Chapter 36

A few days had passed since Tenzo interrupted their training session, and Kakashi still hadn't told him what Tenzo wanted. But he figured it was private if Kakashi hadn't told him, so he didn't ask.

It was a typical afternoon: they'd trained, showered, and flopped down on Kakashi's bed. Kakashi had suggested reading manga together as a quiet way to pass the time together, and Gai agreed. He didn't usually spend a lot of time reading, but he was willing to try new things for Kakashi. Besides, Kakashi's manga were really interesting.

Gai lay flat on his back on Kakashi's bed, holding the manga open with both hands and at arm's length, since it was more comfortable. Light filtered in through the blinds over Kakashi's bedroom window, letting in enough natural light that the lamps were off. He found he enjoyed the feeling of the thick newsprint pages.

After about fifteen minutes of reading, Gai glanced over at Kakashi. Kakashi was sitting up with pillows propped behind him, slouched in prime reading position. Gai noticed that Kakashi always liked the same position when reading. Kakashi's hair was tousled and damp from the shower, and he was without his mask. Gai sighed a little without meaning to; reading the peace on Kakashi's delicate features made his chest feel warm inside. He'd always known that Kakashi enjoyed reading. But now, he could see Kakashi's enjoyment. It was a whole new experience.

He glanced back at the manga he was reading, and then noticed he'd somehow missed part of the story. This was typical; he had poor reading comprehension and had to read things several times. He didn't really feel like reading everything again, and it was Kakashi's book, so he figured he'd just ask. "Ne, Kakashi? Juro and Nagasaki-san are in a relationship at this point, right?"

Kakashi glanced over at the manga Gai was reading. "Yes. They've gotten really serious, in fact."

"How did I miss that?" Gai lamented. He pouted at the page. "I was reading, and the next thing I know, they're kissing, and Nagasaki-san has his fingers in Juro's butt." Then he pulled the manga closer and squinted. "At least it looks like that's where his fingers are." He showed Kakashi. "See? They're kissing in the doorway and Nagasaki-san got Juro's pants down, and now his fingers are...he's cupping Juro's bottom, and it looks like two of his fingers are in there."

Kakashi felt an immediate flush of heat that snapped through his stomach and pooled in his groin. He blushed faintly and dutifully looked at the panel. "Ah...yes." He looked back to his manga, not really seeing what was on the page.

"But how did that happen?" Gai asked. "I thought the last thing that happened was..." He flipped back a few pages and stopped. "Here! They're talking in the cafe, and I guess Juro is smiling at Nagasaki-san - is that supposed to be flirting? - while Nagasaki-san is talking about what Juro wants to do later..." He flipped forward. "And now they're here. And there's nothing in between."

Kakashi wasn't sure how to answer that question. "Well...this story is one of those super-speed ones. The couple is portrayed as truly in love, but the mangaka skips several stages of the relationship in order to give the reader the gratification of a sex scene. In real life relationships, most people go through different stages of sexual...stuff. They don't just go on two dates, decide and say 'I'll love you forever', and then go have sex."

Gai set down the book and rolled onto his side, looking at Kakashi curiously. "What stage do you think we're at? We kind of skipped over some stuff too, didn't we? Or did we do it secretly and not tell each other?" He was still trying to figure out precisely how they'd ended up in this position. Not that he didn't think they were destined for each other, but he knew they hadn't done things the normal way.

The normal way was going on a lot of dates and exchanging presents, and then finally working up to an 'I love you', and then kissing, and then going somewhere private and touching each other. At least according to the majority of Kakashi's books cobbled together with pearls of wisdom from everyone Gai had talked to on the subject.

Kakashi chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his head. "Well, if you want to be technical, we've reached the Oral Sex Stage. And I'd say we did it secretly-or unconsciously. I mean, we've treated each other to meals hundreds of times, and we've taken care of each other. We grew this intense bond under the label of 'Rivalry,' and we began our sex lives together without admitting we loved each other or even what we were really doing...So we kind of worked up to it and then went around it and came back in."

