For many years in New Gotham a secret war was waged during the night. Unknown to most of the civilians in the ordinary world the war was waged for the soul of Gotham between Batman and the Joker. One night the final battle was fought and despite Joker's madness with the help of myself, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, and Tim Drake the newest Robin the Joker was defeated. Joker's revenge was taken not on Batman himself but the ones he loved most.

Catwoman the love of Batman's life had long since abandoned the Dark Knight and New Gotham. However her past would not abandon her and she was the first victim of the Joker's vengeance. With the help of a hired assassin and a knife to the heart Selena Kyle was brutally murdered and the rest of the world would never know why. But the Joker's revenge wasn't finished. With Nightwing and Robin in Bludhaven the Joker set his sights on me.

A woman with long red hair had finished taking a shower and heard a knock on the door. She opened it and her eyes shot out in horror seeing the green haired clown in a purple suit as the Joker fired the gun at Barbara Gordon as she fell to the ground.

The Joker laughed with sadistic glee. "Knock, knock who's there… Batgirl past tense."

The Joker continued to laugh with sadistic glee as he left the building leaving Barbara in a pool of her own blood.

That night changed things forever. Bruce instead of finally living his own life left New Gotham and the world. It really says something when even Clark can't find you after seven years. Nightwing gave up the life a few years later and became a legitimate police officer Robin retired and became an ADA. I on the other hand took on a new role in the nightly battle. With my legs gone I became Oracle a master of the digital world. However brains don't do so much without the brawn to back it up. With that in mind an old friend of mine came to new Gotham to help with the leg work, Dinah Lance. A metahuman with quite a unique set of pipes on her, together we protect the streets of new Gotham we are the Birds of Prey.

A bus pulls up in New Gotham as its newest citizens come out, an older couple, teenagers, middle aged men that never went anywhere. Among the ones departing are a sixteen year old girl with black hair and green eyes. A bald man with a mark on his back follows her out and down a couple blocks keeping his distance but at the same time not letting her out of his sight.

The man smiled and pulled out a phone. "Boss, we got…"

The man was cut off by a female hand striking him in the throat and he started gasping for breath as he kneeled down and looked at his attacker. He sees black calf length boots moving up to fishnet stockings. From there he sees a black, one-piece bustier-leotard combination with a blue jacket, along with black fingerless gloves that go past the elbow to the biceps. He looks at her neck and sees a black choker before looking at her face seeing blue eyes and long blond hair.

The man tried to get up but the blond woman kicked him in the chest and the momentum caused him to tumble over backwards. The man rushed her and the blond woman just smiled waiting for him. The man threw a punch that the woman easily dodged and a kick that she got her arm up to block. The man threw another punch and the blond smiled and blocked it with her elbow before hooking his arm in her own trapping him. She kneed him in the stomach and punched him in the face before using her body to flip him over to the floor. Dinah walked over and wrenched the man's arm pulling him back to his feet. The blond woman Dinah Lance smashes her free palm into the guy's throat driving the wind out of him and delivering two more punches to the face making him wobbly.

"You're lucky you're just a purse snatcher other wards I'd really have to hurt you." Dinah quipped before kicking him hard into the wall.

Dinah pulled out the man's cell phone and called the last number before making note of it. She listens on the other end and let's the man talk.

"Do you have the girl? Where is she…? ANSWER ME!"

Dinah hung up the phone and looked at the guy. "What does he want the girl for?"

The man looked at her. He failed he's dead. She takes him to jail his boss assumes he's either weak or he talked, he's dead. The man does the only option he has that will ensure a quick death and bites down.

Dinah watches as the man starts shaking and foaming at the mouth a bit before stopping everything. Dinah feels for a pulse but he's already gone thanks to a cyanide pill. Dinah ran out to the streets to find the girl but she's long gone. Dinah smiles seeing the traffic light camera but realizes since she used the Canary Cry earlier on a couple cameras that she fried her com set again. Babs has got to work on a better upgrade she can make a device that lets her wheelchair move on a thought but she can't figure out how to protect com sets from sonic frequencies.

Dinah walked into the giant clock that has been her home for the past 3 months. She needs to find another place of her own. It was foolish of her to give up her apartment. She goes to the fridge and to her usual disgust it's empty. She looks up and sees a red head hard at work on a series of computers.

