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1 - Chocolate

A sunny day, really warm, was perfect for a picnic in the park. There she could be in contact with nature and she could see her beloved Mamoru. So, she took a shower and chose her outfit. As she tried putting on her polkadot dress, she realized it wouldn't go past her thigh. She made a disappointing sigh, as if she already knew about it. Truth is she could imagine that would happen. It's not like she was once skinny, but ever since she and Mamoru started dating, she gained a few pounds. Now, she was a bit chubby.

"Guess I just have to look for something else to wear."

And with that, she started looking for other clothes, finally setting herself on a baby blue tank top and a pair of shorts. After getting down the stairs, she saw her mom. She was making a chocolate cake.

"Usagi! Come here, sweetie! Try this cake for me and tell me if I got it right." True, Mamoru was not the only person to be blamed for her gaining weight. Ikuko was to be blamed as well, for she was always baking delicious cakes and asking for Usagi's opinion.

"Well, mom, not today! Today, I'm going on a diet!". Ikuko's face was priceless. She just couldn't believe her ears. True, her daughter was gaining a little weight, but she looked so beautiful, so healthy. "From now on, I'm only eating salads!" Now, that comment made the purple-haired woman almost choke. Her baby girl was definetly grown. She hated salads more than anything. "Mom? Are you alright?".

"Ah, yes, sweetie. Go on, then. Have a great time with Mamoru-san." Still not believing her ears, she turned her back to her daughter and started cutting the cake. Usagi never knew, but that day her mother ate the entire cake by herself.

At the park, she found Mamoru at their usual spot. This time he had a picnic basket.

"For you, Usako." He gave her a bit of chocolate on her mouth.

"But, I'm starting a diet, so I'm not eating chocolate anymore, Mamo-chan."

She sounded very decided and that scared him. He liked her body as it was, but decided against saying anything, seeing as how he managed to always say the wrong thing about her body. He liked being 'Mamo-chan' and not 'the jerk'.

Soon, it was evening and the dark-haired boy took the blonde girl back to his apartment. It wasn't the first time they had been there together, or the first time they were intimate. After making love to his loved one, he went to the fridge and got a chocolate sauce. Laying next to her on the bed, he told her to close her eyes and open her mouth. As she did so, he put some chocolate sauce in his mouth and proceeded to kiss her. When they finished kissing, he only looked at her.

"Are you sure you want to give up on chocolate, my love?"

And she knew. She knew she couldn't ever give up on chocolate, for her Mamo-chan wouldn't let her do so.