Author's Note: First Stelena fanfiction ever! So be gentle please!...Really written as a ploy to express my TVD frustrations, while also exercising my fanfic writing skills. It's been a while! Please enjoy!

Always and Forever

It's over. I knew it was only a matter of time. So much has changed between us. Too much has changed between us.

Still it came as a bit of a surprise to me. I truly wasn't expecting it, or maybe I was just hoping we'd be able to keep it together.

Wishful thinking, really...completely in vain wishful thinking, because I should have known. There's only so much the heart can take, and I've been ripping his heart out for quite some time. All of the meaningful looks, the lingering touches, the stolen kisses...he's seen them all, and he's put up with them all. Until now. And as much as I want to blame him. As much as I want to hate him. I can't.

So I just feel numb instead. It's like I abruptly lost this huge part of me. Like someone suddenly chopped off my arms or my legs, and I can't seem to function properly. How am I supposed to walk without my legs? How am I supposed to touch and feel without my arms? He's a part of me. Through and through. As vital as the air I breathe and my heart that pumps. He is my air. He is my heart.

A heart I took for granted. A heart I tried to exchange for another, because I forgot. How could I have forgotten? How very important he is to me...

Now he's gone so suddenly. And I finally seem to remember. But I can't help but feel it might be a long leave.

Not forever though. Never forever. We've been through entirely too much. We battled his blood lust, we overcame his possessive ex, and we even conquered his murderous dark side. There have been endless trials and tribulations, but we've made it through each and every time, because we love each other.

I never gave up on him. And I know he'll never give up on me. He loves me. And I love very much. I'll never stop. No matter what.

So I'll die for a little while, if I have to. I'll force myself away from him, and force myself to sort through these inappropriate feelings...even though it will kill me every day. Even though my heart will still skip a beat each time I see him. Even though my breath will catch every time he looks at me. Even though I'll long to touch him, and need to be held in his arms. Even though I'll dream of his kisses. I'll suffer, because I know this is but another test for us to go through.

When it's all said and done I will love Stefan Salvatore with every fiber of my being, uninhibited, unadulterated, and unlimited. It's him. It's always been Stefan. And it'll always be Stefan. Always and forever.

Author's Note: I know it was short, but if it isn't too much trouble, please let me know what you thought of it! :) This is how I honestly feel about Stelena! Unfortunately TV Elena may not be as sure as the Elena in this story, but she will soon find out! Whatever she's feeling for Damon, it doesn't, nor will it ever compare to what she feels for Stefan! She's been too busy taking him for granted to realize this at the moment! But I sure can't wait for it to sink in!