Dinah came out of the movie theater with Helena as both girls stretched out three hour movie and no ever did anything but talk. If it didn't expose her secret Dinah was pretty sure she would have used the Canary cry and level the theater by the end of the second hour. "Well… that was long."

Helena nodded in agreement it just never ended. "That was just disappointing I mean the guys superhero self was in the movie for about 20 minutes and then captured the rest of the time."

"Well maybe it will get a lot better on DVD now that you know the movie is about the guy with the secret identity and not the mask." Dinah added.

Helena shrugged maybe. "So why didn't Barbara join us?"

"She's looking into the barrel girls." Dinah replied.

Helena nodded not needing to hear another word She's been here for three weeks and this started two weeks ago. It still sickens her that someone beats women to death shoves them in barrels and leaves them for the cops to find in the river. She hopes Barbara can find anything to put Dinah on the trail soon.

Dinah looked at Helena and just wanted to change the subject. "So how's the billionaire life going?"

Helena rolled her eyes. "Horrible everyone wants an interview and I'm half tempted to leave their beaten bodies all over the lawn. You wouldn't know a good reporter would you?"

Dinah smiled. "So the high class life isn't what it's cracked out to be huh?'

"Not exactly" Helena answered as each of their earrings went off.

Dinah touched her ear. "Go ahead Oracle"

"We got another Barrel girl." Barbara answered. "Helena"

"Blah blah not ready blah blah proper training blah blah too dangerous blah. Did I miss anything?" Helena asked she gets it she's not ready and she's not going to risk her new life against a psycho if Barbara and Dinah feel she isn't ready for it.

"Just be there when Alfred picks you up." Barbara ordered as Dinah ran into the alley.

Dinah came to the harbor and sure enough saw another dead body as the police body bag a redhead she remembers from when her and Clark were undercover in Metropolis. Dinah hits her comm set. "Barbara its Claire Sheldon."

"How do you know that?" Barbara asked.

"I fought her in the cage. I walked away with third degree burns and she had bleeding ears."

Barbara nodded as the Delphi alert went off again. What now? "Well that's weird."

"What is it?" Dinah asked.

"The Bat signal is up."

Dinah couldn't have heard that. "Didn't they take that down five years ago?"

"This is a new one it's in the slums." Barbara finished.

Dinah simply rolled her eyes in frustration she really wants to focus on the barrel girls right now. "I'm going."

Dinah rode through New Gotham on her motorcycle until she saw the batsignal she grabs a rock and quickly threw the rock at it taking out the batsignal as the person who set it up flees into an alley to avoid the sparks.

Dinah saw the person coming out and rolled her eyes. "Well if it isn't the bitch in the red dress."

A beautiful Asian woman came out of the alley in a red dress cut around her natural curves. A tattoo of a snake running up from her thigh up to her stomach sunglasses and black hair tied up in a bun. "Hello Black canary it's been a while."

"Roulette is it that time of the year to scream your little fight club into the ground?" Dinah asked.

Roulette looked at her. "No, this is me needing your help to protect my interests."

Dinah rolled her eyes after everything she's done. "You exploit people with powers and get them to beat the living hell out of each other. Why would I ever help you?"

Roulette watches Dinah walk away. "I know about the barrel girls, the one hundred percent truth."

Dinah stopped and turned around "I'm listening."

"I'm not talking until we can go somewhere safe." Roulette said.

"You'll talk or I'm leaving." Dinah warned.

Roulette shakes her head not in public. "Not tonight but I will give you a tidbit of information in good faith. All the girls were meta. You want to know more meet me at my old club tomorrow night at midnight."

Helena woke up in Wayne manor the next morning and came down for breakfast already out on the table. She has to figure out how Alfred is doing this. "You know I can make my own breakfast Alfred."

"It helps pass the time." Alfred conceded it's nice to have company here even if most of the time she's at watchtower training its good to have company. "So have you decided which Vulture your are going to give your life story to?"

Helena rolled her eyes it doesn't matter how many showers she takes she doesn't think the slime of any of them are coming off. "How about none of the above?"

"Well your story is bound to come out at some point Ms. Helena. Best it come from you I wager." Alfred replied not that he can blame her. Finding out about whom her parents were is confusing enough then to tell a complete stranger it has to be even worse.

Helena looks down at her food she knows she has to get her story out if those people are ever going to leave her alone so she can learn how to drive the batpod. "I just wish there was someone I could talk to that wouldn't just shove a microphone in my face."

It doesn't take long For Helena to finish her food as she walks over to the grandfather clock and pulls the switch revealing the way to the batcave and how she's been sneaking out every day for the past three weeks. "I'll be back around dinner time see you later Alfred."

"As you wish Ms. Helena." The elderly butler replied with a smile as he went for the phone.

Dinah walked into watchtower after another round of counseling with Doctor Quinzel that woman is going to drive her insane. She walks in and sees Barbara hard at work. "Don't you ever teach? I mean your secret identity is a school teacher."

"I just got done marking tests." Barbara defended herself.

"So where's the girl wonder?" Dinah asked.

"You know she hates it when you call her that." Barbara pointed out. "And she's upstairs trying on outfits."

Dinah rolled her eyes. "Well it can't be any worse then some of the villains out there."

The two heroes watch as the elevator door opens and Helena comes out. Dinah's eyes lit up. "What the hell are you wearing?"

"My costume don't you like it?"

