"Miranda!? Miranda!?" Gary said as he was going upstairs to Miranda's flat.

"Miranda, I baked muffins for you. Miranda?" he said as he was knocking the door.

As he knocked, the door opened. Apparently, Miranda left the door open when she left earlier.

"Miranda, I hope you don't mind but the door was open. I baked some muffins for you. Miranda? Where is she?"

Perplexed as he was, Gary looked for Miranda. He looked to the sofa if Miranda was sleeping there. He looked into the loo, although, it felt odd that he was looking there. He might see her having a bubble bath. But the thought made him smile - an odd, awkward smile. He cleared his mind from that thought. As he was still looking for her, he noticed that the door of the bedroom was slightly open. He saw Miranda sleeping soundly in the bed. He placed the muffins in the dinning table and went closer to the open door of her bedroom. He opened the door widely. He went closer and closer that he hadn't notice that he was already inside the room.

Miranda was in her usual evening attire and was sleeping soundly. She was facing to the right. All Gary can see is her back. Gary just stood in the corner of the bedroom and kept on studying her. He could not keep on noticing on how Miranda looks so lovely, even in her pajamas. He studied her position, her hair – her beautiful brown hair, and those little movements she does. Miranda snore, Gary chuckled. It was almost a laugh. He hushed himself fearing that he might wake Miranda up.

Gary moved closer to the left side of the bed to get a better vision of Miranda. He bent and looked closer to Miranda. He kept smiling and thinking that she was very beautiful. It seemed that he wasn't in himself anymore and he slid in to the sheets. For a moment, he wondered how it would feel like to spoon with Miranda. He lay into her left side and was facing the back of Miranda's head.

"Miranda" Gary whispered as he placed his right hand to her hair and started playing with it. Miranda was still deeply asleep and did not notice anything. Gary was not thinking straight anymore. He was mesmerized – sort of. He moved his body closer to Miranda's. He closed his eyes and started to breathe the scent of Miranda's hair in. As he opened his eyes, a tear dropped from his left eye.

"Oh Miranda." he said again. He wasn't crying. It was tears of joy.

Gary was so happy to be this close to Miranda. Although they've been friends for a long time and hugged each other so many times, his feelings for Miranda never got this strong before. He slowly placed a hand on her waist and was hugging her gently. He rubbed his wrist up and down to Miranda's side. He could imagine her figure as he was touching her. He could imagine her standing and looked so beautiful. He could image her in a white dress and just smile to him. These images he had made him smile.

Miranda started to wake up and groaned. She tried to shuffle out to her sheets but as she did, she noticed an arm wrapping her up. It was a very familiar arm.

Gary was just half –asleep and noticed Miranda had wakened up.

He opened his eyes to see if Miranda would do anything.

"Gary?" Miranda was puzzled on how Gary ended being beside her. She looked over to her back to see if it was Gary.

Gary closed his eyes again as Miranda looked at him. Miranda looked back and Gary opened his eyes and grinned.

"Oh, God. It's Gary. It's Gary! Hush, Miranda." Miranda said to herself as she went back to her side.

Still closing his eyes, Gary chuckled silently. He could not help to notice how Miranda was so nervous and just find it funny.

Miranda turned her head again to check it once more.

Gary just pretend to be sleeping like nothing happened. He find it really fun.

"Okay.. Okay. I'll – just shuffle out really slowly. Why is he here? Here, in my bed? Did I – Oh God." Miranda slowly moved Gary's hand and step out in the sheets but was stopped when Gary just grabbed and hugged her instantly and tightly.

"Miranda. Please. No" Gary held her tightly. He was so scared to let her go. "Miranda, please stay. Please, just stay here with me. Let me hug you. I love being this close to you, Miranda. Please." he placed a single kiss to Miranda's neck.

"Gary, what are you doing?"

"Hugging you." he said with a chuckle. He slowly wrapped Miranda's legs with his.

"Gary." she said again.

"Please stay her with me. I'm sorry if I broke into you flat and slept in your bed"

"That's okay, Goldilocks." said Miranda with a laugh. Gary laughed with her. She never fails to make him happy.

Gary started to rub his nose to Miranda's neck. It was rather nice for Miranda. Gary reached for her hand and slid his fingers to the spaces of Miranda's hand. Miranda was reluctant to hold his hand but Gary didn't let it go. She breathes in and finally decides to intertwine with his fingers too. Gary kept on brushing Miranda's toes with his. He wrapped her tightly like he never wanted to ever let her go. Miranda smiled and enjoyed how Gary caressed her. Both of them exhaled heavily and just smile.

"By the way, I bought some muffins." said Gary.