Mcgonagall swept through the doors and stood before us, "Miss Nolan please get up off the floor." I stood in sync with my sister and Mcgonagall continued, "Please report down to the hospital wing Poppy is in need of you."

I started walking away.

"I meant Keelin not yourself Isabella." She sighed in frustration, "You may go back to your dorm." and re-entered the hall.

My sister ruffled my hair and walked away, calling over her shoulder before she completely disappeared, "This isn't the last of the Draco situation, I will found out what's going on."

I shook my head at my sisters words. There was no situation... was there?

I mean we had never been friends, never talked, or associated for that matter. Despite the fact we were purebloods the Malfoys had never been close friends with the Nolans. Sure we had money and a high reputation but I guess our families just never got along and my parents never seem to bother forcing friendships or marriages on us like most other pureblood families. You wouldn't find a Nolan in any history book who has married a cousin... too bad I can't say the same for the Malfoys. We didn't exactly have the same morals either. Bullying just wasn't acceptable and boy was Draco a bully...I'm not exactly sure of the Deatheater count in my family either but it didn't bother me all too much unlike most Slytherins.

Would my parents even think Draco was a good boyfriend? WHAT AM I SAYING HE ISN'T EVER GOING TO BE MY BOYFRIEND... Who would want to be with a failure Slytherin like me... I kind of doubt if I was meant to be in Slytherin... until I do something that lives true to the stereotypes.

I sat on a seat under the big tree in the garden... is that what it was called?

"So... are you and Weasle a thing?"

I jumped and turned to Draco. Keep cool Bella. Cool like an icecube, "N-n-noope why?" Fabulous! Stuttering!

"No reason." Then he walked off wearing that oh so menacing smirk... wait what. Walked off?

I jumped off the seat, tripping over my robes, "Where do you think you're going Malfoy!?" He stopped and his eyes looked hurt at me using his last name, "You can't just walk off through a conversation... it's mean." I made a look of mock hurt and clutched my chest, "It hurt Draco, right here!"

"Wrong side."

ooohhhh, "Right here!"

My cheeky grin reflected in his grey eyes... wow... they were really grey. I stepped closer and looked slightly up into his eyes, inches away, no blue. Wow they were pretty, you can always trust blue eyes... dark eyes are for villains... the hero always has blue eyes. His were so clear and innocent... so...

"Um, Isabelle what are yo..."

That was the day I kissed Draco Malfoy.