The youngest of the 3 Nolan girls sat at in the grand hall near the end of the Slytherin table so she could leave quickly without getting trampled by other students eager to escape.

She played with the single silver braclet she was allowed to wear her family crest dangled as the single charm.

The elbow of the girl sitting next to her brought her out of her daydream.


I turned to Pansy and she nodded to the note that had landed in front of me. I turned my head to look at the Ginger Gryffindor and smiled goofily.

"You're not staring at the blood traitor again are you?" Pansy scrunched up her nose and made the most unnatractive face.

Milicent kicked her under the table, "Leave her alone Pansy."

"Sod of cow face!" I looked back down at the note on my now chicken free plate and ignored the two Slytherins.

I unfolded it. "Dear Bella, a group of us are sneaking out of our dorm tonight to go swimming in the black lake and we're wondering if you'd like to come?" The writing was unmistakable as Rons and I smiled to myself.

Suddenly the note was snatched from my hand by none other than Draco Malfoy, I sighed and turned to smile at the disgruntled looking Slytherin, "Can I help you love?"

"Who's your new boyfriend?"

O stood swiftly, red hair swishing over my shoulder, "I don't remember having an old boyfriend so what's it to you?"

He stopped his next words with eyes wide. Was there something on my face? I turned to ask Pansy for a mirror and realised the whole hall was looking at us. Were we that loud?

Suddenly the yummy chicken I had nomd didn't seem so appetising and my stomach didn't feel like keeping it down, "OH NO,"

I pushed Draco out of my way and ran towards the doors as Snape entered, "no," too late. My dinner was regurgetated right onto Snape's once clean black robes.

The whole hall burst into cackling laughter and I felt the red hot burn of a blush gracing my cheeks, "Sorry sir," I side stepped my Potions Professor and high tailed it out of the hall.

"CHILDREN QUIET PLEASE!", Mcgonagall boomed behind me.

I feel onto the cold ground outside, back pressed into the wall.

Someone sat beside me, "What's up buttercup?" I looked at my big sister beside me and didn't reply, "Well I personally think Dumbledore has a new practical jokes-ter on his hands because that was hilarious!" I laughed a smidge," DID YOU SEE SNAPES FACE!"

She pulled a face of utter disgust and I burst into laughted, "Haha made you laugh," an scerene silence settled over us, "So... Draco."

My fist collided with her arm "OH SHUT UP!"