Gai blushed, smiling with equal parts happiness and embarrassment. "Well, I didn't know what else to call these feelings. Everyone I talked to said that guys fall in love with girls, and have other guys as friends or rivals. And there were no rivalries I had to model ours I just kind of made it up as I went along. My grandpa said that if you follow your feelings, it's hard to get steered wrong."

He picked up the book and pointed to the picture of Nagasaki-san erotically holding up Juro. "When do we get to that stage?"

Kakashi glanced at the panel. Juro was naked, his legs around Nagasaki-san's waist. Nagaski-san was supporting him with one arm and fingering him with his other hand. Kakashi blushed again, growing half-hard. "Ah...whenever you feel ready..."

Gai looked at Kakashi in surprise. "Really? But which one of us would do which thing? I mean, in this story, it seems like the smaller person is the one who gets stuff done to him the most, and that would be you, but I don't know how you would be comfortable with me picking you up and putting my fingers in you. Besides, wouldn't you rather be lying down for that? In real life, I think something like this must be uncomfortable."

Kakashi's blush was spreading down his neck. "Maa...In real life, I think we should take turns. And yes, I'd prefer to be lying down." He rubbed his jaw, a distracted gesture that was from half-excitement and half-nervousness. "In certain kinds of manga, there's a trope in which the smaller man is always the 'bottom.'" The irony of that was that Kakashi imagined himself on the bottom, but that didn't mean he didn't want Gai to share the experience.

Gai blinked. "The bottom? I would put the smaller man on the top. Don't you usually stack smaller things on top of bigger things? Like shrine stones." Small stones were stacked in order of size in order to create an art piece of sorts.

Kakashi chuckled. Leave it to Gai to think outside of the box. Very far outside. "Well, that also involves who is penetrating who."

Gai blushed. "Ah...So it's impossible for someone to penetrate from the bottom? I didn't know that..."

"Well..." Kakashi hesitated, trying to figure out how to explain it. "The 'bottom' is the one being penetrated. And yes, there's a way to penetrate while you're lying down." He felt his blush growing again, not to mention a hot pit of arousal in his stomach. "I mean, you could lie on your back, and I could straddle your hips. Essentially, I'd sit down on'd be inside me."

Gai squirmed, suddenly hot down there. "So you mean 'bottom' doesn't mean 'bottom', it's a slang word for something else. Even if you were on the top, if I were the one who was inside of you, then you would be 'on the bottom', ne?" He thought about that. The way people used words was strange.

"Hai," Kakashi said. He gestured to the manga Gai held. "And Juro is probably being prepared for penetration. Turn the page and see if the next panel shows sex."

Gai picked up the book, wide-eyed, and turned the next page carefully. His hands were shaking. He saw Nagasaki-san put Juro on a bed. Then Nagasaki-san took his pants off. They had an exchange about 'lotion'. Gai turned the page, swallowing hard. Nagasaki-san showed Juro a squeeze tube of something. Then Nagasaki-san was squeezing something gooey out onto his fingers, and onto Juro. Nagasaki-san fingered Juro again; Juro's head was back, his mouth open, and he was blushing. In the next panel, Nagasaki-san was lined up with Juro in an obvious position.

After a moment of staring, Gai looked at Kakashi. "You're right."

He showed Kakashi the pictures, feeling weak and awkward. His heart was thumping rather fast.

Kakashi nodded. "Generally speaking, those are necessary steps for comfortable sex." He could tell Gai was affected and wondered what he was thinking.

"Ne, you have any of that stuff? That 'lotion'?" Gai asked.

Kakashi couldn't breathe for a moment. He felt the stinging in his cheeks, and his entrance tingled. Without verbally replying, he leaned over and opened his nightstand drawer, his heart pounding, and pulled out a tube of lubrication. He held it out to Gai.

