Helena sat back eating a burger it was a simple taste but she's never had a burger so good in her entire life. Between scummy reporters looking for her life story, Dinah's training from hell, and Alfred's smothering she needs a break. So every day for the past week she's been coming here for a burger fries and a coke. She looked up with a smile or something resembling it as she downed the last of her burger. "OK, Bob, you have to show me how you make these."

"If I did that you wouldn't have a reason to come here Helena." The older man replied.

Helena smiled until she heard her phone ring. She looks down and sees that it's Barbara. "Barbara, what can I do for you?"

"Where are you?" Barbara asked. Helena was supposed to check in at noon.

"I got a little held up avoiding reporters." Helena lied.

Barbara bit her lip trying to control herself. "Really, because it looks like you got held up choosing between mustard and ketchup."

Helena shot out of her seat and looked around she gets the docks has security cameras but how the hell is Barbara doing this.

"Look to your left." Barbara ordered.

Helena looked to outside the restaurant and her eyes focused on a traffic light with a camera directly under it. "You gotta be kidding me."

"Big brother is always watching." Barbara quipped.

"Which apparently means so is big sister." Helena deadpanned. "Look I'm only…" She looks at her watch. "Twenty minutes late. I'm sorry."

Barbara smiled seeing the youngster hurriedly gathering her things. "It's OK just meet me at the batcave. After the other thing."

Helena groaned seeing the swarm of paparazzi. She doesn't know what Barbara was thinking when she said meet her in the batcave. She gets out and waits as the gates to Wayne Manor opened and she ran through the swarms of reporters. "No comment, No comment, No comment, No comment," She gets into the mansion and quickly shuts the door behind her. "Alfred can't we do something about all those annoying reporters."

"Sorry Miss Helena but the first amendment allows them to stand outside our property until you speak to them." Alfred pointed out having the same opinion as her.

Helena glared at the reporters. "Maybe I should remind them of the second amendment and come out with a machine gun."

Alfred eyes widened. "Miss Helena!"

"Fine… shotgun"


"Crossbow" Helena offered weakly. "I'm good with that."

Alfred looked at her but managed a straight face. "It would give them something to report about."

Helen walked with Alfred into the main room and was taken back seeing a reporter as she glared almost right through Alfred no wonder America defected from the British. "Traitor!"

Alfred had a kind smile seeing an old friend. "I will leave you two to get acquainted."

The reporter looked at Helena and saw the black hair and green eyes it's no wonder where the hair came from but who would have thought you could inherit a scowl. "So Iron Man or Captain America?"

Helena looked at him and somehow lost track of the conversation. "What?"

"Who was your favorite avenger? Iron Man or Captain America?" The reporter asked.

Helena looked at him in calm and then just lost it in a smile. "Black Widow" Helena can't believe a reporter asked such a ridiculous question being locked alone in the room with the Wayne heiress. Though to be fair she thinks Alfred just picked the least impressive one in the bunch. He's tall but that's about all he has going for him in that suit and glasses look. The interview was easy and he asked very simple questions which led to them talking a lot about the mansion the type of man her father was in the reporter's eyes which just sounded complicates and to even her surprise Helena found herself opening up more and more.

The reporter smiled he always wondered what Selena would be like as a mother. "So she actually…"

"Yeah she went right to school and beat the teacher to a pulp for calling me an idiot." Helena finished the story with a tear in her eye as she awkwardly wiped it. "God I miss her. We had to move to Bludhaven after that and then… well if you really are a reporter you know what happened to her."

The reporter put his hand on her shoulder. "It might help to talk about it."

Helena shakes her head. "No, it's just… god it happened so fast… I took my eyes off her for one, lousy second, to look at a stupid dress in the window and then I just heard her scream, and by the time I got to her… she was gone and then some creep in a black coat flaunted the knife as he fled from the crowd."

The reporter gently touched her shoulder. "It wasn't your fault. Odds are if he had seen you he would have grabbed you too, if not worse."

Helena nodded starting to calm down and got to her feet not believing that she of all people caved like that well he certainly played the 'I just want to be your friend' card to a T… douchebag. "Well after that I was bounced from orphanage to orphanage until I figured out how to avoid them for good then I was found by Alfred and Barbara. So I guess you got your byline now… so now you vultures can leave me alone."

The reporter got to his feet. "I swear on my father's grave that none of what you told me about your mother will appear in my story. It will just be a fair article about your life."

"I'm sure it will be Mr… what's your name?" Helena can't believe she talked that much and never caught his name.

"Clark Kent, Daily Planet" Clark replied looking the girl over why does she look familiar? "Did Superman ever save you once?"

Helena nodded. "This fat guy tried to kidnap and me and two others so I beat the hell out of him with a bat."

Clark nodded he thought she looked familiar if only he could find Bruce and tell him that. He also hears a noise and hears that Superman has a job to do. "I have to go it's been a pleasure to meet you Ms. Wayne best of luck."

"It was nice to meet you Mr. Kent." Helena finished before heading into the office.

Clark got to the front door and heard three very familiar keys playing on a piano and smiled. Just like her father.

