceiling. stepped a few steps back, then swong on it. Mego broke down the door but got Mike's shoe to her face. She flew back breaking in one of the room doors. She sat up with her fist glowing purple.
Mike charged at her and Mego did the same. They both jumped in the air and kicked at each other and there legs hit. Mike landed on the his knee and foot and Mego landed on her hands then feet. They ran at each other one more time and laced fingers and looking at each other. Mike was grinding his teeth looking at Mego.
"You know what? For a red head you're pretty cute. Maybe after I get rid of your mom I'll date you!" Mego said with a half smile.
"Nahhh, I like my girl not so violent, and a little bit tan," Mike smirked. Drakken came running up the satirs. "I found you guys!" Mike turned and got wide eyed. He grabbed Mego's risk, swong her around a few times and threw her into her dad. Mike picked up his grppling hook and tucked his sister under his arm they ran down stairs. Mike picked up the phone and started to call 9-1-1.
"9-1-1. what's your emergency?"
"Come to my house quick! There's 2 syco's trying to kill me!"
"Okay sir, help is on the way." Mike hung up the phone. Alex shriked under his arm. Mike snapped back to reality and turned around. Mego grabbed his leg and was dragging him closer to her. Mike lossened his grip on his sister. "Run!" Alex nodded and ran outside the door. Mike looked at Mego and she had a huge grin on her face. Mike looked up and saw a chanelier. He shot his grappling hook at it then tugged hard enough on it so it'll come crashing down on Mego. Mike hurried to stand up. Mike went upstairs and saw Drakken knocked out from last time. Mike leaned into his face . Drakken eyes popped open. He grabbed Mike's arm and pointer his lazer gun at his face. Mike's eyes got big. Seconds later, a foot kicked Drakken in the face. Mike looked to the side and seen Alex.
"I thought I told you to run." Mike smiled. Alex laughed and crossed her arms. "When have I ever listened to you?" Mike dug in his pocket and pulled out the kimmunicator.
"You did it!" Said Wade, "You finish your first mission!" Wade gave him a wink and a thumbs up. Mike and Alex faced each other, then smilled. "BOOYAH!" They both said then hi-fived each other.

The Stoppable house hold was surrounded by police. Kim ran out the car before it could come to a complete stop. She walked up to a nearby police. "What happened?" The police officer turned around and smilled at her. "Hey sis!" Said Jim.
"Did your nephew do something to the place like throw a party and I got noise complants?"
"No it's not that. Your son got attacked. But it seems like he had it under control."
"Attacked! By who?" Jim pointed with his pen to the police car 7 feet away. Kim's eye's widened when she seen Drakken. "Oh no! This is bad!" Kim ran to the ambulence. The perimedice was putting a band-aid on Alex's head. Kim put both hands on her shoulder. "are you okay?" She asked worried.
"I'm okay mom. I just got a little bruise." Kim looked around. "Where's Mike?"
"In the ambulence. He took most of the damage then I did." Kim looked in the ambulence but doctors was blocking her view. She pushed them out of the way and saw her son. She gasped and cover her mouth. Mike was bandaged up around his stomch and back all the way up to his chest. They put a bandage on his arm and under his right eye.
"Okay. Take a pain killer and you'll be fine,"said Tim helping his nephew sit up.
"'Ight. Just don't tell my mom anything,"Mike said rubbing his head.
"To late," Kim said. Tim turned around and Mike looked up. His eyes widened when he saw his mom about to cry. She climbed in the ambulence and huged her son. "Oh my gosh I thought I lost you."
"Mom... I'm okay." Mike pushed her off and smiled at her. "Don't worry about me. Sart focusing on my future baby brother okay?" Kim was still frowning. " I don't know..."
"How about a vacation?" Kim turned around and seen Ron and Alex.
" I don't know for sure you guys if we should.." said Kim.
"Come on mom? Please?" Asked Alex
"Yeah mom." Kim looked at Mike. "It'll be fun", he said with a smile. Kim smiled back at him. "Okay we can go!"Said Kim.
"Where to thou?" Said Tim.
"The himilayas!" Said Alex.
"How about Mexico? Where all the nachos are. And i'll teach you how to make your very first naco!" Said Ron.
"To cold and You just wanna go there for the food." Said Kim.
"How 'bout Japan. Not to hot... Not to cold and has great food". Said Mike.
"Yeah!" Said Ron and Alex together.
"Come on dad! Help me pack my stuff!" Said Alex dragging her dad behind her.
Jim and Tim helped Kim and Mike down from the ambulence.
"Take care of yourselves. Exspecially you champ." Said Jim. Mike smiled then his uncles took off.
When Mike and Kim entered the house Kim faced Mike and Mike looked at her suprisingly.
"Mike I heared what you said in the ambulence about not telling me about it. But.." she grasped his wrisk tightly. "I don't want you to keep secrets from me okay? Can we treat it like old times when we told each other everything?" Mike smiled but knew he coulden;t keep that promise. "Sure mom." He lied. Kim hugged her son good night and went to bed.
Mike looked around then turned on the kmmunicator. He seen Wade's smilling face.
"Thanks Wade!" Said Mike.
"Anytime kid. But we got to keep your secret on the down low okay? Is that a problem for you?
"Mike smiled at the screen. "It's no big".


AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well this is the first chapter to Mike Stoppable. Be easy on me! I'm a big noob at this -.-And I know that the daughter has the name of one of the characters from team go but that'll be explained in a later chapter. Anyways... Comment and review :D