Barbara rolled her eyes trying to figure out what to say. "Well it's... um… very… daring… but."

"Just needs a mask." Helena finished

Dinah looked at the costume and got a laugh out of seeing Barbara's face trying to figure out how to say no chance in hell. She liked the X belt, the gauntlets and the cape but the rest of it was pretty much Bikini battle armor. "You look like a skanky superhero hooker go get changed right now."

Helena glared at her. "That's rich coming from the woman who fights crime in fishnets and braless clothes."

"Yeah the fishnet clad and braless woman that won't get carded if she goes to the bar go get changed into something else right now!" Dinah ordered.

Helena rolled her eyes and headed back for the elevator. "Fine"

Barbara looked at her not how she would have done it but it worked. "Don't you think you were a little hard on her?"

"You mean when someone is beating girls to death, stuffing girls in barrels, and tossing them in the river absolutely not." Dinah countered.

Barbara was looking through some of Bruce's files and saw what she needed to see. "Well Helena will be safe you not so much. Roulette was right all the barrel girls were Meta."

"What's meta?" Helena asked coming out in a black top and jeans.

"Metahuman" Barbara started to explain. "Its human beings with a unique ability Dinah is one of them it's how she does the canary cry."

"So what are we doing about this?" Helena asked.

Dinah had to admire Helena's spirit but she doesn't think she's ready. "You are figuring out a costume I am meeting an arch enemy."

Dinah walked into the old Meta brawl she wonders how many time she has actually leveled this place. She walks up and sees Roulette in the middle of the ring and sees time has not been kind to this place and she's happy about that. Roulette had no problem with manipulating meta humans to beat each other senseless and profit off it.

"OK Roulette I'm here what do you want?" Dinah asked.

Roulette looked at her life's work haven't had a decent brawl in here for years. "I want you to help me put the competition out of business."

"Now why would you do that? As I recall last time I was in here you ordered a brainwashed Diana after me, Shayera, Fire, and Ice." Dinah replied thanks to her and Lex screwing with the league com links.

Roulette smiled seeing she has her attention. "Well that's easy Black Canary because I'm the devil you know."

"And the Devil I don't?" Dinah asked.

Roulette smiled and held a metal octagonal disk with a weird symbol in the middle. "Gladiatrix, they kidnap Meta women and make them fight. However unlike yours truly who realizes people pay more to see rematches and repeated ass kickings these people force the girls to fight to the death."

"If you know this why didn't you just call the cops?" Dinah asked.

Roulette pulled out a folder and handed it to her. "Because the new commissioner is a big time fight fan."

Dinah opened the folder seeing a disk and saw not just the commissioner but a whole bunch of other big wigs. "So even if I do call the cops whoever is in charge will just kill the fighters."

Roulette nodded and turned the page. "What you want is this guy I just call him Scarface."

Dinah looked at they guy who looks a mutated two face but no where near as lethal. "So what's his story?"

"Probably the cliché from what I've seen" Roulette concluded. "Mommy and girls didn't love me so the only way I can get it up is watching them hurt and kill each other."

"Don't take it you'd be willing to help me on this?" Dinah asked knowing under that smug façade Roulette is actually a vicious fighter.

Roulette shakes her head no and heads for the exit. "I stuck my neck out enough for this, best of luck to you though."

Dinah frowned but got an idea of what needed to be done. She'll head to this arena and free the fighters with their testimony that should put Scarface behind bars and minimal people getting hurt. Barbara looked at the disc content and saw she was going to old Gotham.

Black Canary hit the bottom of the sewer and instantly regretted it. She should have stopped off for galoshes as these shoes are for all extensive purposes dead to her.

"Dinah you're breaking apart where are you?" Barbara asked seeing her blip become a blob.

"I'm t… blocks away… from the entrance t…o the club and closing." Dinah got out through interference.

Barbara was doing all she could to strengthen the signal but nothing was working. "I don't like this there's too much interference Canary come home."

"And wait for another girl to be killed and wedged into a barrel no way I'm go…"

Barbara hit the desk in frustration as the signal gave out.

Dinah opened the door and quietly wrapped her arms around the guard's neck in a chokehold. "Where are the girls?"

"Let me go"

Dinah put a little more pressure on the guy's neck. "Just as soon as you tell me where the girls are."

Dinah put a little more pressure on the guy's neck and he conceded. "Alright, alright just let go."

Dinah released the chokehold and wrenched the guys arm behind his back. "Keep walking."

Dinah walked with the guy and saw all the girls in cages she angrily released the guard but immediately smashed his head into the steel bars knocking him out. She grabbed the keys and walked towards the first girl's cage. "I'll have you out of here in just a moment."

The girl stared at Dinah and shouted. "No Mercy!"

To Dinah's surprise the girl shot two laser beams from her eyes forcing the Canary to jump back as she feels a sharp pain in the back of her shoulder. Dinah yanks something out her back and pulls out an arrow holding something that was most likely in her system now. She turns around as her eyes start feeling heavy and sees the scarfaced man with a crossbow.

"I'm afraid it might take a bit longer Princess."

Dinah started feeling her legs go out and was too weak to attempt the Canary cry. She instead tried to run at the man and started to strangle him but her legs went out as she collapsed.

The Scarface man smiled recognizing who she is. "Well, well Black Canary I'm half tempted to keep her for myself but not how she fights. Get her suited up and get her in a cage."

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