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Drama / Adventure / Friendship

Zoey & Bill



The rescue by Francis; the act which took him not even a second to think about and then perform seemed like a distant memory to her now. The near-death experience, almost falling from the fire exit. The first time her and her team mates had laid eyes on and was at the mercy of the evolved infected seemed like years ago to her now: The Witch, Smoker, Hunter and the Tank.

But now, now she had her back to the wall and the wire mesh gun cabinet which held a small array of guns.

Choosing the machine gun, a first aid kit and more ammo which she will most probably need in the next however long it'll take for the rescue helicopter to make it's way to them and rescue them. Then taking them all away from the hell that had befallen once a beautiful and bustling city and to somewhere safe, secure and desolate maybe. Perhaps a small island or rural place where the infection hasn't spread to, she'd be glad of anywhere unpopulated, anything can be better than this.

The piercing screams of the infected reached her ears, waving the gun in the direction of each broken window then crouching before the cabinet, she locked and loaded, slapping in a fresh mag. Gripping the gun in her hands she flicked her eyes to Louis and Francis on her left and Bill, the leader and bad-ass Grandpa on her right. They made eye contact accidentally, their expressions just as grim as the other's. Bill's eyes narrowed slightly. "Ready for this?" He asked in his gruff tone, a puff of smoke blew out in front of him as he spoke, his thin lips held onto the cigarette, pursing them at the corner.

Zoey nodded, dully. Her gaze moved to the double brown doors, hearing the screams move closer, tied in with the sounds of the un-dead feet quickly stumbling towards the four.

The horde grappled with the door, clawing at it before one gave way, falling to the rain-soaked tarmac in pieces, outside. A few infected cavorted through but were soon picked off with a few well placed bullets from Louis.

A handful more clambered through the window, screeching loudly and immediately alerting Zoey to kill them. She aimed her gun and fired, the bullets tore through the first zombie's torso, stopping it in its tracks before peppering the chest of the zombie behind, blood oozed. Francis popped a cap into the moaning zombie lumbering towards him, a whole shell of bullets impacted its head. Blood and brains exploded into the air then painted the white wall a sickening red.

Soon, the horde became pouring into the room, bodies started piling up. Bill punched the zombies away, sending them sprawling as he easily killed each with a shot to each one's head.

Zoey grasped the handle of a gas tank, throwing it into the now open space where the doors once hung, since been ripped from their hinges by the savages trying to slaughter each of them.

The grey-faced zombies ignored it as it bounced around on the concrete near their feet, causing little noise until Zoey mowed down the group of zombies, making her vision clear to then take the shot.

She took it.

The tank exploded into flames, the fire licked it's way outwards, catching rabid zombies and pulling them within it's burning grasp. The heat reached the survivors, she watched as the horde fell into the orange and yellow burning mass. Making their work a little easier. The smell of burning flesh entwined with the rotten corpses churning her stomach, the stench of death was everywhere, the sewers were a field of roses compared. That was bad, but this... Zoey thought. Bodies of the dead now lay all throughout the hospital and took up part of the radio room. The fire devoured the horde, she watched them burn as they wildly spun and threw their arms into the air, groaning in pain as they died again.

After that, the building began to shake, the walls rumbled, slate and bricks fell from the roof as something threw it's weight around on the small structure. A roar filled the night as the thing hurtled down the wallspulling off plaster and more brick as it fell to the ground throwing it's hideously large arms behind it and booming another roar at the survivors,

sticking it tongue out then lumbering towards them all.

They quickly dispersed, backing out through the window and into the drumming rain, falling fast and forming puddles around the landing pad as they escaped the building. Meeting at the front of the building each took to arms, unloading bullets into the bulk of zombie, roaring and stamping its feet as it looked around for its meal. Snarling as it lost them, then bounding after to the wall of humans, all the while their bullets whipping through the air as each one plunged into the thick armour. The bullets seemed to have no effect on the bulbous mass, but it slowed as it reached them, stumbling first and then seemingly gaining a little more energy.

It swiped Zoey to the side, lifting her in the air momentarily, feeling her stomach drop as the ground came up to meet her.

She smashed her cheek into the ground with a crunching thud. Landing on her arm, tense, she pinned it beneath herself to the wet concrete as her cheek burned despite the cold of the rain covering half her face as it seeped into her matted hair. Zoey groaned in pain as she cracked open one eye, seeing her weapon on its side a few meters from her. She had dropped it as the mutated zombie knocked her away as if she was nothing.

Sitting up, she clutched her arm to her, her blood ran cold at the thought of it being broken. Zoey, whimpering saw her team mates pouring bullets into the beast before it fell on its face; a groaning snarl escaped its lips as it crashed to the floor in a mutated lump.

She staggered to her feet, her pulse throbbing in her ears and throat. Her vision blurred and became hazy as she felt herself being pulled to her feet, her head lolled to the side whilst a pair of arms caught her, thrust her gun in her arms and rumbled in her ear. "Ah, hell, you're gonna be fine..." A cloud of smoke appeared to the side of her, clouding her vision further when the sound of spinning rotary blades became apparent. A small helicopter came into view, the royal blue side of it catching her attention within the grey sky, her eyes went wide in surprise and elation. It glared off the floodlights and spun to the side, its large blades continued to spin as she gasped out. "The helicopter's here! Let's go!"

Moving away from Bill she stumbled to the ramp and to the waiting helicopter staying in mid-air, waiting for them. Dragging her body to the landing pad she heard the pilot barking encouragement and yelled that he couldn't stay there too long. She threw herself into the News chopper. Sitting behind the pilot, the small space soon filled up with her fellow survivors, out the corner of her eye she then noticed the stumbling mass of alerted zombies hurtling towards them. A smirk came upon her lips, cradling her hurt arm as the chopper doors slid back, blocking her view, blocking the horde's advances until blackness overcome her.

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