And Harry was finished.

No-one said a single word.

All was eerily silent.

The fire popped and crackled, too loud for their ears.

Fleur kept sniffing, with silvery tears running down her cheeks.

Mrs. Weasley was stunned, so stunned that the flow of tears in her eyes had stopped.

Hermione sat up a little straighter, her bottom numb and her shoulders sore. She locked eyes with Ron, and he didn't smile. She bit her bottom lip and read his slightly vacant expression. She could taste his kiss on her lips.

She'd been cold to him lately, and it wasn't his fault that their relationship kind of freaked her out. They'd only ever been friends. He'd never even been her best friend. Harry was her best friend, or maybe even Ginny. Not Ron.

But it wasn't his fault that her heart screamed for him.

'We all came too close to dying,' Hermione said, breaking the silence. She watched Ron's eyes grow wide as she spoke, almost directly to him.

'Gives you a little perspective,' George said, 'Live each day like it's your last.'

His brother, his twin, the one he'd been connected to all his life was gone. Gone, and never returning. Hermione couldn't imagine anything like it. She didn't want to. Losing Fred, who had, along with George, always kind of been a big brother to her, was enough to handle. She didn't need to lose anyone else. Especially not a twin.

Hermione felt her heart go out to George and realised how cruel she'd been to Ginny in the Great Hall, telling her so harshly that Fred wasn't coming back.

She couldn't help the tears that escaped her eyes.

There was conversation, but Hermione couldn't tell what they were saying. But Harry stood up, and she felt him move next to her. She looked up, and stood with him, letting him lead the way to Ron's room.

Ron followed her, and they made it to the second landing before Hermione realised that they were missing someone. 'I'll be back,' she told the boys, descending the stairs. She went back into the lounge room.

Ginny now sat where Harry had, in the chair.

Hermione cleared her throat. 'Ginny?' her voice was still too loud for her ears. 'Wanna come up with us?'

Ginny's face broke into a smile so bright that Hermione couldn't help but smile back. 'Really? Are you sure?' She'd never been up with them before, always kind of shunned by Ron.

'Really. You're one of us. You're not the annoying little sister – you're the best friend and the girlfriend. Okay, you are the annoying sister, but majority rules, right?' Hermione had just called Ginny her best friend and Harry's girlfriend in the same sentence. She wasn't sure of either of those two things.

Ginny pulled Hermione up the stairs, up more stairs, up more stairs, all the way to Ron's room. She threw the door open.

She let go of Hermione's hand and sprung to Harry, hugging him to her. They stood in embrace for so long that Hermione grew awkward.

She stood by Ron, and this time, took his hand first. Ron looked a little surprised, but didn't say anything. He watched Ginny hug Harry with a bemused expression on his face.

'I suppose they mean it,' Ron said quietly. 'He really did break it off with her because he loved her.'

Hermione rolled her eyes and leant into Ron's side. He pulled her so that they sat on his bed, Ginny and Harry still locked in embrace. 'I told you, Ronald.'

Finally, Ginny spoke. Her voice was muffled by Harry's shoulder, and quite soft, but Hermione still heard her tell him that she'd come too close to losing him forever.

Harry's hands constricted on her back slightly. Hermione and Ron watched his eyes open. 'I'll never leave you, Ginny, ever.'

Hermione leant further into Ron and whispered in his ear, 'I told her she just had to wait.'

'We've tough times coming up,' Ron said, loudly.

Harry and Ginny looked up then, splitting apart, as though remembering that they had company.

'It'll be hard to get back to normal.' Ron was being almost prophetic. They all watched him with wide eyes. 'What? It will.'

Harry grinned. 'Normal? What is that? I've never been normal.'

'Join the club,' Hermione said, jokingly.

Ginny waved her hand dismissively at Hermione. 'You've never been normal? Trying being the only girl out of five older brothers. I used to think I'd grow up a lesbian – just because I'd detest boys so much, and it would be drilled into me to look at a woman that way.'

Ron stifled a laugh. 'Don't worry, Harry's a boy.'

'Duh.' Though they were teasing each other again, this time they did it with a smile on their faces.

'Now, this,' Hermione said, motioning to their faces. 'Isn't normal.'