Helena descended down and watched Barbara hard at work on the batcave computers. "I thought you had a nice big clock tower for this?"

"It might be compromised… Black Canary is missing." Barbara replied.

Helena glared at Barbara. She was talking to the press while Canary was kidnapped. "OK that's something you tell me immediately..."

Barbara nodded while ignoring her language and throwing earrings to her. "I fixed up the signal we should transmit a lot more clearly now even deep in the sewers."

Helena looked at her as a smile spread across her face. "You want me to patrol."

Barbara shakes her head no as Alfred comes in with a red silk dress. "No, I want you to be a spoiled heiress looking for a night of fighting."

"Why do I gotta be a pretty princess bimbo?" Helena sighed clenching her fist not believing this, well heroes sacrifice things to the cause why not her dignity first. "So where am I heading first?"

Helena walked into the old abandoned arena that hosted metabrawl.

"Well you're certainly not the Black Canary." Roulette came out of the tunnel looking at the teenager. "Something I can do for you?"

"I need to know where Gladiatrix is." Helena answered.

Roulette nodded knowing where this going. "Yeah but you're not in big girl tights yet so I'm guessing Oracle wants you to go in as a civilian."

Helena nodded and glared. "You being Gotham's fight aficionado I figured you'd have a way in."

Roulette walked over to the corner and came right back with a butterfly mask. "Go to Arkham in old Gotham the Butterfly represents membership… good luck."

Helena looked down at the mask she's going to look like an idiot in this. "Dinah, you so owe me!"

Helena walked up to the club mask on head only leaving her blue eyes as she shot the guard a smile as he let her in and she saw the stadium crowd along with the doors. Helena came in and saw the commissioner 'hard at work' with a girl half his age. She looks down and sees Dinah fighting someone with optic blasts as the blond dodges the blast and sweeps the black haired girls legs out from under her. Helena looks at Dinah and the cyclops girl each in black shoes pants and a black shirt that shows Scarface has a thing for belly buttons and two headlight looking things on their chest. Dinah quickly walked over and put her in chokehold as everyone else started shouting 'killing blow' to thunderous applause.

Dinah looked at the crowd and released her opponent as she lost conscious and quickly spit at Scarface heading for the back. "Go to hell."

Helena just smiled until Dinah writhed in pain as two pieces of her new clothes shine red and people take her to the back.

Helena quietly walked among the crowd until Scarface saw her and happily walked next to her.

"You're new." Scarface said approaching the teenager.

Helena just kept walking. "Yeah came here to see the Black Canary looks like I blew my shot."

Scarface smiled seeing a woman that didn't flee at the sight of him. "Well, if you ask nicely maybe I can arrange an encore."

Helena smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck and moving closer leaving no room between the two. "Can I please see Black Canary fight again?" She moved closer and kissed him deeply, letting her hands explore his body and backed up. "I'll make it worth your while."

Scarface smiled who would have thought he hopes she's not ugly under that thing. "I'll go see what I can do."

"Bathroom?" Helena asked and Scarface pointed it out.

Helena walked into the bathroom and quickly spit like a maniac and wiped her lips. How can someone with such a nice face be such an asshole, he was cute too. "Oracle, do we have enough to make the bust?"

Barbara nodded. "Yeah but looking at those security doors we have a bit of a problem."

"What's that?" Helena asked.

Barbara pulled up the designs for the door. "According to the blueprints it would take hours to burn through the lock and given they keep Meta human women locked up it's likely been modified and strengthened at that. I don't know how we're going to get you in without proper ID."

Helena smiled and twirled Scarface's ID in her hands causing Barbara to smile from the clock tower. "Unless you stole his ID badge while kissing him, guess you have a bit of your mother in you."

Helena walked into the concealed area and saw a guard with a cross bow. Helena quickly wrapped her arms around his neck in a chokehold and quickly slammed him at the wall knocking him out. "So where would they be anyway?"

"Considering you're in old Arkham safest place I'd say is the holding cells." Barbara replied. "Turn right."

Helena did as told and saw at least three guards as she hid behind the corner. "Damn it, Oracle the whole cell block is full of guards."

Barbara went to work bringing up the blueprints of the place she hated the worst. "OK Helena I need you to stick your head out and to the left do you see a video camera."

Helena does as told and sees it on the wall in place just keeping an eye on the fighters. "Yeah, I see it."

Barbara nodded in agreement seeing it too. "OK, that thing I gave you put it on the camera. Helena took out a weird little machine and slapped it onto the camera as Barbara watched her monitor come to life giving her the complete picture. "OK six guards, two by two, one set left, one set middle, one set right"

Helena nodded arming her crossbow. "I'll deal with them."

Barbara saw the crossbow and was set to yell. "Helena no…"

Helena quickly takes her shots and hits each guard in the arms and legs as they pass out from the tranquilizers.

"Good job Helena" Barbara finished weakly she's a hell of a shot. "Head to the middle there should be a red control box."

