Time can move a or slower and faster than you think. It is never on your side, always against you. Time is the one thing in life you can always count on, though. It never sleeps, never stops, never changes. When you need it most, to keep you going, it is comforting to know that it is always moving along, taking you with it.

Autumn had arrived in East Tennessee. The trees were glorious colors of red, yellow, and a mix in between. The air was crisp and the days were growing shorter. My days however, couldn't stay long enough.

Jacob was found by the police right where I left him that night, months ago. He's serving a lengthy prison sentence. I wasn't ever afraid of him, though. I was afraid of loosing Edward. I was afraid of myself.

Edward spent three days in the hospital due to his head injury. The cops figured he was hit with a crow bar. I stayed all three days with him, and never left. Carlisle and Renee came home from their cruise early to be with us. It took a while before Edward could forgive himself.

For some reason, he blamed himself for Jacob's behavior. Luckily, I finally got him to see differently. He was my life, now as much as I was his. Although, I also learned to care more about myself. Past is past, why not leave it where it belongs.

Edward and I had a bright future to look forward to. He was in charge of the feed store now and loved it. Jacob's office was bought out by Paul, and I was able to keep my job. We began building a house together on Carlisle's property and were planning on opening a riding stables for children in the summer.

I stood in front of our new home that was sure to be finished in a just a few more weeks. It was chilly outside in just a flannel shirt. I wrapped my arms around myself until I felt a larger set overlay them. I breathed in and rested my head against Edward's chest.

"I can't wait," He said happily.

"Me either."

"I love you Bella."

"I love you, back." He kissed the top of my head.

"Babe, can we get a cat?" Edward scoffed and let go.

"Oh, hell no. A blood hound, sure. A rat even, but a cat? No way in hell," He argued. I rolled my eyes and shoved him. He grabbed my arms and started to tickled me. I laughed in delight at the small banter that we would carry for the rest of our live together. My heart swelled for him. I caught a glimmer of those lovely diamonds in his eyes, and knew with out a doubt that fate had brought us together, perfectly matched for each other.

The End

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