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Chapter 4


Leo's POV

By the time we got back, we kinda had to ditch the car. I mean, it was so trashed! We waited for Julius. While we were waiting I started whistling. I saw Natasha cringe.

"Onii-chan . . . could you please stop doing that?" She practically whispered. She must be really tired. I kneeled down to her height and put a hand on her shoulder (Natasha is kinda short).

"Natasha, maybe you should sit this one out. You're tired and frankly, I don't want you to get hurt." I said softly as not to hurt her delicate hearing (it's only delicate when she's tired, she can listening to an explosion without her ears hurting. . . but only when she's awake). She nodded and rubbed her eyes, "How's about you go see Johnny?" She knew what I meant. She nodded and walked inside the church. I smiled as I watched her walk away, Johnny had better not wake her until she's had exactly nine hours of sleep; or I will fuck his shit up. Just then, Troy and Julius, walking opposite of Nat, walked up to me.

"I got a tip that there's a turf war going on right now. If we crash their party, we could take out all those sons of bitches at once." Troy cut to the chase while Julius looked distracted.

"Why ain't Nat coming with us?" I looked at the leader of the Saints like he was fucking insane.

"One, she's tired and two, she isn't a good fighter when she's tired; when tired she is the equivalent to dead meat at fighting." I replied, still giving him the look. Julius nodded and we just stood still as a cop car drove by. I noticed Troy's eyes seemed to follow the car, curious. I saw a white AQUA across the street and ran over to it.

Don't see me stealing this car, officer. I thought to myself as I turned the ignition key. Just as the engine roared, Troy, who was riding shotgun, got an indescribable look.

"Oh, shit." He said. I turned to where he was facing and saw the little store across the street from the church, which Natasha thought was 'queer', with an old lady standing outside of it with a big, heavy looking bag in her hand. She was black with white hair and beady eyes.

"HEY!" She yelled out as I hit the juice. We drove off with Julius cracking up.

"I can't believe we just stole some old hag's car." Troy lit a cigarette. As we drove Julius started asking questions.

"Why was Nat tired?" Let's just say, I hate backseat drivers.

"We did a lot of running today and she didn't get her nine hours off sleep last night so, in a manner of speaking, she burned out her energy." I turned a corner and flicked on the radio; Julius leaned over and muted it.

"Wait, why does Natasha need nine hours?" Troy was staring out the window. I sighed.

"She's a really hyperactive kid most of the time, so she needs enough sleep for her to . . . 'regenerate' the adrenalin." I used quotation marks. They nodded, but I don't think they believed me. I rolled my eyes and drove very carefully, so I didn't alert the other gangs of our arrival. After a few moments of silence I almost crashed the car.

"Strap it up playa, we about to go in hard." Julius' gang talk seemed to calm me down a bit, now knowing that I was probably about to die; I un-muted the stereo.

"I'm on the hiiiiighway to hell!" I chuckled at how coincidental that was. Just as I was about to sing along; Troy turned it down.

"I ain't gonna lie to you; when we go in there, it's gonna get pretty rough." I saw the ginger check his ammo, "Julius, you sure it's cool to take this kid instead of Johnny?"

"The kid will be fine." Julius said carefree, I hit the brakes and looked at him as if he were gonna offer me a kiddie's meal from Freckle Bitches (everyone knows that the secret ingredient is . . . well, to put it lightly . . . 'love-juice'). He shrugged. I shook my head and turned back to driving, wondering how my baby-sis was going.

Johnny's POV

I was sitting in my office humming to myself when I heard the door open, thinking it was Dex, I yelled.

"THE FUCK DO Y-'' I stopped dead to see a tired-eyed Natasha standing at the door, clutching her cute, delicate looking ears. I smiled softly and walked over to her, "Sorry I yelled, I thought you were . . . someone else." I watched her struggle to stay awake; rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"It's okay, Johnny." She yawned. It didn't take a deaf and blind mother-fucker to see that she was tired, "Can I stay with you for a while?" My eyes shot open a bit, even if no-one saw. I couldn't let Natasha stay at my place, especially with all the beer bottles littering the floor and how I have my boxers discarded in both my room and the guest bedroom.

"Sorry, 'Sasha, but my place is a little . . . 'Child Un-friendly' at the moment." She got a sad look in those cute, dreamy, innocent, sparkly, golden orbs of hers that broke my heart into a million pieces.

"But Onii-chan told me to . . . stay with . . . you until . . . he . . . got back." I caught her as she collapsed, unconscious. I picked her up bridal style and carried her outside.

"HEY DICKHEAD! Where do you think you're going with Nat?" Shit. Dex must have gotten back from the strip club early. I turned and faced him.

"Nat said that her brother told her to stay with me until he got back. You gotta problem with that?" I growled. Dex, amazingly, stood his ground and stared at me.

"Fine, but I'm going too; who knows what you'll do to her while she's sleeping!?" I almost considered softly placing Nat down and beating the crap out of that asshole, how dare he accuse me of something like that . . . I was thinking it but I don't think I have the balls to do so.

"Fine, Fuck-face. But you can drive with your own car, there's no way I'll let you in mine." Dex nodded and jumped into his shitty, out-dated car. I hoped into my pimped mini-limo (I had it specially made). I lay Natasha down in the backseat, found a way to strap her in and then hopped into the front.

'Watch out, Dex. I'm not letting you have Nat without a fight.'

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