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Drama / Adventure / Friendship

Zoey & Bill



Chapter Three

Zoey woke to the glare of the ceiling light glaring in her eyes, the emptiness of the bed and the silence of the small cell of room. Only being broken by a steady whirr of a fan.

She groaned sleepily at she got up, realising she'd been sprawled out over her fractured arm. Deciding to go in search of food again to actually take her pain meds this time, getting alerted by the growing ache in her arm. She got out of bed and walked bear-foot to the cafeteria, getting served a foul looking oat dish then sitting down with her fellow survivors, already up and eating.

"We're getting served gruel now?" The ever grumbling Francis disapproved his second meal in the research facility. "Why couldn't they just kill us out there?!"

Zoey shook her head at his comment. She was glad of her rescuer and those survived, smart and brave enough to do this for 'lucky' people trapped, survived and in need of help.

"Well I slept like a baby." Louis stretched his arms over his head and looked at Francis.

"Good for you brother(!)" Francis snarled, making eye contact.

"Well, when you'd stopped snoring that is..." Louis tutted.

"I told you! I don't snore!" The biker defended himself.

"Yeah, well let's ask those two and the whole of town who had to put up with it in the safe rooms!"


Zoey continued to listen to them both bicker as she popped the lid of her pills with one hand and took one with a mouthful of cooling coffee. "So, what do you suppose we do today?" She asked her team, crowded around one of the tables. "I'd never figured we'd actually be bored..."

"Well, I've been asked to get the computers up and running, and to help with the security system. If the main gate get penetrated and stuff. And to make sure the generator runs smoothly." The black man puffed his chest out, proudly. "You could teach people how to shoot, Zoey? Your Dad taught you, right?" Louis asked.

"Um, yeah. But I don't think I'm that good to teach other people..." Zoey frowned, not to comfortable with Louis bringing up the subject of her parents who'd died by her hand, was infected with the virus and who she'd not had the time to properly mourn over. She'd told them all about it when they had first found her, huddled in her dorm room, a pistol in her shaking hands and her room mate eagled out on her back with a hole through her head.

They'd asked how she could shoot – then it had all came tumbling out.

"You're good, Zoe'." He nodded.

"Yeah, he's right and someone needs to teach this sorry lot how to shoot right." Bill added, cocking his head to the scientists and Doctors huddled around the cafeteria opening.

"I could do it, I suppose..." She thought. Her mind being brought to the present. "You could do it too, Bill?" She looked up at the older man.

"Wish I could, kid. I've asked to help the journey into Riverside to help folk rescue more lost souls." Bill answered. The absence of a cigarette took her attention slightly.

"All the while they search for a cure. God help 'em." Louis joined.

Zoey nodded at Bill's answer. "So we've all got jobs to do, that's cool."

"Not all of us." Louis raised one eyebrow and thumbed at Francis next to him.

The larger man chewed the inside of his mouth then looked at each of them. "Ah. I could go with Bill and look for people or help guard this sorry place. Someone with a brain needs to."

Zoey moved her gaze to the Doctors, now taking a particular interest in the team. They each took a look at them then turned back to their colleagues whispering amongst themselves. "Is it me or do you think we're the first group of survivors they've seen?" She arched an eyebrow at her friends, deep in thought.

"They weren't keeping us under close scrutiny." Louis answered first. "They were until they found out we're not infected. No, that we were immune. Carriers." The black man rubbed his shaved head. "I dunno, it's confusing..."

"Well, they were with Zoey. They'd took a keen interest in you when I were carryin' your sorry ass off the chopper." Bill thought back.

Zoey widened her eyes at the Army vet. "You carried me?" She lent back, fairly stunned.

"Yeah. Had to get yer in here, couldn't just leave ya could I? And you were out like a light after that damn Tank started laying into ya." Bill shook his head and patted his chest pockets for his cigarettes and lighter. "God damn it, I'm finally out." He frowned.

"Oh, like, thanks for that." Zoey blushed then rubbed the back of her neck.

"...and she's not as light as she looks, kids." Bill got up in search of a smoke, leaving with that comment.

"Hey!" She stared at the retreating form of their leader. "Grumpy SOB." She mumbled to herself when the man in question was out of ear-shot.

"Reminds me of high school..." Francis smirked, his dark beard scrunching up slightly, making his expression all the more comical.

"Screw you. I'm gonna get started with my job." She left the table as well. After downing the last of her coffee Zoey found Sam in her usual spot in the refectory.

"Hey, is there a shooting range here?" Zoey queried, shuffling her arm around in the sling.

"What, you want to perfect your shooting one limb down?" Samantha answered, smirking and showing a few incisor teeth.

"I could easily shoot like that." The brunette defended herself. "But, no. Not today. I wanna help people hereperfect their shooting."

Sam looked from the bottom of her coffee cup to Zoey. "We don't have a shooting range per se, but we have a training room for the guards. I'll see what I can do." Sam's expression changed to a more curious one. "Who taught you?"

"My Dad. He was a cop, wanted me to do the same. But I wanted to study film. That's what I was at College for before this..." She trailed off, staring at her sling and cast. "But I just stayed in my room most of the time watching reruns of my favourite horror movies." Zoey gave a slight shrug. "Guess it was the right thing to do after all."

Her gaze then moved onto the wall behind Sam. "But it was the reason they died. I was the reason they died, I was at the house when the infection hit. We were talking about that when one came into the house, stumbling towards us. I froze. Then they got bit. Mom first..." Her eyes filled with tears, her throat going into the familiar choking feeling when she was about to cry. "Then she got my Dad, I had to do it. Had to kill 'em both." Her voice broke as she fought the tears.

"Hey, it's okay." Sam pulled the smaller woman into a hug, brushing away trails of long hair away from her face. Still long and hanging after not being tied up. "You did the right thing, even if you not think it is. You would've been killed too." Sam stroked her cheek with her thumb, her face softened. Not like she always held a stern expression but it was almost as if her eyes were smiling. "You're like the little sister I never had." The redhead revealed. "You know, didn't recognise you at first..." Sam picked up a strand of Zoey's brunette hair.

Zoey's eyes were wet with few shed tears, she swallowed hard. "I feel woozy." She licked her lips, finding them dry.

"You taken your meds?" Sam questioned, the Doctor role kicking in after a moment's lapse.

Zoey nodded. "Didn't have food though. Couldn't eat."

Sam took Zoey by the waist and into the refectory. Sneaking in behind a cook she stole a plate of lavishly buttered toast and gave it to Zoey. "Eat. Eat and I'll see about the weapon's room for you."

The college girl was reluctant at first but then tucked into both slices, devouring them in a matter of seconds.

"Now, feel better?" Sam looked over Zoey's pale complexion, only made worse by her white vest.

"Yeah, thanks." She licked the butter off her dry lips, almost forgetting how good it tasted.

"Good. Now take a pain pill, Doctors orders and go back to your friends. And I'll talk to someone about you becoming teacher."

End of Chapter Three.

Zoey'g gonna teach people top kick assssssss! :DDDD