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Chapter One


It was cold. I hate the cold. I would rather die of cancer like Mom than suffer the extreme cold. I lead my baby sister through the streets of Stilwater. Our 'father' had just abandoned us in the middle of nowhere, so we walked.

Natasha and I passed a man selling watches, we ignored him. We kept walking until a hooker stopped us.

"Hey baby, I can show you a good time." She was acting like she was hot shit, I was about to respond but a fight broke out against boys in blue, yellow and red. I picked up my surprisingly light sister, ran and hid her in an alley next to a parking lot. Just in time to. I walked back out to see if the coast was clear, when a red car nearly crashed into me. It exploded sending me a couple of feet away. I prayed Nat was okay. I propped myself up on two elbows when one of the men in yellow approached. I shuffled back; my elbows gave out as the man raised his gun. Everything went black; I heard a gunshot and a scream.


"You okay, playa?" A black guy helped me up after I regained consciousness. I stumbled a bit since my legs were numb.

"Julius let's move." The red-head said. The black guy helped me over a wall as the car exploded.

"That don't look so bad, you'll be fine. That's Troy, you can thank him later." I looked at Troy.

"Hey" Was all he said. I turned back to Julius.

"The Row ain't safe anymore, playa. We got gangs fighting over shit that ain't theirs. With you in the way, they don't care if you're representing or not."

"Julius, this is no time to recruit."

"We need all the help we can get son."

"No, we need to get our asses out of here."

"In a minute, look, the Row's got a problem. Come to the church when you want to be a part of the solution." They were about to head off, when movement was heard, they stopped. Troy's gun was raised and was pointed straight between Nat's golden irises. Her lips started to wobble.

"Shit, now look what you've done." Julius seemed pissed. Nat was kneeling next to me in seconds. Troy seemed to notice that we had the exact same eyes and the exact same fiery hair.

"Are you two related or something?" I nodded. They said their goodbyes and left. Natasha instantly set her sights on me again; she's way too cute for her own good. I patted her head; my little way of saying everything was okay. Or my way of calming her down when she's pissed off.

I stood up, and offered to give her a piggy back, which she gracefully accepted. I carried her around until we found a motel, being seventeen; I had money from the job I quit a few days ago. We paid.

When we got to the room, we found out that it consisted of a bed, a shitty T.V., and a dresser. That was it. We didn't mind though, we were forced to sleep in the same bed at our ex-home anyway, so nothing new. I now it's wrong, but I know Natasha's every curve, every bruise and every freckle. We often cuddled in bed, mainly because we both had nightmares, not that because I'm a pervert.

The next day, after we'd bought the very few things we need to live, we headed to the church. After we got there, people stared, not unusual, I mean who (other than me) brings an eleven year old to a gang meeting.

"So you made it," Julius walked up to me, "And who's this little cutie?" He ruffled Nat's silky soft hair (she makes me brush it, you pervert) and she started giggling.

"Natasha." She managed between giggles. Julius smiled at her, stood back up and turned back to me.

"You brought a little girl?" He seemed really disgusted with me.

"Where am I going to put her? I barely had enough money for the motel room we're renting. There is no way I could hire a babysitter." I said, feeling a little cocky.

"Julius, if this kid's gonna be rolling with us, he's gotta be canonised." A guy with dark spiked up hair, with white tips and shades said.

"We all did Julius." Troy agreed. Julius nodded, took Nat's hand and led her away.

"Tell me the results once I get back, Troy." He yelled over his shoulder. He was obviously taking my sister away from whatever test I was about to endure. Guys started to run up and attack me; I fought back and defended while silently wondering where Julius was taking Nat. After I'd beaten most of the gang Troy, Shades and one other guy congratulated me. Julius came back out of the church and shook my hand.

"Welcome to the Third Street Saints."

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