Dinah smiled seeing Helena walk past her and to the fuse box. "Good work"

Helena looked Dinah over in her new attire. "Nice clothes"

Helena quickly swiped Scarface's card as all the cell doors open and the two plates drop off every girl's chest. Emergency release of course all the girls stand side by side as Helena reached into her dress and gave Dinah a comm. set.

Dinah looked at her and sighed putting them in. "Comm set in the cleavage."

Helena glared at her. "You try finding a place to put this stuff and not get caught while Scarface is groping your ass but trying to be a gentleman."

Dinah smiled and her comm. set instantly started up. "Canary,"

"Right here Oracle"

"Good, are all the fighters safe?"

Dinah nodded. "Yeah we're fine till Scarface and his goons realize we're out of our cages."

Barbara had her own smile. "Oh I somehow think he'll have his mind on other things, like escaping."

Scarface was at the top of the arena looking for his ID badge to get the next fighters now that the bidding has ended. To his surprise the front doors to the arena are slammed open by a swat team as they all hold down the customers making sure they don't leave. Scarface lets it happen knowing this place is done. But this is Gotham, nothing is ever gone for long.

Commissioner Rojas went for the window but was taken by the one person not in a swat suit with long black hair and blue eyes. "Grayson, you put this together. You can't do this to me."

"I can, and I have… sir." Dick lifted him up and pushed him on his way." Dick watched the police take the likely now former commissioner away. "Babs, where are the fighters."

"Holding cells what better place to keep them." Barbara asked. "And Dick, thank you for coming back."

Dick walked for the holding cells and opened the door he is greeted to the sight of five female meta humans with crossbows four without and Dinah holding an uncontrollably sobbing dark haired teenager completely freaking out and clinging on to the Black Canary for dear life. "IS she OK?"

"Fresh meat, taken while she was on a date, please don't make her leave a statement. She's traumatized enough and you have plenty of other witnesses." Dinah replied with them arresting people in butterfly masks and Helena not wanting her secret exposed this was all they could think of.

Dick looked at her she's a nervous wreck. "Fine, you two should get out of here Tweety, police are long past the age of costumes giving statements in this city."

Dinah took Helena and went for the back door. "Do you have proof of what this place is?"

"By morning we'll have every fight on candid camera thanks to an 'anonymous source'. I'm sure we'll make something stick." Dick assured her and the others. "Now get out of here you two."

Back at the clock tower Helena slept on the couch with Alfred bringing tea to Dinah and Barbara who just got done sending Dick a file of all the fights in their disgusting glory.

Dinah looked at Barbara. "I still can't believe you called him for help."

"You were kidnapped, Helena was untested, I felt more comfortable with a plan B." Barbara defended herself.

Dinah looked over at the sleeping teenager. "She certainly held her own out there. Especially with the crossbow, I guess she really can shoot."

Barbara nodded in agreement although a sinking part of her doesn't want to know why Helena is good at shooting people. "Yeah she's very skilled with it but she can also be dangerous. If one of her shots was a little more left on a guy's shoulder she would have hit an artery I have no doubt she can use a crossbow after last night but she's going to need help learning it."

Dinah shakes her head no and instantly turns to Barbara ready to punch her in the arm since a shin kick won't do anything. "No way, not him. I'm not doing it and you can't make me."

"Dinah, Helena wants to be one of us and we both know the risks I'm rolling proof of that." Barbara countered "We both know Oliver is the best person to teach her how to shoot."

Dinah sighed in frustration… why her. "No fair using the kid as a guilt card."

Barbara looked at her. "Dinah this is the job, this is what we do."

Dinah rolled her eyes in frustration. "Alright, just give me some time OK. Oh by the way if I smash his head through another wall you can explain it to my shrink."

Barbara nodded and the girls saw the news with the commissioner being dragged away in cuffs. "So who do you think will be the new commissioner?"

"You honestly have to ask that?" Dinah asked. "After a corrupt pig it's usually an old hero to restore faith in the people. "You might want to spend some time with your father."

Barbara nodded. "Starting tomorrow it's going to be a whole new playing field. Will you be ready for it?"

Dinah turned to the girl asleep on the couch. "I'm game, I just hope she will be. We're going to be field testing her soon and preferably, not during a riot."

Alfred took a drink with the two. "From everything I've seen she has the best of both of her parents. I only hope her life turns out better for her then it did for them."

The three each held up their tea.

"To a better future" Dinah quipped as the cups clanked.

"To a better future" They all drank and Barbara left for school and Alfred went to tidy around. Dinah looked down at Helena.

"You owe me one kid." Dinah insisted.

Helena opened her eyes and looked at her. "How about I don't tell Barbara the real reason our comms went down last night was that you and the other meta women kicked the crap out of Scarface and hung him up upside down the police station after he already surrendered."

Dinah looked at her uneasy. "Deal"

"Deal" Helena replied as she went back to sleep. Excited she might be donning a mask real soon.

Author's Notes

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This chapter in particular is why I stopped doing up next. I realized Helena had three weeks of training and Dinah would cover the floor in bat blood in about three minutes which is why the rage drug doesn't appear here, also I thought it made Scarface more sadistic to make them fight without the drug.