Gai reached out and took it, fumbling in the process and dropping it. "Ah!" He caught it before it hit the bed out of reflexes and blushed deeply. "Ah..." He stared at it, but there was no way to know what it was like without actually touching it. With a hard swallow, he uncapped the tube with a sharp snap of plastic and squeezed out a little pearl of lubrication onto his finger. He smelled it. It was nice; sweet. Then he rubbed it between his thumb and finger, feeling it. "It doesn't feel at all slimy...I was afraid of that when I saw the picture. I don't like slimy things, and if we had to use it, and it was slimy, I might be turned off."

He licked it off his finger, tasting something delicate and sweet. It took him a moment to place: lychee. Like strawberries but lighter.

"I like it." He read the tube itself. "And it seems you can eat it. I just did it, and I feel okay."

Kakashi had to smile. "Yeah." His body calmed back down again when Gai merely seemed curious.

Gai grinned at him. "It says edible right on the tube. I'm safe." He set down the tube of lubrication between him and Kakashi. "Ne, Kashi, you said that licking people's behinds and balls and stuff was okay. If we can eat this kind of lotion, and we need it to have sex, does that also mean that I could lick this off of you?" He was trying to form a picture of their sexual future. It looked increasingly strange, but all new things seemed that way to him, so he wasn't concerned. "Is that why people make this stuff to eat?"

Kakashi cleared his throat. "Well...hai." He supposed if he hadn't been so taken off guard by the question, he would have a full erection by now. Then his imagination caught up with him: Gai's hot tongue licking lube off his balls. He found he'd stopped breathing again and had to inhale deeply.

"Then I could eat this stuff off of you!" Gai beamed. "That seems like a fun thing we could do." He looked away, blushing hotly. "And maybe you could lick it off of me?" He still hadn't had the courage to tell Kakashi how much he fantasized about Kakashi licking him. Kakashi did some of that already, but the idea of Kakashi's tongue exploring his secret parts interested him.

Kakashi found himself smiling again. "I'd be more than happy to lick it off of you," he murmured, feeling himself stirring again.

Gai bowed his head, tingling all over at the sound of Kakashi's voice. That murmur drove him crazy in the best kind of way. Even in non-sexual situations, which he supposed in retrospect why he got hard a lot of the time about Kakashi without them really doing anything. "I'm really hard now."

Kakashi set down his manga and picked up the tube of lubrication. "Where you would like for me to spread it, Gai?"

Gai's cheeks flamed. He flopped down on his back, embarrassed and tingling. His nipples were hard, too. "Spread it? Where? Well..." He glanced down at himself. His nipples were obvious through his white t-shirt, and his erection was equally obvious underneath his jeans shorts. He really couldn't lie or stall. But his voice wouldn't work.

He unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off, then pulled his underwear off as well. He spread his legs a little and pointed at his balls. "There," he managed to whisper. " want to do the other thing."

Kakashi was fully hard and leaking by now. He shifted over and climbed between Gai's legs. "I'll do whatever you want to feel," he whispered. He squeezed the lube onto his fingers and then slowly traced them over Gai's balls, coating them. He rubbed and petted as he did. Gai's erection was swollen and glistening above. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to Gai's tip, lapping over it before scooting lower.

Gai moaned and threw his head back, shutting his eyes. Kakashi's tongue felt very good, hot and soft against his tip. Kakashi's fingers stroking his balls felt good too. The sensation was so strong it made him quiver. He knew he should have owned up sooner, given that Kakashi was so relaxed about these things, but he hadn't wanted to trouble Kakashi for anything. He supposed that was a foolish way to look at things.

Kakashi gazed up Gai's beautiful body, taking in his expression of pleasure. He knew he could never get tired of seeing it. He dipped down, extending his tongue and lapping slowly over Gai's balls, collecting the sweet taste of the lychee. Gai's skin was warm against his tongue, and he moaned in his throat.