Dinah slams the door shut and the red head would have jumped out of her seat if she could. "You know you claim this as a baking operation it would be nice if there was a cake or something edible in here once in a while."

"I'll have Alfred make a food run." Barbara promised. "So which one of these is the girl?"

Dinah walked up and pointed to the screen. "That one black hair green eyes"

Barbara froze the video and cut the girl out of the picture as hundreds and thousands of faces flash across the screen.

"And our winner is?" Dinah asked.

"Delphi will give us the results… right now." Barbara answered as her computer went to work bringing up her profile. "Helena Bertinelli, has quite the long juvenile record starting from age 9 shoplifting theft, she attacked Winslow Schott with a baseball bat at age 11 in self defense. Superman was quoted to saying he didn't know who he was saving at the time.

"Not exactly feeling sorry for Schott" Dinah replied knowing full well what Toyman likely would have done. "Don't know why she wasn't at an orphanage though."

"She kept running away." Barbra replied. "Eventually they stopped looking."

Dinah nods and heads for the changing room. "Well let me know if…when you find her."

That was enough to get Barbra's attention off the computer. "You're not helping?"

"Well as much as I would like to help find this girl so I can shake her hand I don't have the time for it." Dinah replied. "First I have to get something to eat since once again the fridge is empty; I'm starting to think you eat your legs when no one is looking. And after I get something to eat I have to go to court ordered therapy thanks to someone I know."

Barbra rolled her eyes through her glasses. "Yes, how foolish of me to keep you from going to jail."

"He refused to press charges." Dinah objected.

"You smashed his head through a wall in front of 10 people." Barbra pointed out.

Dinah rolled her eyes. "And you assaulted an officer when Dick told you about him and Starfire. Not that I'm judging I would have done the same thing if a guy slept with me and then invited me to the wedding of him and another girl. But for the record I'm blaming you for all my issues if the shrink asks."

Dinah came out in denim jeans and jacket with a black top on under the jacket. She was also wearing a black wig. Ever since she joined up with Barbra it was easier to just be a bottle blond with a black wig. Instead of a blond wig that would constantly blow off on windy Gotham nights. "Do I look like Dinah Laurel Lance?"

Barbara nods. "Good luck."

"I think I'll need it." Dinah quipped heading for the door.

Dinah walked through the double doors three months down and three to go with Harlene Quinzel. She sees the short haired blond and just says her name. "Dr. Quinzel"

"Dinah, Thursday already?" Quinzel asked.

"Fraud so Dr. Quinzel. So what parent do we start blaming? I want to get out of here." Dinah asked.

Quinzel laughed Dinah has a bit of a temper she's been trying to exploit it for a sick laugh but she's very resistant. "Considering what caused you to be sentenced to our weekly visits I'm hoping your parents are the last thing on your mind."

"I can honestly say that their not it's just… very complicated and disturbing and Oliver's been very understanding he's forgiven me it's his kiss ass board of directors that pressed the charges and I'm here. I'm not proud of what I did but I'm not getting anything from this so how about you just sign this away."

"I think the courts sent you to me for a good reason." Quinzel insisted.

Dinah rolled her eyes three months ago they did. "I'm doing a lot better. Alright I'm working with an old friend and I'm living with her. I'm doing a lot better then I was three months ago."

"So let's keep it that way." Quinzel finished.

Dinah walked back into the clocktower and took off her jacket not paying attention. "Tell me you have a lead I need something to hit."

Barbara cleared her voice causing Dinah to look up and see she's not alone. She sees an elderly man in white flat top hair with glasses and hugs him. "Afternoon Commissioner."

Jim smiled thinking back on other times. He almost misses it. "Haven't been Commissioner for five years now Dinah it's just Jim now. So why do you need something to hit?"

"Therapy two hours of my life I'm not getting back."

"Say no more." Jim said already having a clear picture. Who would have thought someone would care about him shooting the Joker. "How long did you get?"

"Six months three served" Dinah answered.

"You should see what you get for shooting a psychopathic in each leg." Gordon countered.

Gordon looked at the clock and quickly saw that it was time to go. "So I'm going to have to go Barbra it was fantastic seeing you again I love you and Dinah it was nice seeing you."

