Alright new stories! God, I have been obsessed with writing this one. You guys are going to love it. It is different than what I usually write about. It is rated M for the intense usual So read with caution.

Also, it is not called Diamonds because they're sparkling Vampires. It's called Diamonds for a completely different reason. This fic is AH and the characters go through some tough stuff, so I am warning you here!

I claim to own NOTHING Twilight. Just these smut words.

Chapter 1:


There are those who say that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. A boy that cannot walk becomes an Olympic swimmer, or a woman that cannot speak but can write a masterpiece. Possibilities are endless in life.

After living all of my twenty one years in one place, I felt that those possibilities had begun to dwindle into nothing. It was as if there was nothing new to be shown or known. I was spent. I had planned on moving after college, but somehow, it just hadn't happened.

That was, until my parents decided to divorce after twenty two years of being together. They were each others firsts for everything beginning at the ripe ages of 17. All new experiences were shared together. It wasn't hard to see when they began to fall out of love in my teenage years. It was painful at first, but after a while, I wanted them to separate. They would, then get back together, then do it again. Mostly, I think it was out of habit. They're not over forty-five, so if they had decided to stay together, they had a lot of years still to go with one another. When you're unhappy, change something. Finally, they did. Mostly because of me.

That would be the picture perfect divorce. A cliche even. My parent's divorce was torture. When my dad, Charlie began sleeping around with other women, I knew my mother, Renee, was not going to go down without a fight. Unfortunately for me, even though I was well above the legal age to live on my own, I had chosen to stay with them while I finished school. It put me between them constantly. Regardless of my father's harsh words and his nasty drinking habit, he was still my dad. Although, I was always on my mother's side. Charlie talked down to me a lot. For much of my life I walked around with the biggest insecurities one could have because of him. I grew to hate him. When the divorce finalized, I made no argument to move with Renee from our lifelong home in California, to the boonies of East Tennessee. She wouldn't do the move without me for fear that I would succumb to old habits. I had succumb to a lot of things, sadly. Of course the town of Sevierville had some small shopping malls, a Walmart, and a large movie theater, but compared to fast lane L.A. it was the boonies.

It was possible that I needed the change as much as my mother did. Old demons were left behind me, or so I hoped. I was in search for a new me and I began to view it as an adventure even though I was petrified. My two year associates degree in Veterinary Science was finished, and I had no other attachments in California any longer.

All my childhood I can recall my mother talking endlessly of Sevierville. Her parents would visit the Smoky Mountains from Ohio every summer of Renee's adolescence, and so she fell in love with it. College and Charlie pulled her to the grand state of California. After that, there was no turning back. That was until now, anyway.

It is a pretty town, very old in parts. In the month that we had been residents, I found the city to be charming. Renee basked in all of it. She got a job at the hospital as an ER nurse which she considers a step up from her last nursing job. The divorce wore her down a lot, but now she was beginning to pick herself back up. She was my best friend and now, in East Tennessee, my only friend.

I had searched for a job for a while before landing one at a local animal shelter. The only problem I had was no experience with farm animals. The vet that I worked under, Dr. Black, was encouraging me to go back to school for some Equis classes. I had to admit to my newfound fascination with horses, so I was seriously considering it for the fall semester.

"Morning, baby," My mother addressed with a smile. I smiled back groggily and took a seat at our small kitchen table. That was another new thing to get used to. Renee was buying this little house. It was cute and fit us well, but the downsize in space from our large house in LA was almost claustrophobic to me. She took a seat across from me after setting down two cups of coffee. I lunged for my mug desperate for the caffeine.

"You got the other pamphlet in the mail for that local college, today," Renee said brightly. She handed me a large envelope that had already been opened.

"It's a beautiful campus," She noted further.

"Yeah, but the school is so small."

"Compared to schools in Los Angeles, sure, but half the town's young people attend it."

"I am glad that its just a community college, though. I don't know if I could handle another University." I pulled the packet out and frowned.

"Summer courses?" I asked her.

"I thought you could... They start next week."

"Why summer, though?"

"It'll help get you into things, meet new people sweetheart. You don't want to spend the coming summer alone, do you?" I rolled my eyes.

"Mom, I'm twenty-one. Shouldn't I be worried about me now, instead of you?"

"I'm your mother. That worry is endless." I chuckled at her relenting attitude.

"How's work," I asked, trying hard to change the subject.

"Fabulous! Oh, baby I just love it there. Everyone is so kind."