Gai let out a little puff of a sigh and felt his body relax completely, going limp. Kakashi's togue exploring him was more gentle and more intense than he could have imagined. He moaned low in his throat. "Hai...oh, Kashi...that feels good..." A sharp pang of heat made his erection twitch. He whimpered and opened his legs wider. "It feels good."

Kakashi felt himself leaking further at the sound of Gai's whimpers and the sight of his legs spreading wider. "Gai," he moaned. He slowly licked over Gai's balls, covering them inch by inch and then gently sucking on the bottom.

Gai was lulled half to sleep by the licking. Kakashi suddenly sucking on him startled a hot, deep moan from him. He felt a rush of wetness and knew he was leaking. "'s so good..." He bit down on his knuckles, shivering and moaning.

"Mmm..." Kakashi gently pulled one side into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and sucking. His hands found Gai's inner thighs, and he rubbed them almost unconsciously.

"Ah! Ah...ah..." Gai couldn't help but cry out. His face was so hot it was aching; he must be bright red. "Kashi..." His arms went limp, and it took all of his effort to breathe. "Oh...god." He'd never imagined anything close to this.

Gai's moans and cries spurred Kakashi on. He moaned as well and switched sides; he'd leaked through his underwear. He sucked Gai into his mouth, running his tongue over him and mouthing gently.

Gai's breath hitched, and his back arched. A sob caught in his throat, and then he was whimpering helplessly, pulling one leg up to his chest in an attempt to shift with what Kakashi was doing. "It feels so good...please don't stop."

Kakashi felt himself aching. He returned to sucking on the tender bottom, swirling his tongue over the entire area, and even shifted one hand to Gai's balls so he could cup them while he worked. He massaged gently with his hand.

Gai moaned deeply and loudly, his back arching off the bed. "Kashi! I'm -" He shuddered and moaned, panting, falling limp. He could feel himself dripping.

Kakashi stopped momentarily. "Do you want me to finish you this way?" He lapped over Gai's balls slowly, right up the seam.

"Mm-mm-mm-hmm," Gai whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut. He was so hot. He felt his own blood pumping through him.

Kakashi sucked one side back into his mouth, moaning on Gai and running his tongue over him.

Gai held on only for another second or two. Heat flamed through him, making him tingle intensely, and he felt his body give. He screamed out at the surge of pleasure and felt everything rush away with a snap.

Kakashi released him and smiled. He climbed off the bed and grabbed a handtowel from the bathroom, returning and cleaning up the inevitable mess. Then he lay down by Gai's side and rested his head on his shoulder.

Gai could hardly blink his eyes open, and when he did, he couldn't get them to focus. He saw colored lights, that was all. So he let his eyes fall closed and tilted his head into the touch of Kakashi's head, kissing Kakashi's hair. "That felt very good," he said softly.

"I'm glad," Kakashi said just as softly. He rubbed one hand across Gai's chest. "I enjoyed doing it for you."

Gai murmured and blushed, feeling warm at that. "Hai...I enjoy doing things for you, too. As soon as I can move again, do you want to try it out?"

Kakashi blushed. "Actually...I'd like you to...use your fingers on me."

"Oh." Gai opened his eyes in surprise and found he could see. Everything was crisp and bright, as though his vision had been enhanced. He stared at Kakashi's hair for a moment, fascinated by it. "You would? Okay."

Kakashi felt his erection twitch and leak. He climbed back off the bed and pulled off his black t-shirt and black pants, then slipped down his boxers. He lay back down beside Gai, jittery with anticipation.

Gai struggled up and shifted, finding and opening the tube of lubrication. "So...Nagasaki-san, from the story, he squeezed out his stuff onto his fingers, and then onto Juro. Should I do the same thing?"

He accidentally shifted against the book in question and put it on the floor.