"Goodbye dad" Barbra replied.

They watch as the former commissioner heads out and they get back to work. Barbra brought up the dockyards. "This is her last known location odds are she's hiding out there until sunset and then she'll disappear again seems to be her MO in three different cities wherever she goes these people find her."

Dinah nods. "Figures, I'll go get dressed."

"Dinah be careful out there." Barbara pleaded. "These guys kill themselves for failing I doubt they'll hesitate killing a blond in fishnets."

"Yeah, yeah"

Dinah was walking through the dockyards in full Canary gear. "You know you don't have to keep an eye on me. I'm a big girl."

Barbra smiled. "It's alright Dinah I can deal with the dockyards just fine. We won remember. It's my old apartment that I won't be able to look at the same again… Turn left."

Dinah does as told and hears the sound of a few people fighting. Dinah runs and sees Helena throwing some kicks but they're very ineffective showing that her opponents are just toying with her so they're well skilled. A man in black and red was ready to punch her until Dinah's hand grabbed him. "Didn't your parents teach you better then to strike a woman?"

Dinah kicks the man's legs out from under him knocking him to the floor. Dinah cartwheels over him grabbing his clothes with her hands and throwing him at the steel container hard knocking him out. Dinah uses the second guy's body as a ladder kicking him three times on her way up first in the knee then in the side following it up with one last kick to the head knocking him out before he could draw a gun.

Helena stood impressed. "How did you…? I never saw anyone move like that since…"

They were both startled seeing one of the crates start to shake as it explodes revealing a giant mountain of a man close to seven feet tall dressed in black with a mask with red eyes and tubing that would make it seem like a respirator. "Ms. Lance"

Who the hell are you?"

Barbara was concerned she never expected to see this guy since Bruce bolted. "Dinah get out of there."

Dinah just ignored that last part. "So what do you want with the girl?"

"That's my business Ms. Lance now leave or I'll have to clip your pretty wings." Bane warned.

Dinah took a fighting stance and Bane just shrugged. "Very well I'll grant you a warrior's death you seem to want it so."

Dinah stood ready and waited as Bane took his own stance. The Canary rushed him as their arms meet.

"Duck!" Barbra shouted over the comm. set. "Dinah go, go now."

Dinah ducked under and Bane's attack was so powerful it moved the crate Bane hit. Dinah rushed in flurry of punches alternating between left and rights on his face following it up with a spin kick. When Dinah went for another kick Bane countered with a punch to the solar plexus and Dinah was knocked into the air and to the floor as she crawled back up to her feet. Bane threw a punch that Dinah ducked under and grabbed Bane's shirt jumping into the air taking the giant with her as she positions her feet at his chest causing her to come crashing down on him when they land and Dinah bounces off him.

To Dinah's horror however Bane caught her leg in mid air and effortlessly spun her around and tossed her as hard as he could. She tumbled across the ground multiple times landing bruised and bloody. Dinah went to punch him but Bane grabbed her arm and punched her across the face and to the floor slidinag along it. Everyone always assumes he'd dumb muscle. Bane approached her slowly like a lion waiting for the right moment to pounce. He steps on her ribs and Dinah is groans in pain as she was trying to use her cry. Bane kicked her three more times as she coughed up blood. Bane picked her up by the throat and punched her three times in the stomach.

To Bane's surprise however Helena jumps on his back and rips off the tubes connecting to his helmet. "These look important."

Bane held his head as the Venom flowed out. Helena got Dinah under her arm and started to run. They made it a couple blocks before Helena stopped for breath and hid. To her surprise she's tapped on the back and instantly has her hands up ready to punch.

A business man backs up. "Whoa, whoa we're cool we're cool." He holds out his phone. "It's for you?"

"...OK" Helena said taking the phone. "H-hello?"

"You don't have a lot of time Bane's starting to get up go straight until you see the next turn and take a left." Barbara instructed.

Helena simply nodded and went to hang up until the other side shouted. "Don't hang up on me now go."

"I'm not stealing this guy's phone." Helena complained.

"I'm paying him plenty for his phone now get going." Barbra said seeing Bane get back to his feet on another monitor.

