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Summery: Two people offer their unwanted child to the Pandora box for wealth and power. Instead the child will get a surprising person as a surrogate father.

This is fiction!

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Chapter 1

Anna was out looking for her next fix all the while her nameless eight-year-old son was being bought and used by perverted old men. Her husband was probably in the next room getting drunk. Her nameless eight-year-old son probably is screaming for help and is being told to shut up by the client he was with at that time.

Anna was walking down a dark alley when she saw a sleeping homeless man holding expensive looking cube like box. She looked around grabbed the box and walked off never seeing a smirk on the homeless man's face.


Anna showed Achilles the expensive box that she took from the homeless man. Achilles eyes grew huge thinking about the alcohol and drug's that they could buy but Anna decided to trade their worthless nameless child with the Devil for riches unknown by man. So Achilles went to get the nameless child ready to die and Anna went to get a sharp knife ready to do the gruesome deed in their basement.


-5 minutes mater-

Achilles was holding the screaming naked nameless child to the table all the while Anna started to chant:

In place of this nameless

Child we ask for riches

Unknown to man

All of a sudden chains dragged all three of them in the cube.

-In the cube-

-? Minutes/hours Later-

The naked nameless child opened his eyes to a stone cell like room. The naked nameless child started to panic when he saw a chattering beast-like creature coming towards him. The naked nameless child turned to run only to bump in to a man with pins in his head. The man held his hand out for the child to take. The child took hold of the man's hand, which made the chatting beast stop from coming closer to the nameless child. The man and child started to walk down the very long hallway. The nameless child learned that the man's name was Pinhead who was also the leader of the Cenobites.

-A little bit later-

Pinhead was going to 'talk' to their two new 'guest's' after leaving Chatterer beast to watch over the sleeping child. Pinhead could feel that he was going to fun with the two new guests'.

-With the nameless child-

The nameless child and the Chatterer beast were just staring at each other when two women came in to the room. Both women looked at each other and then looked back at the nameless child who was in the far corner of the room. The long brown haired woman came over and smiled at him. The nameless child found out the women's names were Kirsty who is Pinhead's lover and Angelique. Soon it came time for Kirsty and Angelique to leave because they had to go to the mortal realm for a mission. The nameless child had fallen to sleep with Chatterer beast by his side.

-With Kirsty and Angelique-

Both Kirsty and Angelique were surprised that Pinhead wanted to adopt the nameless child. Angelique was happy that Pinhead wanted to start a little family with Kirsty who had wanted a little boy. Kirsty wondered what name Pinhead would give the little boy.

-With pinhead and the little boy-

Pinhead was listening to the little boy who was telling him about the two pretty ladies that he had seen and met. Pinhead knew if he told Kirsty and Angelique what the boy had said about them, they would not deny how beautiful they are. Pinhead looks at the boy and says "Now what shall your name be?"

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