Kakashi shook his head. "Your fingers will be fine." He paused, wondering what position to get into. He didn't have any hangups about sexual positions, at least in theory. Finally, he pulled his legs up to his chest and slid his hands behind his knees to hold them there.

"Oh." Gai examined Kakashi for a moment, unable to help it. "You look so different like that. Well...vulnerable." He fumbled with the tube of lubrication for a moment, remembered just in time it was already open, and shakily coated two fingers on his right hand.

"You'll need to start with one finger," Kakashi told him, seeing that. "Then work up to two." Not that he hadn't tried this out on himself, but Gai's fingers were larger and it had been awhile.

Gai looked down at his hand and nodded. "Oh. Okay." He swallowed, suddenly nervous. After he put the cap back on the lubrication, he shifted to kneel in front of Kakashi. "Are - Are you ready?"

Kakashi smiled up at Gai, growing calmer in the face of Gai's nervousness. "Hai. Just go slowly, Gai. There's no rush here."

Gai beamed and let out a laugh. "Right." He took a deep breath and calmed down. "Right," he said softly. Kakashi's in charge of this. I've got nothing to worry about. He says he's done this before with himself, using shadow clones. He'd been irritated at first, hearing that, but now he was glad. Anyway, he'd only been irritated because - well, because people ought to share important experiences with others, and he kept trying to tell Kakashi that, and sometimes it seemed like Kakashi ignored his advice.

Of course, if he ever tried to mention that, he'd get an, 'I'm sorry, what did you say?' Kakashi wouldn't be able to resist.


He leaned forward and carefully touched his finger to Kakashi's entrance. "I can't believe I'm doing this. I mean, this is so private," he mumbled. He rubbed his finger across it, trying to get used to the feeling of the tight muscle. "I mean..." He trailed off, heat suffusing his face.

"Are you sure this feels good?" Gai asked timidly. He didn't want to make a wrong move.

Kakashi shivered, his entrance tingling at the touch to his entrance. "Hai," he whispered. His erection twitched again.

Gai watched Kakashi react with wide eyes, surprised and relieved. "Okay." He smiled and continued rubbing Kakashi's entrance with his fingertip. But that used up all of the lubrication on his finger, so he had to coat his finger all over again. He stretched to get it without changing position. After he did that, he kept the tube of lubrication closer. "Now I know why there's a whole tube of it."

He smiled brightly and started rubbing again.

Kakashi shuddered. "Gai..." He pressed into the touch; his entrance was sensitized. "Enter me; I need you." He desperately needed to feel Gai inside him.

Gai sucked in his breath. "Oh...okay." Today was full of firsts. He pressed in gently, not sure how much pressure it would take, and let out a surprised yelp at the feeling of Kakashi's muscles parting and then gripping him. "Kakashi, you're pulling me in. This feels..." He trailed off at the realization that it felt very much like Kakashi's mouth on his erection, only stronger. "Good," he finished lamely.

He probably shouldn't mention that observation.

Kakashi moaned, his lower back arching. The ache inside him eased as Gai's finger slowly penetrated him. He shivered. "Oh, god." He gasped, taking a deep breath. "Thrust your finger in and out slowly," he whispered.

Gai felt a hot pang inside of his chest that traveled down through him. "Hai." He moved his finger in and out slowly, as Kakashi requested. He found himself panting. "This feels..." you're sucking on me. He trembled. "Your body is really incredible, Kashi." Moving his finger with the rhythm of Kakashi's body, he closed his eyes, reveling in the connection.

"Oh, god!" Kakashi's back arched harder, and he squeezed the backs of his knees. Gai's finger was hot inside him, stroking him internally. He had daydreamed this dozens of times, even touched himself, but it hadn't prepared him for how wonderful it would really feel.

Gai felt a smile spread across his face, so wide it made his cheeks ache. "Kashi...I feel good in you, don't I?" This was rapidly rising to the top of the list of things Gai enjoyed.