Helena did as instructed and got Dinah moving again. She got up to the turn and went left.

"Other left" Barbra shouted over the com links seeing Bane right on their tail.

Helena went the other way and went into something that looked like a factory. "Now what matrix woman?"

Barbara brought up the schematics. "Turn on the lights on your way out. And take a left once you go through the back door."

Bane ran into the factory and was blinded by the light. He was a man born in shadow just like the Batman. Bane went through the factory and came out and saw the girl he was after running with Dinah.

Helena stopped when a limo drove up and the passenger door rolled down revealing an elderly Englishman. "Ms. Bertinelli please hurry."

Helena helped Dinah into the car as Bane aimed a weapon and fired it as a dart landed in her neck. "You son of a…"

Dinah saw her about to tip over and used the last of her strength to pull her in and groans in pain when Helena lands on her. "Alfred go."

Bane ran after the car but it quickly became futile. Of all the people to find her why did it have to be the Oracle? "We still have business little girl."

Barbara was running a sample of Helena's DNA through an analyzer. Dinah was sleeping off her wounds and whatever Bane shot Helena with was a powerful sedative so she'll be out till morning.

Alfred came in from restocking the fridge and saw Barbra hard at work with a cup of tea in his hand. "You know I must admit it is quite a relief when I get your calls Wayne Manor is quite lonely these days."

Barbra frowned knowing she should see him more. "Well me and Dinah's work keep us very busy."

"And quite untrusting it seems." Alfred added looking at the screen seeing Barbra is looking up Helena.

Barbra rolled her eyes. "OK I'm not anywhere near Bruce's level of distrust we need to know who she is and why Bane emerged after seven years to find her. And it's a good thing I did because I found out something very interesting."

"Is she a metahuman?" Alfred asked.

Barbara shakes her head no. "As far as blood work goes she's completely human. Problem is she's not Helena Bertinelli. Helena Bertinelli died when she was four years old her entire family was taken out by Stephen Mandragora."

Alfred sighed as he looked at the girl she was so brave out there. It's hard to picture her living like this. "Ms. Barbara you do know the easiest way to steal an identity."

Barbara nods a little upset she's the oracle of all knowledge of course she knows. "Find someone dead close to your age and with the same birthday as you and take it from there. And considering she was four when this happened odds are she might not even know she's living under an alias."

Alfred looked at a now blinking screen. "New news."

Barbara nods looking at the alarm hoping for good news. "Delphi ran a DNA test over its entire database and found her real parents." Barbara opens the folder and her face lights up in shock as she reads the results. "Oh… my… god... Alfred did you know of this."

Alfred looked at the screen and dropped his cup of tea. "Good lord" The elderly butler replied seeing the results he feels like he just ran a marathon from just a small group of words. "And to answer your question Ms. Barbara, no I did not."

Barbra looked at the results straight from watch tower and ninety nine percent accurate. She rereads the files again not believing what she's found.

"Paternal match found Bruce Wayne AKA Batman"

"Maternal match found Selena Kyle AKA Catwoman"

Author's notes

This was a prologue to see if it's any good or worth continuing so good or bad please leave reviews

Just pointing out. I do not hate Birds of Prey. I have the entire series on DVD with it's horrible new opening and I still watch it on occasion. With that being said there is also some things I didn't like mainly the portrayals of Huntress and the second Black Canary. I obviously liked the Lori Loughlin one since I used the name to separate the two in DIOTB. I am in no way saying Ashley Scott and Rachael something did a bad job and I think they're very good actresses. They were however given awkward characters. Huntress was somehow a half human half metahuman when it's clearly shown that if you have powers you're Meta which is pretty much the opposite of the Batfamily. Funny thing is I wouldn't care so much about her having cat powers it if it was used for another reason then to give Helena something to angst about. And Dinah just seems like an escapist from a generic high school drama. What was wrong with the ass kicking diva she always was? And don't get me started on masks.

Now on that note I loved the characters they accurately portrayed. Dina Meyer will always be Batgirl/Oracle to me just as Mia Sara is a live action Harley Quinn and until The Dark Knight their Alfred was my favorite. The show's good… but flawed it has no middle balance you're going to really enjoy parts it of it and really hate other parts of it seems to be opinion.