"Good." I took another sip of my hot coffee.

"So... The summer courses?" She hedged again. I sighed. Maybe she had a point.

"All right, I'll go by the school before work." Renee clapped her hands excitedly. Where she got all her energy this early in the morning was beyond me. I took my coffee mug and new college packet with me up to my room to get ready for work. At least it was Friday.

I made my way downtown in my old Honda Civic with ease. Local high schools were being let out for the summer today. Apparently, most schools in the surrounding area were, too, so tourists were making their way into the city limits. That has to be the worst thing about this place. Tourists coming from all over the country causing traffic jams. Although, it was because of tourists that Renee met Charlie. I shook my head, not wanting to think of him. I turned the radio up, blaring Green Day, and continued on to the college.

When you're standing in front of the community college, I guess it does seen bigger. It was a new school with a lot of money put into it. I bet it made the city look that much nicer to some people. Students littered the halls I walked down to get to the registrars office. Upon entering, I was thankful for no waiting line.

"Hi, I'm Bella Swan and I came to sign up for a summer course?"

"Ah, just in time. Late registration ends today. What courses are you interested in, dear?" Her southern accent was thick, but charming. She was an older woman and her hair was piled high on her head stuck there with mounds of hairspray.

"Just one, actually. I have an associates in Veterinary Science, and wanted to take an Equis course."

"You're lucky," She began with a smile, "There aren't many openings left." I sighed in relief. Thankfully, the course wasn't going to cost anything because of Dr. Black. Since it was work related, he put it through his vet office. I gave the elderly woman all the proper paperwork she needed and left the building feeling excited to start the class on Monday.

As soon as I got back to my old car, something collided with my face, hard. It threw me to the ground, cracking the back of my head. Dizziness overwhelmed me as I searched for my bearings.

"Shit, you okay?" A voice asked frantically. I stumbled trying to stand and felt a warm hand on my forearm helping me up. My eyes finally flittered open to land on a beautiful face. So beautiful in fact, it made me dizzy all over again. This new feeling had my mind in a crazed state.

"Uh, yeah," I staggered.

"Here," He said, offering me a bandana from his pocket, "Your nose is bleeding." I took the bandana and pressed it to my wound, flinching in pain.

"What the hell was that?" I asked. I forced my eyes to look downward, away from him. Confusion overwhelmed me. I never thought I would feel this way towards a stranger. Though it had happened before, I believed it to be a one time thing. I pushed those thoughts away immediately.

"You parked by the soccer field. Never do that," He said sheepishly. His southern accent was charming. It wasn't redneck, but sounded more of an old intelligent southern accent.


"You're fortunate." He said chuckling. I looked over to him. His eyes were hazel and had gold flecks shining in the sunlight. A coming tan dusted his skin. When I saw his attire, I knew that he was the one that hit me with the ball. He wore a green soccer jersey that seemed to make his hair look more brown than it actually was. It was brunette beneath a strange copper color.

"How so?"

"Last girl it hit caused a concussion. We've asked that they block this part of the parking lot off, but they have yet to. Most people just know not to park here."

"Uh-uh," I said through the now bloodied bandana. He too, noticed all the blood.

"Maybe you should see a doctor," He said nervously.

"No, it's fine. I just bleed a lot." He chuckled causing my cheeks to heat in embarrassment.

"Are you attending here?" He asked interested. I wiped my nose a few more times until it finally stopped bleeding.

"I start Monday. You?"

"I have one class left until I graduate, so I'll take it this summer as well."

"And you're on a soccer team, I see." I pointed to his jersey. He nodded proudly.

"Edward, man come on!" A big guy from the field shouted.

"Yeah, Edward!" A girl from the sidelines called. She had brown hair that went to her shoulders and wore fancy clothes. She put a hand on her hip expectantly. Edward waved his hand to them, then bent down to pick up the deadly soccer ball.

"Sorry again," He said to me. "You can keep the bandana/handkerchief."

"Thanks," I replied lamely.

"I'm Edward Cullen. Maybe I'll see you around..."

"Bella," I told him. "Yeah, maybe." We smiled and then he jogged back to his friends. I sighed lightly getting back into my car. I laid the bandana in my passenger seat carefully. It was blue stained red, and I couldn't help but think of it as some sort of an oxymoron. There was a little blood in my long auburn hair and across my white t-shirt. Embarrassment flooded over me, again. I thought of Edward the entire drive to work. Maybe there were some other possibilities here.