"Hai," Kakashi gasped. He was leaking all over himself. "Two fingers, Gai...I need more." The idea of his body being stretched by any part of Gai's made his heart pound.

Gai's eyes widened, and he breathed in sharply. Then he nodded. "Hai!" When Kakashi's body released him, he coated his two fingers with lubrication and pressed, waiting for Kakashi to take his fingers in. It happened slowly, with a kind of curling or rippling motion. Gai found it deeply attractive. He moaned in the back of his throat. "You're so sexy when you're like this."

Kakashi was surprised by Gai's assessment, but his surprise was overtaken by the feeling of his body stretching slowly over Gai's fingers. He moaned deeply in his chest, breaking a light sweat. "G-gai..." His hips shuddered, and his erection pulsed. "Oh, god! It feels good."

Gai felt his pulse in his groin. " feels good, doesn't it? You make me feel good every day. Just being with you...I want to give back. I want to give back everything I feel, so you can feel it too. You deserve something wonderful like that. Every day, you do." He felt Kakashi taking him in deeper. Kakashi's body was moving slower, but that just made it more luxurious, the stretching, the rippling. "You really feel good around me. It feels like you're hugging me."

Kakashi felt himself dripping. "Gai...ah..." He gasped sharply, his entire body shuddering with pleasure this time. For a moment he imagined how good Gai's erection would feel when it stretched him out and filled him. "Oh, god!" As soon as Gai's fingers were fully seated inside of him, his hips began pulsing gently; he couldn't stop himself. He cried out.

Gai was shocked. Heat snapped through him, and he couldn't help but move his fingers in time with this new rhythm, short, gentle strokes deep inside Kakashi. "'re so amazing."

Kakashi's head fell back, and he cried out, his moans filling the room. "Gai!" He fought the urge to stroke his erection at the same time; he didn't want to come too quickly. Plus there was something erotic about holding his legs back and baring himself to Gai's gentle, deep thrusts. "Oh-oh, god!"

"Yes," Gai whispered. His fingers brushed something swollen, and for a split second, he was worried, but Kakashi didn't look as though it was painful. He investigated gently. "Kashi, what's this? Is it anything special?"

Kakashi wailed. "Do that again! Do that again!" He couldn't think clearly enough to explain.

Gai jumped faintly and obeyed, trembling. For whatever reason, it was important, and it made Kakashi wail and change colors like that. Kakashi's whole body was pink now.

He brushed his fingers across and around the swollen spot, doing his best to imitate what he'd done before.

Kakashi screamed, then sobbed with pleasure. "Gai! Gai, please! Oh, god-oh..." He couldn't hold on any longer. He came, crying out as he did. The force was enough to splatter his chest.

Gai was startled by the force and the beauty of Kakashi's orgasm. I don't think I've ever seen it shoot out like that. He also had the privilege of having a really good view of the utter, hectic bliss on Kakashi's face. He slowly let his fingers fall out of Kakashi's relaxed body. "I'll be right back," he whispered.

He got up carefully, crept out of the room, and washed his hands in the bathroom. Then he came back with a clean, damp hand towel and wiped Kakashi off, a sense of awe sweeping over him. "You're very beautiful." We've done so many new things today, and they all were good.

Kakashi smiled up at him; the room was swaying gently. "You are, too."

Gai leaned down and gently kissed him, then delivered the towel to the hamper. That done, he got back into bed and luxuriously wrapped himself around Kakashi for snuggles. "Ah..." He let out a sigh of contentment. "You are perfect." He kissed the side of Kakashi's neck. He realized he was half hard, but that didn't worry him. It would go away. "This day is perfect, and you are perfect. The whole world is perfect."

Kakashi chuckled and snuggled up to him. "Hai."

They lay in peaceful silence, enjoying each other's company. Kakashi wondered how far along Tenzo and Bensaku were. Maybe Tenzo was having a day as good as his day had been with Gai. He could hope.